New Touhou related fanfic up already. Yay?

Anyways, this fic is essentially my take on that YuukaXWriggle pairing. I don't really know anything it, apart from Yuuka beating the hell out of Wriggle for whatever reason. My take on Yuuka in this fic is a bit different from Tsukuribanashi. Instead of coming off as... well, quirky and oblivious to the fourth wall, she's a bit more a bitch in this. While I don't intend to make her out to be some remorseless monster, I'll probably paint her in a bad light even by the conclusion of this little story.

Also, I wonder who can identify where I borrowed the lyrics of that song verse from?

In Gensokyo, it wasn't hard to find unusual people. Hell, they were so commonplace that a 'normal' person could be considered the oddity. From magic throwing mages to element-controlling deities, Gensokyo was home to a wide array of creatures only known through fairy tales and legends in the 'outside world'.

Within Gensokyo was a rather feared woman, possibly old enough to have seen Gensokyo's creation. Living within a mansion guarded by a scythe-wielding servant, this woman was feared by virtually everyone.

"Yuuka Kazami?" One would repeat in a hushed whisper, looking frightened at the mere mention of her name. "I... I swear I have no ill-will toward her! So, flowers are awesome, right?"

Yeah, she was feared, all right. Not because she was some blood-thirsty tyrant, but because of rumours of her... private habits. The few people who had returned sane from her mansion spoke of 'games' and 'fun', while looking like they's just faced the hordes of hell itself armed with nothing more than a crumbling stick.

General consensus was that Yuuka was a deranged, diabolical youkai. They would have attempted to have her purged, but a few notorious residents of Gensokyo, namely the Hakurei Shrine Maiden and her possible girlfriend Marisa Mirisame had faced the youkai. While surviving the ordeal no worse for wear spoke volumes of their ability, the fact that Yuuka was no different from before that encounter must have meant that she was too much, even for them.

Besides, since Yuuka didn't seem to be terrorising anyone (at least, not some random people plucked from the street) and was pretty much keeping to herself, maybe everyone could just pretend that she didn't even exist?

"Afternoon tea tastes great in the afternoon." Yuuka commented pleasantly to her servant, Elly, as she sipped said tea. Elly nodded her head enthusiastically, looking somewhat worried, but had an air of acceptance around her.

"Of course, I'd rather have someone to drink the tea with, but I can't since you've been naughty..." Yuuka sighed, gazing at her servant the way a mother would look at their misbehaving child. "Now, I have to spend the next week worth of afternoon's alone."

Elly looked ashamed at the words spoken to her, which was quite understandable. An hour earlier, Elly had grown bored of standing guard over the mansion. Why bother if no one really came by, anyway? The only two who did had beat her up anyway.

Deciding a better way to pass time would be to train in preparation for a repeat of such an occurrence, Elly had begun trying to devise new Bullet patterns to mingle with her scythe throwing and floor-tile launching. This brilliant idea ended up damaging one of Yuuka's flowerbeds, grievously injuring the harmless plants.

Now, Elly hung from her ankles, suspended on the ceiling over her mansion's patio, completely naked with her arms bound behind her back, and a red ball gag strapped over her mouth. Yuuka had a... twisted way of punishing people.

On the broad patio was a round, white table with two chairs, Yuuka occupying one.

Yuuka herself was dressed as she normally was, with a red plaited skirt, a white shirt with a vest top that matched her skirt, tall, black boots, shoulder length green hair, and a pink umbrella, which was perched on the table.

"Then again, with you up there, perhaps I'm not alone..." Yuuka muttered to herself. "Hm... Say, Elly, should I relocate you, or should I try drinking elsewhere?

Despite her humiliating situation, Elly wouldn't dare oppose or inconvenience her master in any way. Partly out of fear, but mostly admiration and respect. After all, Despite Yuuka's punishments, she at least cared and provided for Elly.

Still, with the gag, it was a tad hard to choose an option. Yuuka smiled slightly and sipped some more tea while Elly tried to form a comprehensible word.

"Tell you what, how about a nod for 'you move', and a shake for 'I move'."

Elly immediately nodded her head, and Yuuka giggled like a child. "Oh, daring, aren't we?" Which cast a look of confusion from Elly. Had she misinterpreted who was being referred to as 'you' and 'I'? She didn't mean to choose her master, and tried to correct herself, but her words were, once again, unintelligible.

"No going back now~" Yuuka said cheerfully, rising from her seat, and Elly looked worried once again. Would she be punished harder for choosing the wrong option? Oh god, this was bad...

