Title: Soulmate

Characters: Kaldur/Artemis

Rating: K+

Word Count: 596

Warnings: Character Death

Author's Beginning Notes || º Saw a prompt on LJ and had to fill it...

º Prompt: (Insert YJ character) dies on a mission, miles away on their own assignment (YJ characters boyfriend/girlfriend) feels a deep pang in their chest, and knows something horrible has happened.


[1] Sick

When one of them got ill, the other always knew. Thus, even the warrior was surprised at himself when he stood up, halfway through a nice dinner with his King and Queen, and requested an early leave. They had given him curious looks, but otherwise bid him a good night and thank you for joining them. 5 minutes later, he was at The Cave, sitting at the bedside of a giant bundle of blankets and passing the hand [which poked out from the mass] a green mug.

"Fish don't get the flu," he had assured her calmly, a small smile tugging at the corner of his lips when he hears a muffled half-sneeze, half-snort come from within the pile.

[2] Synchronize

Nobody is surprised that Robin and KidFlash 'kicked ass' together, because they had been working on tag-teams long before Young Justice had formed. What surprises everyone, however, is the flawless handling their leader and the newest blonde archer have together. Kaldur was the only one left standing, charging in with his water bearers and the young acrobat thinks he's insane. He hadn't counted on the two arrows that went flying after him. The first created a smokescreen, and the second managed to stumble their large target, just enough, so that the Atlantean easily knocked him out with a fell swing of his electricity pulsating maces.

[3] Strong

She knows he is hiding something when the Atlantean returns from his trip home. Instead of prying, however, the blonde just flashes him a smile before sitting down on the couch in front of the TV. A few moments later, he takes the seat beside her and they decide to watch a movie. His walls come down briefly halfway through the animation they're watching when he sniffs lightly and she catches a sign of tears on his face. So she leans in a little closer and admits to him,

"I bawled the first few times."

[4] Sense

It's not even questionable how much right there is to their relationship. He didn't judge her upon arrival [unlike a certain speedster], in return, she doesn't tease him when he admits he feels like the mother of their team. When their eyes meet, they exchange quiet, inconspicuous smiles. They had tried entwining their fingers together once, but the thin film between his prevented this. No matter, she decided that sitting with their legs entangled while reading books on the couch was much better and much more original. He chuckles at this, but quickly disproves her by pulling her into an embrace. She's grinning widely.

"So does this mean I'm like the father?"

[5] Soulmate

Her room is dark, when they enter. The archer is huddled on her bed, staring at a beautiful fishbowl. He had gotten it for her to keep the fish he had won for her in. It was unique, only found in Atlantis, like him. She's known since the moment her heartstrings went taut and her arrow misfired, back in Star City. Racing back home only confirms it. Her grip tightens a bit more around the custom bowl as she stares at the beautiful Beta, now floating belly up. She had entered to see him struggling [to breathe, she assumed]. The fish was flailing wildly in his home, threatening to completely dislocate himself from the water.

'Kaldur's dead,' rings in her head from the man's announcement. His voice had been soft, gentle, as if doing so would have made everything easier.

"Artemis...?" Ollie calls out her name with a tired voice.

"I know."


Author's End Notes || º I might add more if there's enough support for these two...