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Chapter 25. Just the three of us…well…Plus Grandpa Bobby. Dean's Pov. Around 1.5 years later.

"Look at them." Dad says with a happy look on his face, watching my boys playing with their birthday presents. "Two years old, can you believe it?" he asks, taking a sip from his beer as I sigh happily; smiling as Robby smashes his new matchbox car into Sam's leg.

"No I can't." I say, leaning against the kitchen counter. "They're growing up way too fast." Dad chuckles.

"Your mom felt the same way about you." He says, turning to face me with a smile. "She just wanted you to stay that little boy she held in her arms the first time." I nod my head, missing when they were new born babies. I mean sure, I love that they are growing up and I can't wait to see them grow older and start school, date, and start their own lives, but I miss my little babies to…god what happened to me? I've gone from bad ass hunting machine to daddy…who woulda thunk it… I turn back around to finish off the dishes, smiling at the sound of my sons laughter.

"Hey you never answered my question I asked you earlier; what have you and Sam been up to?" He takes a wet plate from the rack to dry off.

"I did answer you; we've been stuck in this very big hunt for a while." He puts the plate into the cupboard. "So I saw the house earlier." A subject change, something's going on. "You're almost done with it right?" I nod, deciding to follow his lead for a moment.

The boys have been alive for two years, and Dad and Sam have been hunting for about a year and a half. After that first hunt they came back for a month before taking on a vampire nest out in Mississippi. From then on they'd be gone for longer periods of time before coming back, missing some of the milestones in my sons lives as they grew older like their first words and their first time crawling and walking. They've been gone for four months before showing up here about three hours ago, only calling twice to see how the boys were doing.

"I can't believe it's taken me so long to finish that thing, but I wanted it all to be perfect before the boys go there you know?" he nods his head in understanding. "I just feel bad for staying at Bobby's for so long."

"Hell are you kidding me? Bobby loves those boys; he'd want you to live here permanently if it wasn't for your damn stubbornness." I roll my eyes.

"Bobby is a fucking god among men that's for damn sure." I hear a throat clear behind us.

"Damn straight." Bobby says, carrying the left over double chocolate cake and setting it down on the counter. "To deal with Winchesters on a regular basis one needs to be a damn saint." I bark a laugh. "Hey John, do you need me and Dean to do some research for your next hunt?" he asks, obviously hearing our conversation a minute ago and seeing through Dads bullshit.

"I think we're all set, thanks though Bobby." Dad says with a small smile.

"Bobby close the door." I say, dropping the final plate back into the sink water and turning to face him. Bobby slides his kitchen door shut and turns to look at John, crossing his arms over his chest. "What the hell is up with you Dad?"

"What are you talking about? Nothing's 'up' with me." Dad says in defense.

"You've been here for three fucking hours and all sorts of warning bells have gone off in my head." I say, taking a step forward. "You're going back to that whole apple pie dad persona again."

"And then every time you've looked at the boys you had this far off look in your eyes." Dads head snaps to the side to look at Bobby. "I know you didn't think anyone was watching you John, but you're not as discreet as you think you are." Dad turns his head to look at me again and he sighs.

"Dad what's wrong?" I ask, and he licks his dry lips.

"Sam and me got ourselves into some pretty deep shit." He says after a few moments of silence, and I narrow my eyes slightly.

"What kind of shit did you get yourself into?" he shakes his head grimly.

"I can't tell you." My gaze turns into a suspicious glare.

"What do you mean you can't tell me?"

"The less you know, the safer you, Bobby and the boy's will be." He answers, looking pained by his words.

"That's bullshit!" I say, making sure not let the boys hear me swearing. "What's that thing you've always said, 'staying in the dark when it comes to the supernatural will get you killed'; you're being ridiculous!"

"You don't understand Dean-" I cut him off.

"Oh you don't think I fucking understand? Let's see-"

"Can you just be quite for one moment!" Dad snaps, causing me to practically slam my mouth shut. "I love you and those boys to death, and this thing that me and Sam got ourselves into isn't your normal evil sons of bitches thing…it's the real fucking deal son…and I don't want you or Bobby to be involved." I look into his eyes and see pain imbedded deeply into them. "I love you too much, and I'd fucking kill myself if something happened to you or the boys." We stay silent for a few moments. "I don't even know exactly what we've gotten ourselves into…but all I know is that it's deeper than anything I've ever hunted in the past."

"Worse than yellow eyes?" I say quietly and he nods his head grimly.

"Like a million fucking times worse." I watch his eyes silently for a moment.

"You and Sam came here to say goodbye for good weren't you?" Dad swallows nervously.

