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"Mr. Grenne, I'm sure that you know that I really can't do anything about your situation." Hermione sighed and rubbed her temples as the satyr in front of her sputtered his indignation. This was going to be a very long day. She glanced at the clock and inwardly moaned. It was only 10 in the morning.

"You assured me when I was assigned to you that you would do everything in your power to make sure that my individual needs were met whenever necessary. So far, you have not done so!" Nathaniel Grenne looked across the large mahogany desk and glared at the auburn-haired woman opposite him. His ears flicked impatiently.

"Yes, Mr. Grenne, I promised you that, but I must point out that your wishes are outside of the accepted parameters for satyr behavior. You must understand that. If you had wanted a more reasonable bargain…" She trailed off as she watched his eyes darken in anger.

Mr. Grenne stood up and placed his large, golden brown hands on her desk. He leaned forward.

Hermione, seated in her chair, was several inches shorter than the tall man, but she refused to be intimidated. Satyrs had little to no actual magical ability, besides their powers of seductive persuasion. The reason that she had been assigned to him in the first place was because she was immune to all forms of magical persuasion, a talent that the Ministry of Magic took advantage of on a near daily basis.

She leaned forward, placing her forehead mere inches from his. She smirked as she saw his pupils dilate in response. Satyrs were so easy to manipulate.

"I assure you, Mr. Grenne, that your request to be allowed liberties with whatever witch you chose was not only something that I couldn't do, but it was most definitely something that I wouldn't, under any circumstances, consider. Do I make myself perfectly clear?" She smiled at him sweetly, but there was steel in her voice.

His nostrils flared.

"I won't tolerate this…this…condescension!" He shouted. His body visibly shook from his anger. "I won't be looked down upon!" He strode out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

After his footsteps had retreated down the corridor, Hermione let her clammy forehead fall down on to her desk. She sighed.

She wasn't being condescending. If she had any prejudices towards non-wizards, she wouldn't have maintained her position as one of the top representatives for the Ministry of Magic's Department for the Protection of Non-Wizard Magical Persons. You couldn't be that good at your job of protecting non-wizard rights if you were constantly battling your inner hatred for them.

Hermione picked up her forehead from the cool desk and glanced at the closed door. He wouldn't be coming back. At least, not as her client. Oh, he'd bitch and rave about her 'refusal' to acquiesce his request, but nobody would believe that Hermione Granger, main activist for non-wizard's legal rights, would treat a satyr unfairly. And when she told them what exactly he had been planning to do with his plan….

Hermione shivered. It was beings like Mr. Grenne that gave the non-wizards a bad name. Satyrs in particular had a trying time in modern day wizard society, due to the numerous legends and myths about what they could do to the average wizard. While many of these legends were falsified accounts, there were a couple of satyrs that lived up to the heinous expectations.

But, as Hermione liked to remind the Wizarding public daily, Voldemort had been a wizard. All species have their closet skeletons, and as an intimate survivor of the war that nearly ripped apart the Wizarding world, Hermione was fully qualified to remind the public of just who, and what, had created that damage.

Thinking back, Hermione guessed that it had probably been Voldemort, and his twisted ideology, that had cemented her decision to become a non-wizard rights activist. The fact that the Wizarding public could look at the few twisted non-wizards out there, like Mr. Grenne, and say 'all satyrs are evil' and then not be able to see that those few satyrs are like the 'Voldemorts' of the non-wizard world disturbed her. So she had decided to stick up for the good ones out there.

Harry had understood her immediately. His experiences as being the 'odd one out' had made him see the point to her actions immediately. Ron hadn't got it immediately, but as soon as she had begun to change the Wizarding law, and Ron had seen the people she was defending, he had understood. Ron had always been a much more 'visual proof' person.

Hermione reluctantly got out of her seat and walked out into the office main area. Mr. Grenne had probably stirred up a storm on his way out of her office, and she had to deal with it before it became a fuss.

All the office attendants poked their heads outside of their cubicles as her black stilettos thumped mutedly against the soft gray carpet. She gave them all a reassuring smile, and they smiled back and returned to their work.

She walked out of the office area and headed for the department lobby, located by the main Ministry elevators.

Reaching the desk, she smiled at Fannie, the nice redhead who had been the main department secretary for five years. She had helped introduce Hermione to the offices when she had first started at the Ministry three and a half years ago.

