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Chapter 1. Discovery. Bobby's Pov.

As I sit on the greyhound bus, I can t help but worry about Dean. He called me yesterday, and the discussion was unsettlingly vague and cryptic.

The phone rings.

"Singer". I answer, staring into the pot of boiling chili on the stove top.

"Uhh..Hey Bobby." My eyes widen at the familiar voice; I haven't spoken to him in about two years.

"Dean? He laughs uneasily. I can picture him rubbing the back of his neck at the awkwardness of the moment.

"Yeah, it s me." I hear a female talking on the other end, something about heartbeats sounding strong, and increased movement normal.

"Dean what's going on"? He sighs, obviously uncomfortable with having to call me.

"I kinda, umm, I sorta need to ask you for a favor." I walk over to the table and sit down.

"Sure son, what do you need?"

"I'm at the hospital…" I cut him off before he can even explain why he s in the hospital.

"Jesus Dean, what happened? Are you ok?"

"I'm fine Bobby I promise. Can you just come get me, they wont let me leave unless someone picks me up." I lean back into the chair and groan. God damn it John.

"Yeah son, where are you?"

"I'm in a hospital in Utah, Rich County." I write the name down and nod.

"I'll drive down there now."

"Um actually my cars in the parking lot, I don't wanna tow her anywhere." I roll my eyes.

"I'll take a bus down there then we can drive back to my place ok." I can tell he's smiling.

"Thanks Bobby, I'm under the name Dean Brown."

"Son, what's up with you?" I can practically hear him chewing his bottom lip.

"Oh, you'll see when you get here."

He told me I would see when I got there. Did he break something? Did he lose a limb? Why couldn't he tell me over the phone? Either there really isn't anything really wrong with him, or he's being a stubborn ass. And where the hell is John? Why isn't he with Dean? Were they hunting together and John ditched him at the hospital, or were they on separate hunts? Maybe worse…

The bus comes to a stop at the bus stop nearest the hospital; I grab my bag and rush out. I run across the parking lot and into the hospital, down the hall to the information desk and wait inline.

"Good morning! How may I help you?" a cheery older woman asks.

"I'm looking for Dean Brown, he's my nephew." She types the name into the computer and nods her head.

"Well it looks like your nephew is on the fourth floor, room five fifty; the male maternity wing." I feel myself lean forward a little, catching myself on the counter.

"M-male maternity ward?" she nods. "There has to be a mistake." She shakes her head.

"There is only one Dean Brown in this hospital, and he's in the male maternity ward." I nod my thanks. She smiles at me then helps the next person in line.

Male maternity ward?What the hell is she talking about? I decide to go up there anyway, wanting to prove that this isn't the right Dean; couldn't be. I walk over to the elevator and press the up button and once inside the fourth floor button. When the elevator opens again I am greeted by a sign saying Male Maternity Ward and an arrow pointing my way. I look at the nurses station and walk towards them.

"Sir?" a male nurse asks, bringing his clipboard down.

"Um is there a Dean Brown on this floor?" Good thinking Bobby, this guy is going to say no there isn't and I'll be right.Right?

"Are you Bobby?" I nod. "He said you would be here. Why don't you follow me." I nod, too shocked to reply. Oh Shit shitshitshitshit. He leads me down the hall and starts talking.

"So his babies are ok. We were a little worried about the blow to his stomach but they seem to be doing fine. You shouldn't have to worry about him going into labor prematurely." I can only nod, still too shocked about this whole thing to talk. Maternity ward?Premature labor? Dean? He opens a door and steps in. "Dean, your uncle is here." The nurse holds the door open and ushers me in. I walk inside and my eyes widen when I see Dean.

The first thing I notice when I walk in is his stomach; it looks like he swallowed a basketball or three. Second is his wrist; it's bandaged from mid hand to elbow. The third thing is the stitches along the right side of his forehead, the area around it bruised. My eyes land on the swollen stomach. I notice the way is holding his stomach; hands resting on top a mix of comfort for him and protection for the unborn child.

"Hey Bobby," He says, taking one hand off of his stomach and grabbing the TV remote, turning it off.

"Dean what...?" he looks down at his stomach and cups the back of his neck, a defense mechanism he's used since he was four as a way of dealing with uneasy or uncomfortable situations.

"I guess I have a lot of explaining to do, huh?" he asks and I nod, stepping further into the room. "Thanks Dylan." He says, referring to the male nurse.

"No problem dude, I'm going to go let your doctor know that your uncle's here." He exits the room, closing the door behind him. I grab a chair from the corner and pull it closer to the bed.

"How the hell did this happen?"

"What this," he touches his protruding stomach, "or this?" he raises his right arm and points to his stitches.

"Lets start with that." I say, pointing to his middle. He nods, resting his left hand on top of it.

"To start this whole thing out let me just remind you that I am straight and that this was an accident." I nod. "I was hustling some guys at pool in this bar and I was introduced to the best shots I've ever tasted. I can t remember what they were called, but they were awesome. Lets just say we all had about ten too many and the next thing I know I wake up in some guys apartment; he said he didn't remember what happened and I don't remember what happened." There's an off look in his eyes, like there's something he isn't telling me but its eating away at him. Damn emotional walls.

"Did you get checked out?" he gives me a pointed look.

"I'm getting there." I nod. He clears his throat. "So anyway I had no idea what happened but about a month afterwards I started to feel like shit so I went to see a doctor." He looks over to the table on the other side of the bed and grabs a glass of water, gulping half of it down. "So yeah, I found out that I slept with the guy and apparently he was on top, and before you ask yes I was checked for STD's and the tests came back clean." I nod, leaning back in the chair.

