Hello one and all, and welcome to my contest entry for Souldin's assist trophy contest. I'm MessengerOfDreams. Remember the name. XD

When I looked at the assist trophy list, me having not often played the game before, I saw Kat and Ana, from Warioware. I knew some stuff about Warioware, and I figured that I could get behind the idea of nature-loving 6 year old ninja twins. Plus who else is gonna be doing that? XD

Out of curiosity I looked at the stickers. I noticed that a lot of characters from my favorite non SSB game, Advance Wars series, were stickers in the game. I focused on two, which were my two favorite characters in the game. One of them was Hawke.

So I present to you Paradigms, a sticker/assist trophy hybrid. Formerly known as Iris. FORMERLY KNOWN AS IRIS. -THIS IS IMPORTANT.

Also, as you read the first chapter, from the divider line to "Well, He thought" contains dialogue straight from the game Advance Wars Dual Strike and solely from there; however, the game is dialogue only with no action or movement- think Fire Emblem. Everything past the said phrase is my own storytelling; however, some of it is considered the canon of the epilogue of the game. Just to make it known.

Also, as far as rating goes, for the most part this is a clean story; however, about five or so times, you'll find usage of some moderate swear words, mostly later in the story. Just a fair warning.

Remember, I own nothing, regret nothing, I let them forget nothing.


Note- the first part is the contest entry. I'm adding more to this now in August.

paradigm (ˈpærəˌdaɪm)


4. (in the philosophy of science) a very general conception of the nature of scientific endeavour within which a given enquiry is undertaken

paradigm shift-


-a radical change in underlying beliefs or theory

Part 1


Chapter 1-In Which Ana's and Hawke's Paradigms Crash Into Each Other


Ana looked just below her to see a group of flowers surrounding her. She was in the middle of a small clearing in a forest full of hundreds of them, but she had just now noticed the colorful bunch now.

The inquisitive 6 year old smiled in awe as she beheld the sight. "Look at all the colors! And all the different shapes and, there's all those tall ones over there and all the short ones over there!" She jumped around a little bit and giddily squealed "This is so cool!"

She plopped down gently and started to look at a violet meaningfully. She put a small hand on a petal and smiled, not doing much in particular but enjoying it that way. After a little bit, she reached into her little knapsack and pulled out crayons and a notepad. She looked around, in thought as if she was making a really important decision and finally settled on a white-petaled daisy. She giggled in anticipation as she got out her favorite green (Shamrock), her favorite yellow (Goldenrod) and her only white.

Determined, she started drawing the stem, a little curvy line that had little leaves on the bottom, the yellow heart of the flower, a circle in the middle with little dots where she pushed the crayon in too hard, and then, satisfied, started to work on the petals.

She got her white out and started to draw a petal, but then frowned at her situation. She had forgotten to take into account that she had white paper and the white crayon wasn't showing up.

She sat there and thought, looking at the crayons to speed her thought process up. Then her face lit up as she said "Of course!" and picked up a black crayon.

She took the crayon and drew the outline of the petal, excited that she solved the problem. Then she drew another one, and another one, and another one, and then finally, she finished.

She picked up her notepad, looked and then with a grin did her best impression of an artist, saying "Bravo! It'sa perfect-a picture!" She ended up sounding like a 'Talian, like The Vinshe guy she read about at school. She loved flowers soooooo much and she wanted to draw the best flowers ever.

Then she spotted what she really wanted to see. To her right she saw a whole trail of 'em. They were her favoritest flowers ever ever, and one of the only flowers besides daisies and roses and violets and other easy flowers she knew the name of.


She saw them stretch along a trail through the woods along the sides. There were so many of them, and she was so happy to see them. She picked up her knapsack and started to walk down it, but then she remembered.

"Oh yeah," she said thoughtfully. "Kat said I can't go too far from the big smashy house." She referred to the Smasher's Mansion where all her friends lived while they played their fighting games. She got a sneaky smile on her face and then concluded "Well, I guess I'll just have to be extra ninja-y today."