"Hey, Fannie. Did you see Mr. Grenne?"

Fannie rolled her eyes. "Did I SEE him? That man created a tornado on his way out. Darlin', you're going to have to be careful with that one. He seems like the kind who could make a huge media fuss." Hermione groaned theatrically, and Fannie laughed.

"Great." She said. Fannie twirled her wand, and the papers on her desk began to sort themselves.

"He created such a fuss that it brought Dave out of his office. He asked me to tell you that he'd like to speak with you as soon as possible. I would have come to your office and told you, but I knew you'd make your way out here anyway."

Great, Hermione thought darkly. Mr. Grenne had gotten the attention of the Department chief. Yes, today was going to be a long day. She glanced at the ornate golden clock that was placed above Fannie's desk. It was only 10:15.

Fannie laughed. She could tell what Hermione was thinking. "Maybe, if he's having a good day, he'll give you the day off. God knows you haven't had a single vacation day since you started working here."

Hermione sighed. "That may be, but I don't think it'll happen. Plus, I'm needed here."

Fannie clucked. "Darlin' you've been saying that since you started here. The work will always be here. The time to enjoy your life, that won't. If you don't catch yourself now, you'll be a workaholic. And I don't know about you, but the last thing I want to do is have to organize an intervention." Fannie's eyes twinkled, and Hermione shaked her head exasperatedly.

"Don't you worry, Fannie. When everything settles fown, I'll take time off. I promise." She motioned to the offices. "I'll go see Dave now, though, and put out some fires. God only knows what he'll say.' She chuckled quietly and started off towards the offices.


Dave was sitting behind is desk when Hermione entered, and he didn't look very happy. His graying black hair was slightly tousled, as if he had already began running his tense fingers through it. Hermione glanced at his face, and relaxed subtly when he gave her a tired smile.

"Hey, Dave." Hermione said. She took a seat in one of the two leather chairs that faced him. She smoothed down non-existing wrinkles in her black pencil skirt and let out a long breath.

"Good morning, Hermione. A busy day already, I see. Mr. Grenne left in quite a state." His voice was kind, yet very tired.

Hermione huffed. "I assume her told you that I was misrepresenting his wishes."

"Oh, he told me a great deal more than that. He said something along the lines of the fact that you were a 'biased bitch' who was so frigid that you were unable to realize a satyr's unique sexual situation." Dave let out a dry laugh. "Remembering past sexual offense trials involving the very same Mr. Grenne, I decided to ask for your version of the events."

Hermione let out a silent sigh of relief. So he had remembered that it was Mr. Grenne who had been involved with all of the messy sexual offense trials the previous year. That was good. That meant that whatever happened because of Mr. Grenne's displeasure, Dave would be in her corner. That was good.

"Yes. He wanted a legislative document that would allow satyrs, and him specifically, to be allowed complete sexual freedom with any person who, as he so eloquently put it, 'made them hot'." Hermione watched Dave's eyes to see if he got the subtle wording. He did.

His face darkened as the full implications of such a document registered in his brain. "A satyr is aroused by any individual who is of their preferred gender, and sometimes individuals of the other gender can have the same effect. A law like that would make it so that all satyrs would be allowed to have sexual freedoms with all the witches and wizards in society." Hermione nodded grimly.

"In light of that fact, Miss. Granger, I fully support your actions. I will make sure that the proper ears hear of your version of the events should this spectacle be blown into the media limelight. Hermione smiled.

"Thank you." He looked at the clock, and then turned back to her.

"Why don't you take the rest of the day off? He was your only client for the day anyway, and after today, he won't be yours any longer." Hermione's inner muscles relaxed at the thought of not having to deal with Mr. Grenne any longer.

"Thank you, sir. I think I will, actually." She got up to leave. She was about to close the door when she heard Dave call out to her. Catching the door as it fell back, she turned around and met his brown eyes.

"Since you will be short one client in your roster, would you be willing to have a new one? I just received a new client who is in desperate need of a legal representative. He's a top priority, code-black client."

Hermione's eyes flashed. A code-black client? A client like that would have to be someone whom the media would recognize. Hermione's curiosity peaked, and Dave gave out a laugh, seeing the twinkle in her eyes.

"Oh, no! You are still taking the rest of the day off. The client will still be here tomorrow, and as it is, I will have to notify him that you've accepted his offer." He waved her out of his office.