However, Yuuka only reached up and simply tugged at the rope holding Elly to the ceiling, even though she couldn't possibly be tall enough to reach so high.

Throwing the still-bound Elly over her shoulder, Yuuka began marching away from the mansion, and through her garden of sunflowers. As a youkai who had control over plant life, she was, naturally, able to hear them 'speak' with her.

What's going here, Miss Yuuka? Eloping?

Elly been a baaaaaaad girl? Ha ha...

She killed my cousin! I know you brought him back to life, Miss, but she killed him!

Yuuka only laughed and chatted happily away with the flowers as she passed. Apparently, only flowers could get away with being on 'best buddy terms' with her.

Elly wished she could ask where Yuuka was taking her, but even if she wasn't gagged, Elly didn't think it would be a good idea. Besides, Yuuka would love to keep it a surprise.

Once they were clear of the garden, the two of them had somehow ended up within a village. An odd thing about Yuuka was that, sometimes, she could just appear anywhere, instantly, with no real transition. Ironic, considering that Yuuka was also notoriously slow at moving most times, as if completely incapable of running.

Elly realised just what Yuuka was planning now, and her body burned brighter with embarrassment. Yuuka had relocated her, all right. Now she was on public display. Normally, Elly wouldn't mind too much being naked in front of others. Sure, it was awkward, but at least Elly wasn't constricted. Now, she was helpless as Yuuka hung her servant by the branch of a tree within the centre of the village.

Villagers stared in shock and horror (and no guesses what some males felt at seeing a bound female...) as Yuuka re-tied Elly to a branch that she really shouldn't have been able to reach. When she was finished, Yuuka looked at the crowd of humans gathered around.

With a bright smile, Yuuka greeted them all. "Hey, all! Been a while, huh? Anyway, just so you all know, Elly's been a bad girl, so she'll be staying here for a week. Feel free to look, but just know that, the exact millisecond any of you touch or harm my precious Elly in any way, or even-"

Yuuka studied the ground, stepping forward and nudging a patch of dirt with her boot. "- Come within eight feet of her, I'll be there to have a few words with you." Yuuka finished with a pleasant, friendly tone. The villagers immediately hurried away to finish whatever business they had previously, apparently to afraid to even glance in their general direction.

"You there!" Yuuka called to a young girl, who immediately stopped, quaking in terror as she slowly faced the crazy youkai.

"Come here, sweetie." Yuuka smiled brightly at the girl, which done nothing to soothe the girl's nerves as she hesitantly walked over to the smiling flower youkai.

When the girl was within five feet of them, Yuuka said, "Care to do me a big favour?"

The girl, already scared, only quaked harder, unsure if she should refuse.

"Oh, it's nothing too big." Yuuka reassured the young girl. "See, I just need to make sure Elly here has access to a bathroom four times a day. Is that okay?"

The girl glanced at the embarrassed, but still amazingly calm, Elly, and back at the smiling, yet still freaking terrifying Yuuka. "B-bathroom?"

"Yeah, the place where everyone goes to do their business." Yuuka explained as if it were a foreign concept to the human. "Since my precious servant's hanging up there, and outside too, it's be disastrous if she had no help."

While the girl was sure she was going to infuriate and/or terrify her parents, the girl nodded. As scary as Yuuka was, she felt sorry that girl hanging on the tree, after all.

"Thanks, sweetie!" Yuuka gushed. "Oh, and you may remove the gag for an hour a day, okay? No more than that, or I'll be cross."

The girl looked paralysed with fear, to which Yuuka only smiled at, before turning to Elly, cupping her face as best she could while her servant was upside down.

"Now, you be good, okay? See you in a week."

Elly nodded and spoke a muffled, 'Bye, my Lady," as Yuuka turned to leave. When Yuuka had disappeared, the girl finally faced the naked servant, looking horribly unsure of what to do. How was she supposed to get her down, anyway? And did she need to hang the girl again?

"So... do you need to go now?" The girl asked nervously.

Back home, Yuuka finished the rest of her still warm tea, completely at ease with her casual humiliation of her dedicated servant. While it may seem a cruel and horrendous act to do to someone who loved you, Yuuka's views on love were entirely different and alien. Where others saw atrocious abuse of another, Yuuka saw affectionate caring. After all, it wasn't like she intended for a human to touch her precious Elly.

Placing her cup back on the saucer, Yuuka smiled slightly to herself, listening to the whispering of the flowers. Right now, they spoke of another presence. One that Yuuka had been aware of for a while now, but saw no need to take action. She still had to finish that cup of tea.

