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Demon talking

~I will become a Ghost Chapter 1~

Naruto was exhausted but happy, knowing he had earned it. After an intense fight which ended with his technique, the mighty Rasengan, he had managed to knock Sasuke out cold.

Sasuke, in return, had tried to kill him with the Chidori. In the end, Naruto won, pouring everything he had into his Rasengan and somehow succeeding.

Shortly after, Kakashi arrived and saw an exhausted blonde sitting on the ground, leaning against a rock. Lying just a couple a feet away from him was an unconscious and bloodied Sasuke.

Naruto turned his head to the newcomer and smiled when he found out it was his old sensei.

"Hey, Kakashi-sensei! I did it!" the blonde happily shouted despite his cuts and bruises covering his body. Nothing could dampen his spirit.

Kakashi looked at Naruto and smiled. "Good job, Naruto! Now let's get him back to the village; on the way back you can tell me how you managed to defeat him." He then walked over to Sasuke's still form and picked him up. He swung him over his right shoulder and turned to Naruto, who was picking himself up off the ground.

"Man, what a waste…my outfit is ruined. Look at it, it's all tattered." Naruto pouted as he and Kakashi made their way back to the village.

Kakashi gave him the once over and grinned. "It still looks better then it usually does."

Naruto just fake pouted and focused on the road.


They arrived at the main gates at the end of the morning the next day. It was around that time that most of the merchants of Konoha were busy preparing their stalls.

They walked past the mass of the merchants and villagers, who began to glare daggers at Naruto as they passed by.

Naruto held his head high and ignored them, but he couldn't help but feel a pang of sadness in his heart. Over the course of the years, he had grown to simply ignore them. One day, he would be Hokage and the glares would stop, and they would stop whispering behind his back and instead give a smile, or at least a reassuring nod.

But even now as a Genin there was no change; it was still the same except for the beat-ups. But he still had his friends, and that was what kept him happy. Screw the rest - he knew that Iruka-sensei or the Konoha 11, for example, would stand by him and support him.

And for that he would keep training to get stronger, to protect his precious people.


It didn't take them long to arrive at the hospital. Once there, the doctors took Sasuke away to treat his wounds and confine him to a room, as Kakashi and Naruto decided to sit down. Naruto, who wasn't too badly hurt thanks to the fox, dozed off, and Kakashi took out his all-time favorite book, Icha Icha Paradise.

After a few hours, they were allowed to visit Sasuke. The silver-haired Jounin woke Naruto up by patting his shoulder as he stood up. "Come on, Naruto, Sasuke's in his room. We can pay him a visit now."

Naruto jerked up with eyes still blurry from sleep. "Huh? Wha? Ramen?" He then saw Kakashi sweatdrop and turn to walk down the hall, nudging with his hand to let the younger ninja know to follow him.

Naruto hastily stood up and quickly followed his sensei.

As they arrived at Sasuke's room, Naruto noticed that there was an ANBU stationed in front of his friend's door.

The ANBU gave a nod, indicating that they were allowed, and they entered Sasuke's room.

As they entered, they saw that Sasuke, despite his many injuries, was peacefully asleep so they sat down in one of the chairs standing across from his bed. Naruto slowly drifted off to sleep again, and when he woke up a couple of hours later, he noticed that Kakashi was gone and instead it was Sakura who was in the seat next to Sasuke's bed.

"Hey, Sakura-chan, how's he doing?" The blonde asked as he stood up and started to stretch his legs.

Sakura was slightly startled by the outburst, not having realized he was awake. She looked at him and scowled. "Well look at him! He's all banged up! How could you do this to him…I asked you to bring him back, not like this! Please just go away…I don't want to see you anymore…ever! Get lost!"

Naruto gaped at her as all the color in his face drained. "W-eha…? So what if he's bruised! He's back - that's what matters!"

Sakura merely pointed at the door in reply, a glare upon her face.

Naruto dropped his head and slumped out the door. As he walked through the hallway, he could still hear Sakura's voice ringing through his head.

"Get lost!"