She put her knapsack on and then snuck behind a tree. When she was sure that no one was looking, she climbed up as fast as her little legs took her and started to jump through the trees. It was one of her favorite things she did.

She looked below her as she kept jumping. No one noticed her, and that's cause she was the best ninja ever. She and her sister, Kat, were ninjas from Diamond City that came to the Smash Mansion as an assist trophy. An assist trophy meant, as far as Ana knew, that sometimes she and Kat got to fight with the others for a little bit and that they were also here to help Uncle Wario, their boss from the microgame factory, with stuff while he lived at the mansion.

She followed the flowers from above until the trees stopped, where she shimmied down and started to tiptoe along the trail as it entered a clearing. She gasped quietly in awe as she found that the clearing had even more flowers here than the one in the forest; in fact, the one in the forest was seemed miniscule in comparison to this one. By the entrance were giant sunflowers, and then from there were flowers of all colors- pink, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet- stretching along the ground like a perfect zigzag rainbow.

Ana looked upon this, squealed, and then pretended to fall out dramatically. She got up, giggled, and then started to run around in pure jubliation, still being careful not to step on the flowers too hard. She was just about to plop down and start drawing when she saw him.

Sitting on a downed log, plopped in the middle of the only patch of the clearing with no plants or life on it not too far from her was a man. He was a tall man, with silver hair, and a big black trench coat that made it impossible to see anything else except for his arms. Curiously, Ana started tiptoeing towards him, trying to put her ninja skills to good use. She was about to tap him in the shoulder when she remembered something she learned at school. They called it Stranger Danger and it taught her never ever to talk to strangers.

A bit scared, she started to tiptoe away, finding a nice-looking group of flowers and sat down again. She tried to think about how pretty the colors were but all she could think about was the man sitting there, and how lonely he looked. She looked at him again, a bit sad, and decided that she can at least look at him. It's not like Kat has to know.

She tiptoed to him again, craning her neck around sneakily so she can see his face but that she wouldn't be seen. She took a good look at him and saw that he had his eyes closed. She sighed in relief, then put a hand over her mouth to quiet it. She tiptoed in front of him quietly and waved a hand in front of his face to make sure he couldn't see her. He didn't react, so she stopped. She looked at him from this new angle. His tanned face was turned straight forward, as if staring at something far away, but his eyes were closed. His mouth was a flat, slightly down turned line, snapped shut, and his hands sat in his lap, clenched together like a steeple.

Ana looked at him back from the side again, waiting for him to move. She sat there for 2 minutes, waiting for even a little flicker but seeing nothing. She started to get bored of waiting, and walked up to him and tapped him on the shoulder. He didn't move. She tapped harder. He still didn't move.

Ana started to get worried that he wasn't moving. Is he okay? she thought. She climbed on the log and stood up so she was level to the man's face. She grabbed his cheek and pulled it tightly, seeing if he would react. He didn't react. More worried than before, she took a handful of his hair and pulled it hard. He still didn't move.

As a last resort, she pulled his ear and whispered into it "Mister, are you okay?"

She got a response. "Kindly stop." the man said, his voice betraying no annoyance.

Ana giggled a little as she jumped off the jog. "Oh thank goodness. I thought you were dead!"

The man grunted in response.

"I'm Ana." the young ninja said, holding a hand out. The man did not accept the handshake.

Confused, she asked him "You have a name, don't you mister? Everyone has a name!"

The man only said "Hawke," his eyes still not opened.

"Nice to meet ya, Mr. Hawke!" Ana said cheerfully. "So, whatcha doing?"

With a small grunt of annoyance, he said "Concentrating."

"Ooh," she replied, not catching the hint. "Concentrating on what?"

Hawke didn't reply to her this time. Ana looked confused and said "Mister, are you okay? You look really lonely."

"Shouldn't you be heading back home? Isn't anyone wondering where you are?" Hawke asked.