Now that said tea had been finished, Yuuka might as well greet her visitor. The presence was within her mansion, no doubt taking advantage of her momentary absence. How brave... or utterly stupid. Not that it mattered to Yuuka. She would have to discipline this visitor, seeing as the intruder so rudely entered her home without permission!

Inside Yuuka's mansion was what looked like, at first, a very basic structure. Doors and stairs that seemed to indicate clearly where things were. 'Door left leads to the kitchen! Stairway right leads to the Disciplinary Wing'.

This clearly wasn't the case for whoever entered her house. The flower youkai could sense the intruder stumbling about at random, perhaps panicking. Oh, she was right to panic, all right.

Yuuka casually ascended of the staircase's leading to her upper floors. The presence was somewhere near the left-most side of her house. She was already trapped.

"Staining my soul and stinging my eyes

the red on my hands

won't wash away, wash away

no where to run from what I have done

I'm no longer, no longer

a Rose of May..."

Yuuka began softly singing a verse of a song she'd heard a long time ago. There was no deep meaning behind it, although Yuuka had noted that anyone who heard this song tended to cry in fear. Odd.

Yuuka stopped in front of a door, knowing that the presence was on the other side. Her singing had carried off, revealing her presence. Yuuka's smile widened ever so slightly as she slowly opened the door.

On the other side was Yuuka's bedroom. Well, the one that Yuuka would use if she couldn't be arsed walking to her actual bedroom on the other side of the mansion.

Inside was a rather spacious area, with a simple, single bed on the far wall, a closet to the right, and various pieces of furniture lining the walls, and plenty of flowers to liven the place up. The flowers were all whispering of the intruder.

Crazy bug guy! He's sneaking around Yuuka's home!

I thought it was a girl...

Seriously? How can you tell?

Either way, hiding there is the most hilariously bad place someone could hide!

If you can call it hiding...

"Hm... Odd, I could of sworn that someone was in here." Yuuka said thoughtfully, crossing her arms. "I wonder where that visitor could of gone off to..."

Behind Yuuka was a terrified, green haired youkai with antennae poking from her head, and wearing a white, button down shirt with baggy black shorts, this youkai's features would make you think it was a male at first glance. Voicing such a thought was liable to have the little bug beat you senseless and assert herself as female.

Not that the youkai would dare do such a thing to Yuuka. She was still trying to understand why she even broke in in the first place! For some reason, she was compelled to come here every so often... and took her chance to look around the second Yuuka left.

Now, the fearsome flower-lover was standing right in front of her! She hadn't looked back to see a little bug-girl desperately trying to go unnoticed as she crouched behind the now wide-open door. Yuuka stepped forward, apparently conversing with the flowers, and Wriggle couldn't believe her luck. If luck decided to stick around, maybe she could sneak out and run like hell...

Wriggle slowly inched her way around the door, trying not to budge it in case Yuuka heard something. Her heart was beating so fast and loud it should of gave away her location! But she was safe! One more step and may be Wriggle could risk-"

"So, would you happen to know where the intruder is?" Yuuka asked pleasantly, now facing Wriggle, who was currently freaking out. "I heard that he has green hair, and is some sort of bug. Seen a guy like that 'round here?"

"I'm a girl, you stup-" Wriggle automatically snarled, but clamped her mouth shut, eyes wide with terror. Did she honestly just try and insult Yuuka?

Yuuka didn't seem too bothered however, although her smile seemed a bit sinister to the terrified insect.

"Ah, a girl? Very well, have you seen a girl like that 'round here?" Yuuka rectified, and stepped forward, causing Wriggle to stumble half a pace back. "In fact, I think she looks a little like you. I wonder why?"

Not liking where this was going, Wriggle let out a squeak of pure terror and bolted down the corridor, intent on leaving this mansion, busting a hole through that barrier surrounding Gensokyo, and hiding out in the Outside World... assuming that was enough to put a distance between her and the evil flower youkai demon of hell.

Yuuka only giggled as her prey fled. Casually, with no rush in her step, Yuuka left the room, following the fleeing bug.

After a few moments of random direction-taking, Wriggle decided that flying would most likely be much faster, and took to the air, hovering over the ground as she zipped through the corridors, trying to make sense of this labyrinthine home.

It was a nightmare, getting anywhere! Wriggle would of been convinced she was running in circles, but she hadn't ran into Yuuka again, so maybe she was making progress after all. Pushing thoughts of self-deprecation over her own insanity for coming here away, Wriggle turned right, finding a staircase leading down.