Once in the hallway, she stopped. Who could it be? After a couple seconds, she still came up with nothing. Shaking her head slightly, she decided to let it be. All would be revealed tomorrow, anyway.


The sounds of the Weasley-Potter household reached her long before she stepped into the doorway. Excited squeals could be heard from the upper floors, and the pattering of several sets of little feet as they scampered down the stairs. Opening the screen door, she entered the cacophony.

"Mom!" The black haired girl screeched excitedly from the kitchen table. "Aunt Hermione is here!" The girl leapt up from her seated and barreled into Hermione, squeezing all the breath out of her with an 'oomph'.

"Hey, Chloe! No need to kill me." Hermione laughed as the oldest of the Weasley-Potter clan glanced up at her, Chloe's six-year-old mind taking her seriously for a moment before registering the teasing light in Hermione's eyes.

"Oh Aunt Hermione! That's not funny!"

The sound of heavier footsteps could be heard creaking outside of the kitchen and Hermione glanced up at Ginny, who had a baby girl on her hip and a small boy tucked behind her left leg.

Ginny gave Hermione a warm smile. "Well this is a pleasant surprise!" She said, placing the toddler on the floor. The boy, Jason, hurried along after his mother as she hugged Hermione fiercely.

"Yeah. I was told to take the rest of the day off. It seems the people in the office have caught on to the fact that I'm supposedly a workaholic."

Ginny smiled. "Well, then give my thanks to them, because we haven't seen you in ages! Harry's at work, obviously, but he'll be home in a bit for dinner. You will stay for dinner, won't you?" Hermione looked at three pairs of pleading brown eyes and sighed dramatically.

"Well, when you put it like that….." She trailed off, smiling. The toddler, Hannah, reached her leg and hugged it, squealing with delight. Hermione looked down into green eyes and let out a breath of fierce joy. Out of all of Harry's three children, only Hannah had inherited her father's piercing green eyes. She reached down and scooped up the little one, placing her on her right hip. Hannah grabbed at her emerald top and bunched it in her tiny hands. Hermione felt her heart tighten.

This was what she had been missing, Hermione realized. The warm feeling of home. Hermione glanced at Ginny, who was busy making two cups of tea manually, without the use of magic, and felt a small pang of jealousy. Ginny had it all, the makings of a perfect family. The jealousy was gone quickly, but the longing lingered.

"Well!" Ginny said impatiently. "Don't just stand there in the doorway like a stranger! Have a seat!" Hermione obeyed the order and sat down in one of the already well-worn kitchen chairs.

Ginny sent the children off to play in the yard and sat down next to Hermione, handing her a steaming cup of tea.

After a few minutes of companionable silence, both women staring out the window at the children, Ginny turned towards Hermione.

"So. How are you doing, really? Harry says that when he sees you at work, you always look so tired and rushed." Ginny's brown eyes shown with concern.

Hermione gave her a small, reassuring smile. 'Well, lately I've had to deal with a particularly bothersome satyr. But after today, he is officially not my client, so things should settle down on that front."

Ginny hummed approvingly. "That's good. So work is as good as it normally is. How about the love life?" She wiggled her eyebrows suggestively. "What happened to that guy? What was his name…." Her eyebrows puckered as she tried to remember the name.

"Aaron?" Hermione offered, knowing it was the name she was looking for.

"Yes!" Ginny exclaimed excitedly. "Aaron! Whatever happened to him? I heard that you guys were getting pretty serious. I mean, you never brought him over or anything…" Eyes full of accusation met her guilty ones, "But I heard that you really cared about him."

Hermione sighed. "Well…" She trailed off. "Things didn't work out." She finished lamely.

Ginny frowned. "What do you mean?"

"He just…didn't feel right. We didn't feel right. He asked me to move in with him," Ginny's eyebrows rose, "And I thought about it. After I started thinking about it, I realized that I didn't like Aaron." Seeing Ginny's puzzled expression, Hermione hurried to clarify. "I mean, I liked him, but I more so the idea of Aaron over his actual presence. You know?"

Ginny nodded. "I get that." She said quietly. "But sometimes, all a person needs is some company. Hermione, you need company."

Hermione looked over at her best female friend. She looked away.

"I don't need a man, Ginny. I'm doing perfectly fine on my own."


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