This is how Robin got in the clutches of Luthor!

Sorry I haven't written in awhile, huge writers block for all my stories. I'm actually writing a book right now called the Broken Candle, if you are interested I will explain more and on with the chapter.

"They'll never find me," whispered Robin while headed to Batman's lab which no one would even dare to enter except for him of course. When he snuck in, he was surprised to see a bald-headed man in the room. He didn't remember him from any of his lessons from Batman but he still looked like he didn't belong here.

Quickly, Robin found a hiding place and started to spy and try to figure out what was going on. Maybe it was a training exercise and Batman hired some random man to act evil so Robin could learn what to look for.

But the man didn't look like he was acting, he looked...really serious. Robin clicked a button on his mask and zoomed in to what the man was looking at. With a jolt of surprise, Robin noticed that he was looking at each League's member weaknesses. "There is no way he supposed to be here," Robin finally figured out.

Robin reached down to his utility belt to bring out his commicator to get in contact with anybody for some backup, but alas right when he clicked the red button to contact Superman, it made a rather loud beep which brought the man's attention to Robin.

"Well, well look at what we have here," sneered the man while slowly walking towards Robin, "Bats kid had graced me with his presence." Right after he announced that he pulled a mask out of his pocket and put it over Robin's mouth before he could do anything and Robin fell over unconcious from the gas in the mask.

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