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Chapter 2 – Kurofsky POV

I'm not one for school. I hate it. Except for football and seeing Kurt, I really have no use for school. So, this was the first time in my life that I couldn't wait for a weekend to be over and Monday to arrive. I needed more information about this upcoming weekend. This could be what I've been waiting for. My sweet ladyface fag, all alone in his house. I'd spent the entire weekend masturbating to the ideas swirling in my head.

I had to play it carefully. I didn't want to come across as too interested or too eager. That could raise suspicions. I couldn't let my excitement get the best of me. The one thing I did do was leave Kurt alone. No slamming into the lockers. No eye contact. I was starving myself. Starving myself so I would be at the top of my hunger. I wanted to be hungry. It would make my Hummel meal even more delicious. I watched him in the cafeteria as he walked to a table with that Black girl he always hangs with. That sweet ass, switching back and forth in those skinny jeans. Oh, Kurt. I am going to devour you. You fucking faggot.

I'm not gay. I'm really not. I don't find guys attractive. I only find Kurt attractive and seriously, let's face it. He's not a boy. He's a faggot. A queer. He might as well be a girl with his stupid clothes, lip gloss and faggy voice. What guy acts like that? But, that's okay. I love the way you look Kurt. It turns me on. It creates a hatred in me for you that feeds me daily. Whenever I see you, I want to punch you in the face and watch you fall to the ground in front of me. Then I would pick you up and push your face against my cock. You would love that, wouldn't you Kurt? Yes, you would love that and I would love doing it to you.


Monday and Tuesday's locker room conversation yielded no new information. So on Wednesday, I decided to push things along.

"Hey, has anyone seen the new Adam Sandler flick?" Worked like a charm.

"No," said Finn. He turned to Puck, "Hey, maybe that's what we can do with the girls Saturday night."

"Yeah, right," said Puck. "Lauren would probably dig it but, Santana won't and I bet Quinn won't either." Finn sighed. "I guess you're right. She's already mad about us not hanging out Friday." Artie chimed in, "Brittany wants to go see the new Disney movie." Finn and Puck looked at him. "I know, I know," he said. "Hey, is Lauren coming on Friday for the Halo-athon? I heard she's a kick ass player..."

I stood there with a stupid grin on my face. Well, damn. Friday and Saturday night. Good things really do come to those who wait.

I decided to skip the rest of the day. I had planning to do. I left school and headed over to Hummel's place. I parked across the street and studied the house. Just like I had done hundreds of times before. Kurt's room was upstairs in the back. I already knew there was a tree I could climb to get into his room window. The trick would be getting him out of the house. I didn't want to take him here, on his turf. No, no. We were going to do this on my turf. As I sat there watching the house, the garage door suddenly starting rising. I checked the clock. 1:30 pm. Carol was off to her shift at the hospital. As I watched her pull out, it came to me how I would get sweet ladyface out the house and into my truck.


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