"No, it's okay! My sister said I could come out here!" Ana replied. It was a half-truth, if her sister knew that she had gone this far into the forest, she would be in big trouble. Kat may have been her twin, but she was the boss. Or at least she sure was bossy.


She looked at Hawke again, who still didn't look happy. She sighed a little out of exasperation. Her face lit up and she looked around until she found the perfect flower. She only did this if it was really really necessary but this man seemed really sad. She came to a rose, one with only a couple of thorns, and picked it out of the ground. She ran back over to Hawke and put the flower by his folded hands and said "Here you go, Mister Hawke! This is for you!"

He felt the flower in his hand, and suddenly his eyes shot open. Ana could tell by the look in them that he was shocked, and maybe mad. She whimpered a little bit but didn't move.

"You should never, ever pick flowers out of the ground like that." he said, his words harsh but even. "These flowers are a treasure and the world would be a desolate place without them. To destroy them with no reason like this is... it's horrible. Never do that again."

Ana was more than a little startled by this. She picked up her nearby knapsack and started running off to a nearby tree, which she started to climb. Soon after, she could no longer be heard.

Frustrated, Hawke put his hand through his hair, grabbing it in a clump. He hadn't meant to be so harsh on the little girl. If she only knew, though. But then again, she should never have to know what he knew.



A shot rang through the air of the headquarter building, and not to Hawke's surprise, it hit its target. Two red cords were severed as the bullet passed through them like it was paper mache. An old man, sitting in a large floating chair above them, gasped as his strength started to seep out of him. "What happ..." he choked out before he fell out to the ground, slumped over, barely conscious but not yet dead.

"I destroyed your life support system." Hawke stated, putting the pistol in his trench coat. "It's over, Von Bolt."

Indeed it was. The war that had taken the better part of 6 months was over at last. Over that 6 months the old man, Von Bolt, had taken the energy of their world, the life of the very earth, and used it for his own personal gain, keeping himself alive for years past when he should have died.

Von Bolt had assumed command of the Black Hole armies, currently scattered from their previous war, and started to lead them in an attack against the other four Allied Nations; Orange Star, Blue Moon, Green Earth and Yellow Comet. Hawke was the former second of command of the Black Hole army when he discovered Von Bolt's plan, and fled for his life with his co-commander to the Allied Nations, who welcomed them with skeptic arms.

And all the fighting had led up to this. And now that he had severed Von Bolt's life force, it was over.

The old man choked out "Hawke...? You... hrng... you..." before he fell unconscious, powerless.

Traitor? Hawke thought to himself. Wouldn't have been the first time I was called that.

A young man walked up to Hawke. He wore headphones on top of his sandy blond hair most of the time, but he had taken them down to his neck during the final battle. He looked at Von Bolt's frail body and said "Hawke..." But he didn't know what else to say. He was the one who was going to shoot Von Bolt, but he couldn't find the strength to do so.

Hawke looked at him understandingly, forgivingly. "To fight one evil, you must use another," he said. He frowned deeper as memories from before pecked at him and said "It's a fitting role for me."

At that moment, a horrifying RUMBLE RUMBLE was heard, overcoming any urges the others would have to celebrate. A redheaded woman, sporting combat boots, camo pants, a tank top and a large gun, turned to the person nearest to her immediately deduced "The base is shaking!" in shock.

The man she turned to, a large, muscled man with blue hair and a sleeveless t-shirt turned to everyone and announced "It's gonna collapse!"

The lead commander, a orange-haired young woman wearing a formal red suit and hat, gave out her order "Everyone evacuate, now!"

Immediately, all the commanders from the army started to flee the building, before it could collapse on them. Hawke simply stood there, looking around him, down at Von Bolt and then straight at the chair, dead set on his mission. A young woman with a black frizzy hair and pale white skin, dressed in the odd choice of knee-high boots, a large gothic cape and a black shirt and shorts, skidded to a halt mid run and looked at him intently, motioning desperately for him to leave with her hands. He shook his head silently, mouthing "No, Lash." , causing the expression of the girl to fall into sadness.