He looked down to his hands, opening and closing them slowly. Why isn't it ever like…'Great job, Naruto!' He shook his head and walked out the hospital with his head held high.


The next day, Naruto decided to visit Sasuke again. When he opened the door, he saw that his old friend was awake. He burst in the room with a grin on his face.

"Hey, Sasuke! How are you feeling? I'm sorry about your injuries, but you'll be patched up in no time!" said the blonde enthusiastically.

It was then that he noticed Sakura sitting beside the injured Uchiha. His smile faltered a bit. 'Just go away…' Her words had cut deep…very deep.

Sasuke, who was sitting upright in his bed leaning against the head end of the bed, glared at his former teammate. "Naruto…" He spoke softly with hatred clearly in his voice.

Naruto crossed his arms behind his back as his grin grew wider, clearly missing the venom in the Uchiha's voice. "What's up, buddy?"

Sasuke's anger was now radiating off him, and his eyes slowly turned into crimson adding three tomoe's around each pupil. "Naruto!" he growled before he jumped out of his bed with his fist aimed at the blonde's face.

Naruto saw it coming and quickly jumped backwards. "Sasuke! What are you doing?"

Sasuke screamed angrily and attacked Naruto again. "You ruined everything! I hate you! How the hell am I to get strong enough to kill him? I'LL KILL YOU!"

Naruto stood there, unable to believe what he was hearing.

As the fist was about to slam into his face, it was grabbed by a fingerless glove. Sasuke looked up and saw Kakashi standing beside him, along with the ANBU that had rushed in to see what the commotion was about.

"What do you think you are doing, Sasuke?" Kakashi asked sternly.

Sasuke just looked at him, his eyes slowly reverting back to normal. His shoulder slumped with a low growl. "Why should you care…just leave me alone." And with that, he pulled his arm out of Kakashi's grasp and returned to his bed.

Kakashi nodded towards the ANBU, who turned around and left the room, shutting the door behind him. It was then that Kakashi spoke up. "What the hell has happened to our squad? Why is it always when I turn my back for a single moment that the two of you always end up fighting each other?" He turned his gaze first to Naruto, who looked at his hands with a sad look on his face, and then turned towards Sasuke, who just glared. "We're supposed to be a team…where is the Sasuke and Naruto who could go toe-to-toe with Haku with the teamwork I haven't seen in so long?"

When he was met with nothing but silence, he sighed. "Think about it, because I've already grown sick and tired of the glares and sneers you keep sending each other's way." And with that, he walked over to the window and jumped outside.

Naruto just kept staring at his feet, Sasuke's voice echoing in his head. "I hate you!" He stood up and walked out the room, pondering his thoughts. He couldn't help but think on how downhill everything had got in a matter of days. It had all started with their little fight on the rooftop of the hospital around a week ago.

The blonde jinchuriki walked aimlessly through the streets of Konoha, completely lost in thought. So when he arrived at his apartment, he didn't notice the writings on the wall just outside his front door. He however did notice it inside his apartment.

He looked around with wide eyes in shock, which quickly followed with intense sadness. "Why…" he whispered. His entire room was trashed, his dinner table split in half along with his bed. The door of his refrigerator was torn of his hinges. On the walls were written things like, "Demon! stay away from the Uchiha!" or "Go back where you came from…Hell!"

These were just two of the many things that had been written on the walls.

Without looking back, Naruto turned around and out the door. His hands shoved in his pockets he walked towards Ichiraku's ramen stand.

As he passed by a restaurant similar to Ichiraku's, he could hear Kakashi's voice coming from the place.

"I know, Asuma, but I wonder if it isn't best if I'd replace Naruto with someone else, then Sasuke could focus on his training and not on Naruto, who he clearly hates now…with Naruto in the way, he'll only solely focus on him, which isn't the best thing."

"That seems most logical, as long as you don't trade with someone from my team, I don't know how to handle the kid." Asuma replied after which a short silence followed up with a satisfying sigh.

At that moment a third voice spoke up. "I can't believe what I'm hearing…how could you say such a thing about Naruto? He has good intentions; you can't simply replace him like a piece of clothing!"