"And this happened, what, about seven months ago?" he chuckles, shaking his head no. I want to ask him more about this whole thing, demand answers, but I look into his eyes and can tell he doesn't feel good. I decide to ask simple questions and wait for the more heavy topics for when I bring him home.

"Try five months Bobby, there're three babies in here," he says while pointing to his rounded stomach. Just as I am about to say more, the door opens again to reveal a middle aged woman in a white lab coat, a smile on her face. She comes over to me and holds out her hand in greeting.

"I'm Doctor Williams, I've been taking care of your nephew." I shake her hand and nod. "We already did our final tests an hour ago and everything looks good, you're very lucky Dean." He smiles, but it doesn't reach his eyes.

"So can I get out of here?" the doctor rolls her eyes.

"Yes you can, I'll have a nurse in here to help you get changed and out of bed." Dean nods, pushing himself up and hissing. "Hey take it easy," the doctor chastises gently, walking over to him and helping him sit up. Once he's leaning against the pillows the same nurse from before walks into the room. "Mr. Singer may I talk to you in the hallway while Dylan helps Dean change?" I nod, making eye contact with Dean. He nods and I follow the doctor into the hallway.

"What happened to him?" She sighs pointing to a bench across from us and leads me to it. Once she sits down she starts to explain.

"Dean came limping into the emergency room about a week ago with a bleeding gash on his head. He was holding his stomach and said that we needed to make sure they were ok before he passed out from blood loss. When we brought him back we discovered that his wrist was sprained, his knee was dislocated, and that there was a rapidly forming bruise on the right side of his abdomen."

"Are the kids ok?" she nods.

"Yes, they seem to be fine." She opens a folder and takes out an ultrasound picture, "This was taken an hour ago." The picture looks fuzzy, but you can defiantly find three babies in it. "See this baby right here?" she asks while pointing to the right side of the picture. "This was the one we were really worried about but it seems to be doing fine, no complications." She places the picture back in the folder. "Dean needs to be relaxing for the next two weeks, not bed rest but he shouldn't move around for more than thirty minutes a day. No stairs, healthy meals, plenty of sleep, and small amounts of exercise daily." I nod.

"Is there anything else I should know?" I ask while standing up.

"Deans going to be in some pain for a while, so I'm giving him a prescription for pain pills that are safe for the babies." She hands me a bag full of bottles and papers. "Also let him rest, he's been too worried about his babies to sleep." I nod in understanding, Deans always worried about the people he loves to the point of making himself sick. "Thanks for coming to get him."

"He's my nephew." She nods and walks us back to the room where a fully dressed Dean is sitting in a wheelchair.

"Well Dean, it looks like you're free to go." Dean smiles, but the amusement doesn't reach his eyes. "Now, I have your records in the bag, I want you to make an appointment in two weeks with your local hospital to have a check up on the kids." He nods.

"Thanks Doc." She ruffles his hair gently.

"Take care of those kids, Dean, you still have four more months to go." He groans, rubbing the left side of his stomach.

"Don't remind me, please; I'll be huge by then." the nurse and doctor laugh.

"Bye Dean, Mr. Singer." She shakes my hand and exits the room.

"Dean why don't you give me the keys, I'll meet you out front." He looks me in the eye before nodding.

"Be careful with her Bobby, she hasn't been driven in a few days." I roll my eyes while taking the keys from his hand.

"I don't have a death wish Dean, meet you out front." I walk out of the room and to the elevator.

Dean is pregnant, Dean. How does this even happen? Just& .ugh why is this so difficult to accept? And where the hell is John? Did he get Dean hurt? God the next time I see him he's going to see the business end of my shotgun.

I drive the Impala to the pickup area and spot Dean being pushed onto the sidewalk, the nurse laughing at something Dean said. I get out of the car and run to the other side, opening the passenger side. Dylan stops the wheelchair and switches the breaks on. He wraps his arm around Deans shoulders and helps him up slowly, Dean wincing in the process.

"You need to take it easy, Dean." Dylan insists and Dean rolls his eyes. The nurse lets go of Dean and grabs his bag, handing it to me. "Don't let him over do it Bobby." He says and I nod.

"Don't worry, when he gets to my house the only things he's doing is sleeping and eating." Dean rolls his eyes and walks to the car slowly, a slight waddle in his steps.

"Bye Dylan, kiss your wife for me." The nurse laughs and slaps Dean on the shoulder gently.

"Take care of yourself dude." He helps Dean sit down in the Impala before grabbing the wheelchair and walking back into the building, waving as he does. I get into the car and look at Dean shifting around in the seat.

"You ok?" He nods, leaning back.

"Yeah, lets just get going." I nod and start the car, driving out of the hospital parking lot and onto the road. The car is quiet for several minutes before I break the silence.

"What happened to you son?" he looks me in the eye, his eyes starting to look red from exhaustion.

"Can I tell you about this later? I really just wanna sleep." I nod, handing him my jacket from the back to use as a pillow.

"I'll wake you up when I stop the car, ok." He nods, giving me a small smile.

"Thanks for picking me up Bobby." I squeeze his shoulder gently.

"There's nothing to thank son; now get some sleep, you look like shit." He laughs, wadding the jacket up and leaning it against the door. He closes his eyes and rests his hand on his stomach as if it's meant to be there.

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