Seeing it as a ticket to salvation, Wriggle sped to the lower floor, wondering if the stairs were this long when she made her way upwards. When she finally reached the bottom, it was obvious that she wasn't in the foyer, but some underground area.

Shit! This isn't good, I'm trapped down here! Wriggle realised with mounting panic and fear, but tried to calm herself down. After all, maybe Yuuka didn't know where she was? She could hide down here for a while, maybe look for an exit, and if that didn't work, just try and sneak out later...

"I see you found yourself here already." Yuuka said cheerfully, scaring the terrified bug once again. Slowly glancing back, she saw Yuuka sitting on the stone steps, the umbrella that was previously left outside now by her side.

"Since you came down here, I'll assume you want to play with some of my toys?" Yuuka asked, a glint of excitement in her eyes.

Must not faint... must not faint... must not faint... Wriggle mentally willed herself, although her knees were just about ready to die on her. Good thing she was still flying...

Slowly backing away down the cold, foreboding corridor, Wriggle fearfully faced Yuuka, too afraid to turn her back.

"Come with me, little one, I'll show you were the toys are." Yuuka said pleasantly, placing a hand on her shoulder. Wriggle turned her head, saw Yuuka was behind her, and looked straight ahead again to see Yuuka was gone. She moved so fast...?

"I-I... I-I-I-I..." Wriggle couldn't even speak past the first syllable, and Yuuka only smiled reassuringly, turning the bug, pushing her gently to the ground and kneeling so they were face to face.

"What's the matter, child? Are you cold?"

Wriggle immediately shook her head, too afraid to break eye contact or pull away.

"Can you speak normally?"

Wriggle nodded, still too afraid to speak properly.

"Do you have a name?" Yuuka asked, and Wriggle gulped.

"W-W-Wriggle... N-N-N-Nightbu-bug."

"'W-W-Wriggle... N-N-N-Nightbu-bug'? Unusual name." Yuuka repeated teasingly. "How about I call you 'Wriggle' for short?"

Wriggle could only gave the smallest of nods in response as Yuuka got to her feet and began to guide the young bug youkai further into the dungeons.

I'm going to die! I'm going to get killed down here and no one's gonna know! Someone help! Wriggle's mind was screaming, but she herself remained deathly quiet.

"No need to be so shy!" Yuuka said cheerfully, as if she weren't leading Wriggle to certain doom. "Come on, let's talk! Surely there's something to gossip about!"

Wriggle didn't know what to say, but nor did she dare remain silent much longer, if Yuuka was telling her to speak. But what the hell could she say?

"Um -uh - I... I swear I wasn't gonna do anything!" Wriggle wailed. "I was only looking around, honest! I didn't see anything weird!"

Yuuka simply giggled at Wriggle's panicked confessions. "My, such a funny little child you are, Wriggy."

Stopping in front of a large, double door with an iron ring serving as the door handle, Yuuka said to Wriggle, "Now, Wrigs, I'm not mad about you having a look around my house."

"Y-you're not?" Wriggle asked, a tiny flicker of hope daring to raise its head.

"No, I'm not." Yuuka reassured her, although her grip on the youkai's shoulder tightened ominously. "However, you should realise that it's rude to break into someone's home to look around for any reason. So, since no one seems to have gotten around to it, I'll have to discipline you myself."

Wriggle stared into Yuuka's bright, yet dangerously dark eyes, her hope dying in a pit of fire.

"...Help!" Wriggle screamed, trying to break free of her iron grip, but clearly lacking the monstrous strength of the crazy youkai.

"Now now, Wriggy-Wriggy, it's not that harsh a punishment." Yuuka sighed, although she was clearly amused by this insect-youkai. Opening the door, Yuuka pulled a frightened in along with her.

When Wriggle stopped thrashing about, desperately trying to escape, she noticed that there didn't seem to be any lethal weapons or torture devices in this room. Hell, it wasn't even a room at all! They appeared to be in the back garden or something. Various, bright sunflowers bloomed here as well, even though Wriggle was sure that they should be below ground level.

Ushered through the door, Yuuka paused, a small frown on her face. "Oh dear. Wriggle, excuse me a moment, would you dear?"

Before Wriggle could muster the courage to ask, Yuuka turned and left through the door, closing it behind her. Barely ten seconds later, before Wriggle could decide on trying to run away or not, Yuuka returned, a somewhat annoyed look on her face.