Kakashi sighed. "You don't know him that well, Kurenai, he's a pain in the ass and sometimes I wish I never had taken him on as a student. He constantly screws up, he never thinks, and it's often at the cost of us."

Naruto looked down at his hands, tears threatening to course down his cheek. 'Why…Kakashi-Sensei not you too…' He had lost his appetite, and instead walked towards the Hokage monument.

As he sat upon the Fourth Hokage's head, he felt hopeless. In one day, he had lost his friendship with Kakashi,Sakura, and Sasuke, not to mention Asuma, who he had respected quite a lot. His friendship with his teammates he valued most, as he lived for their attention and respect.

When evening began to fall, he headed back for his apartment; however, before he got far a Chuunin made his way towards the blonde with the message that he had to report to the Hokage immediately.

So he headed for the only person who he knew wouldn't turn his back on him. When he knocked on the door, he opened it. He could see the Council standing inside with rather smug looks on their faces.

What's up, baa-chan? Naruto asked with a grin, trying to hide behind his sadness behind the usual happy mask.

Tsunade sighed heavily before looking into Naruto's eyes. "Naruto…" she began, trying her best not to lose control of her emotions. "Because of your recent loss of control of your chakra, you are a potential liability. Tomorrow there will be a seal placed upon you, forever blocking your chakra pathways so that you can no longer lose control. Only your vital organs will still have chakra control. From tomorrow on…you will no longer be a shinobi. I am so sorry Naruto…"

All of this was said in a strained voice.

Naruto just stood there with wide eyes. "I did not lose control of my chakra during my fight against Sasuke! I was in full control the entire fight!"

The old man Homura decided to join in. "Sasuke Uchiha begs to differ, boy. He says he saw red chakra form around your body, and he also saw a red chakra tail. This seems to me that you did lose control, and therefore have become a liability." He inwardly smirked.

"I didn't! The kyuubi didn't gain control!" Naruto cried out in anger and frustration.

"The decision is final. You will report to the Hokage tomorrow, one in the afternoon." Koharu Utatane butted in.

Naruto desperately turned to the Hokage. "Baa-chan…" he pleaded.

Tsunade looked in his eyes as her head leaned on her intertwined fingers. 'I'm so sorry Naruto…my hands are tied. I tried everything'. "There's nothing I can do. They've overruled me. I am sorry, Naruto."

Naruto's eyes turned red, and his pupils narrowed into slits. "So this is how you all repay me, huh? After everything I did for this village, you just stab me in the back with the usual smirk on your face?"

And with that he turned around, leaving the frightened Council in his wake.

After ten minutes of walking, he reached his apartment and went in. Inside, he grabbed a bag and started filling it with clothing. He reached for his closet and pulled it open, reaching for a small box on the bottom and opening it. The box was filled with kunai and shuriken. Satisfied, he closed the box and placed it in his bag. He then reached for something underneath his bed and pulled out a small money pouch, which he also packed.

After five more minutes of bag-packing, he swung the pack over his shoulder and reached for a piece of paper. After scribbling down a few words, he stuck it in the wall with a kunai and headed out the door.

"So they think I'm a liability, huh? They never want to see me again…well, that can easily be arranged," the blonde whispered to himself as he pulled his headband from his head. He grasped a kunai from his pouch and placed it on the headband.

And with one swift motion, he slashed through the Leaf symbol and threw it on the ground.

Before leaving, he looked once more around the room and noticed the scratched headband that belonged to Sasuke. He picked it up and looked at it for a moment before putting it in his pouch that he was carrying on his right leg. He glanced one more time towards his note and smirked at what he had written.

Your liability is gone…forever. Do not try to send tracker ninja after me, or they will come back in pieces. I hope you will all rot in hell.

-Naruto Uzumaki

And with that, he headed out the door and down onto the streets, towards the main gate. To his surprise, the gates were open and the guards at the check-in were busy handling some foreigners. So he sneaked past them and dashed towards the forest, quickly hiding behind a tree when he reached the forest.

After he was sure that no one had seen him, he moved further into the forest, forever turning his back on the Leaf.


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