The sandy-haired young man looked back at Hawke, stopped next to Lash and said "Hawke, come on man, let's split!"

Hawke shook his head and said "I still have... one last job." He sighed, almost speaking to himself as he said "Here we are. At the end of everything... and all I could do is take. I am no different from this old man."

He looked up at the young man and said "Jake... I wish I had met you... before." He looked at Lash, and for the first time in several years, smiled, one of rocky warmth and sadness.

Then the building collapsed between the three of them, leaving Jake and Lash on the other side of the building as him. Hawke sank back into a frown as he quickly got into Von Bolt's chair and started to maneuver it out of the building, it levitating off the ground, which collapsed around him. He could vaguely hear Jake and Lash crying for the others to help him, which faded over time as they and Hawke got further away from each other.

A little bit after he escaped, floating like a hovercraft out the top, he saw the building collapse completely into a sniveling pile of rubble. He saw little specks of the Allied Nation army below him, thousands of feet away. He knew they could not see him, and he preferred it that way.

Well, he thought, time to begin.

When he was far away from where he was, he came to a large desert patch. It was no different than the other large desert patches that Omega Land now seemed to consist entirely of since Von Bolt had gotten far into his attacks, but it was a start.

He landed the chair and examined it. He wasn't sure how to get it to work, to release the energy, but soon he figured it out. He looked at the bottom, a large glowing orb, and saw that there was a cap on the bottom. It was a small, small cap but took an amazing amount of strength to open. He managed to get it open for a second, and energy, however invisible it was, started to seep out. After it just being open for a second, the whole area started to grow more lively, almost instantaneously. Panicked, he shut the cap, it shutting much easier than it opened, and watched as the area grew in immense speed, and within seconds, patches of grass and little seedlings of plants were developed in the ground. Hawke watched, astounded, as he saw life starting to take effect in the little area that was once just a patch of desert.

And so it continued for months. He would quietly, invisibly, fly through the land, letting little bits of energy into the soil and watch as life took its baby steps back onto Omega Land. He would fly above the places he already started, and saw that they had returned to about normal. Once he passed a hillside, one of the first he energized, and he saw two figures sitting on top, hands entwined, looking at the view with occasional glances at each other.

It was Jake and the commander of the Allied Nations, Rachel, who had evacuated the group that first day. He knew they had been close and was glad to see the two of them there.

But he knew he could not return. This world may have been restored by him, but it could not be his any longer, after all he had done to it.

On the day where he knew that Omega Land was restored to its fullest, the day when the cap was easily opened, the day when the orb on the bottom glowed less than ever before, the day when he could barely fly 20 feet above the ground, that was the day when he left Omega Land. Before he got too far away, when he was above the water, he remembered something. He reached into his coat, took out the pistol he had taken Von Bolt out with. He gave it one last look, and then threw it into the ocean as he soared away from Omega Land for the last time.

Across the oceans he flew, a few days straight, until he ended up somewhere that was unfamiliar. He landed the chair outside of a large city, in a patch of dry land just outside of the forest with a downed log in the middle. He opened the cap for the last time and let all the energy seep out from under it. He moved the chair around as it started to sink to the ground, creating the makings of a beautiful garden in a ring around the log. When all the energy fizzled out and the chair sank dully to the ground, he took out a lighter.

This was to be his last act of destruction he would ever create.

He set the chair on fire, watching it burn into twisted metal and into ashes slowly. When the fire was strong, he threw the lighter in there and before it could get too bad, took his trench coat off and waved the flames away. Though it had been used to save Omega Land, it still disgusted him to see it after all the ill that had entailed it, courtesy of Von Bolt.

He sat on the log and looked around him, as the grass came to a stop 4 inches high and little flowers started to come out of the ground. This was the mark he left on this new world. This new world would now be his home.

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