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This is when Robin meets the League.

"Hey Batman is on the computer" yelled Flash.

Superman walked up to the moniter and noticed with surprise that there was a little boy on Batman's lap.

"Bats whose the kid" asked Superman soon as he said it he noticed that he might have said it to loud which brought every superhero in the room to look up and stare at the kid.

Batman glared at Superman while hiding the kid under his cape.

"I called to say that I am coming up tomorrow, I have some news about Lex Luther." annoced Batman.

Green Arrow ran up the computer and asked "Can you bring the kid?"

The kid crawled out of Batman's cape and asked him in a small voice "Please Daddy can I go?"

Everybody looked at each other in shock after hearing a little boy call THE Batman daddy.

They also noticed that Batman's face softened a inch whenever he looked at the boy.

Then Batman looked up at everyone in the room and aswered the little boy's question. "Yes you can come Dick." The boy smiled gleefully and started doing somersaults around the Bat Cave.

After watching the boy for a little Batman looked up and said "We will be there tomorrow sometime around noon." After that he signed of the computer.

Flash started running around and shouting "We're seeing Bats kid, we're seeing Bats kid!"

All superheros looked at each other and wondered what the kid would be like.

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