"Sorry about that." Yuuka apologised pleasantly. "Some idiot tried to get a little close too close to my darling Elly. Honestly, why must humans think with their hormones instead of their heads?"

Wriggle wasn't quite sure what she was talking about, but didn't say anything. The young youkai could only assume she was referring to the absent gate keeper.

"Anyway, back to punishment." Yuuka said cheerfully, chilling Wriggle to her core. She tried to back away as Yuuka turned to take something hanging from the back of that door, which certainly wasn't there a second ago...

Is that a collar? Wriggle wondered when she glanced at the object. It was a leather, looped object with small silver studs embedded around it. Yuuka smirked as she slowly advanced upon Wriggle.

"Bad girl's need to learn discipline, Wriggo," Yuuka whispered eerily. "Otherwise, they keep doing bad things, you know?"

Not wanting to know where this was leading, Wriggle tried to talk her way out. "I-I swear I've learned my lesson! I'll never come here again! Please, d-d-don't... hurt... me?"

Yuuka leaned close to Wriggle, there faces barely a centimetre apart. Fearful eyes met unreadable eyes as they simply stared at each other for several moments.

Finally, Yuuka pulled back and chuckled. "Oh Wrigglelina, whoever said I didn't want you to come back?"

Throwing the collar away, Yuuka tightly gripped Wriggle's shoulder once again as she guided the confused bug through the field of flowers.

Wriggle was trying to comprehend what Yuuka just said. Yuuka... wanted her to come back? Why? Hadn't she just been scaring the utter crap out of her with threats of 'discipline'? The kind that turned a guy insane with fear and remorse? Was this some sort of weird mind game?

"You seem nervous, Night-Wrig." Yuuka commented casually as they stepped into the middle of the flower field. Wriggle gulped, but said nothing.

"Come now, if something's bothering you, I'd like to hear it!" Yuuka encouraged.

Wriggle wasn't sure if she could say it. After all, what if she set the woman off? For all Wriggle knew, Yuuka was willing to let Wriggle go with a light warning, and she could blow it by speaking...

"Do you have something to say?" Yuuka asked, and her tone notably carried a demanding note to it, and Wriggle was even more apprehensive about speaking her mind. Still, if she didn't reply, it could go either way.

"W-why... aren't you, er... um... p-p-p-punishing me?" Wriggle stuttered, staring at the ground. Yuuka smiled deviously at the young youkai.

"Hm? Wriggity, whoever said I wasn't punishing you?" Yuuka asked.

Wriggle's gaze snapped to Yuuka in a horrified realisation, and was immediately knocked flying into the air.

Falling to the ground with the wind knocked out of her, Wriggle was barely aware that the flower's seemed to part of their own accord, forming a small area in which she could land without disturbing the flowers.

With a dull thud, Wriggle hit the ground with a cry of pain. Being a youkai, she could easily survive a fall like that, but that didn't mean it was a painless experience.

Eyes dotted with tears, Wriggle fearfully watched as Yuuka loomed overhead, grinning sadistically as she kicked Wriggle onto her back and planted her foot onto her pained stomach.

"Don't get me wrong, Bugs, I kinda like you. I mean, you're cute for a tomboy, and your frightened demeanour is just so..." Yuuka let out a strange squeal of... excitement? "But, you were bad, and if Elly can't get away with it, neither can you."

Removing her foot, Yuuka picked Wriggle up by her ankle, raising her higher than her arm really should have allowed to look at Wriggle, face to upside down face. "Don't worry though, I'm letting you off lightly, since it's your first offence."

With a casual flick, Wriggle was thrown into the air, and at the peak of her ascent, was riddled with Yuuka's danmaku bullets, sending shooting pains throughout her body.

Yelling and crying in pain, the bullets didn't stop until Wriggle hit the ground again, breaking her right arm. Again, nothing to a youkai's healing, still painful as all hell to Wriggle.

As Wriggle lay sobbing and fighting to stay conscious, Yuuka knelt in front of the battered bug. "There you go. Wasn't so bad, huh?"

Yuuka reached out with her hand, wiping away a tear with her knuckle affectionately. "Cheer up, okay? I promise we'll have more fun tomorrow."

With that, Yuuka simply upped and left, leaving Wriggle to lay among the swaying flowers, who seemed to be waiting for Wriggle to leave. For who knew how long, Wriggle simply lay there and sobbed. The pain had receded a while ago, and her broken arm was quickly mending, but Wriggle wasn't crying about that any more.

She was crying out of fear of tomorrow.