The Rose That I Keep In My Hearts

There's something about you,

That makes me feel the way I do.

I know that you may not feel the same way,

But I can't keep my feelings at bay.

And in losing you

It broke my hearts

And in feeling the way I do

I could never find another like you.

Martha and Donna they were good friends, yes.

But they were not you.

My love. Oh my love,

How can I live without you by my side?

My Rose

For you are my shining star,

The one who healed my scar.

I am now so very alone,

I feel almost chilled to the bone.

But please.

Oh please remember this,

I love you so very much

And I always will.

For you are the Rose I keep in my hearts.

A/N this is slightly random, but the idea popped up in my head. Also I'm slightly bored at the minute. But hey I think this is quite cute.

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