"I just wanted us all to have a good family moment before…." He trails off. "Before cutting all contact for good." I nod my head, bringing my hand up to pinch the bridge of my nose.

"How long are you planning on doing this for Winchester?" Bobby asks as he takes a step forward, glaring daggers at my Dad.

"Until it ends or I die." I laugh humorously.

"So what? I'm never going to know if you're living or dead? Hell, you could die next week and I'll just assume you're out there somewhere killing a bunch of shit."

"Dean." He says in a pained voice.

"No, if it was just me you were walking out on that would be one thing, but I have my sons to think about Dad." He nods his head for me to continue, eyes watching the ground by my feet. "Every night those boys have me tell them stories about their hero grandfather and kick ass uncle, those boys idolize you two, and I can't explain to them that their grandpa and uncle might be out there fighting hell knows what or could be pushing daises."

"What do you want me to do then?" He asks after a moment of silence, finally bringing his gaze up towards me again.

"Either you pull your head from your ass and realize that you need to keep us in the loop, or you walk out and stay gone."


"Isn't that what you do best? Abandon loved ones and break promises?" I ask, anger seeping into my voice.

"Winchester, give the boy an answer." Bobby practically growls, glaring at my dad. Dad stays silent for a moment too long and I throw the towel in my hands onto the counter.

"Great answer Dad." I growl before stomping out of the towards the kitchen door, taking a deep breath before opening it.

"Boys; it's time to say bye-bye to Uncle Sammy and go to bed." I say, plastering a smile onto my face. They look up from where they're playing with Sam, tired looks on their faces.

"No nigh nigh!" Robby practically yells, and some of the anger I was feeling melts away slightly at his little voice.

Robert and Elliot are my world; they keep me sane and I love being with them as they continue to grow. As they've gotten older it's been easier to tell which parent each twin looks like, Robert is a mini me and Elliot is a mix of me and Dylan. At times I wish both twins looked like me, but then again I don't at the same time; they are each their own unique little person and I wouldn't change that for the world.

"Yes nigh nigh." I say, crouching down to their level. "Daddy's gonna read you a story and then you two are gonna go to sleep and have happy dreams."

"Big Bed!" Elli pipes in and I can't help but chuckle a little bit.

"Yes big bed." I bring my head up to look at Sam. He looks me in the eye, notices my expression, and frowns slightly as my sons run into their Uncles arms for their final hug.

"Dean." He says quietly as I gently pull the boys into my arms.

"Not now Sam." I say as I stand up slowly with both boys on my hips. "Say bye boys." I say, bouncing them both slightly.

"Bye-bye." Robby and Elli say together.

"Bye boys." Sam replies quietly, never taking his eyes off of me. "Dean" He tries one more time and I sigh.

"Promise me you'll be careful ok?" Sam swallows nervously as he nods.

"I promise." I nod my head. I always expected Dad to pull something like this, but not Sam…but I know that Sam would have argued with dad for days about this whole thing so I can't totally hate him…right?

"Come here." I say, jerking my head back slightly. Sam takes a hesitant step forward and wraps his arms around me and my sons. "Don't get yourself killed." I whisper in his ear before pulling away. I look towards the kitchen door to see Dad looking at us. "Say night to grandpa boys.

"Nigh Grandpa!" my boys cheer tiredly, Elli waving his little hand in a goodbye gesture

"Dean." Dad says as from the doorway, a frown on his face.

"Thank you for the great presents for the boys." I say, looking down at the match cars briefly. "Make sure you guys grab everything before you leave." I turn around and walk towards the stairs.

"I suggest you two leave quickly." Bobby says behind me, using a tone that leaves no room for argument.

While getting the boys ready for bed I hear the slamming of a door and a car engine starting. I close my eyes as I listen to Bobby picking up down stairs and I take a shuttering breath.

Just the four of us again.

THE END!...for now….muahaha! Thank you all so much for reading! I hope you really likes it!


"What, so you want me to make a deal with you?" I ask as I look onto the beach, watching as the children in my dream, Robert, Elliot and Lily, play in the sand together. The man in the suit sighs.

"Dean I keep telling you I'm not a demon, I don't want to make a deal, I just want you to promise me something." I look away from the beach towards the man, Zachariah he called himself, in the eye.

"What's that?"

"You need to promise that, when the time comes, you'll say yes." I narrow my eyes suspiciously. "You promise me that, and you'll get your daughter."

"What's the catch?"

"There is no catch, Lily Marie Winchester was never meant to die, I'd just be correcting a mistake that was never meant to happen in the first place." I turn away from his face and look back towards the children, the little girl looking up from her sand castle to give me a big smile. My heart breaks at the sight, my eyes starting to burn with unshed tears; my little girl…

"I promise."