Naruto's Final Fantasy

By Mike-Parrott

Chapter 1: Prologue

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But anyway here's the first chapter of my crossover story Naruto's Final Fantasy

"Somebody talking"

'Somebody thinking'

"Demon talking"

'Demon thinking'


This story starts with the 19 year old, blonde haired Jinchuuriki, Naruto Uzumaki in the office of the Hokage. The 4th great shinobi war had finished with the demise of Madara Uchiha and Kabuto Yakushi, after a fierce battle with the blonde-haired sage.

Sasuke Uchiha had survived and taken back to Konoha as a prisoner for his affiliation with Orochimaru, Akatsuki, and Madara Uchiha and for causing the death of Danzo Shimura.

But because of the death of Tsunade in the Great War, Konoha needed a new Hokage. Today was the day for the new Hokage to be chosen. "We the council have gone through many votes and decisions, and we pick for our new Hokage..." Homura said to everybody in the room.

Naruto started to tense. This was his chance. His whole life had revolved around this moment, the moment which could change his life completely. "Sasuke Uchiha." Shouted Koharu.

Naruto flinched. His heart had been broken with two words. His whole life, years of back-breaking training, fighting for his village countless times. Fighting many ninja who posed a threat to his village.

And for nothing.

Naruto was angered profusely, even though he had complete control over the Kyuubi, Naruto's whiskers darkened and more feral, his eyes became blood red, with slitted pupils.

"Enough of this Bullshit! I deserve this title more than that traitor of an Uchiha. He left, he wanted to destroy this village and kill you two, and he even killed one of your ex-team mates. He joined Akatsuki; he even was an accomplice to fucking Madara Uchiha! You know what? I'm done with this excuse of a village. I'll be gone by tomorrow."

Naruto stormed out leaving many people's face gobsmacked. Probably the most loyal Shinobi to Konoha had just left the village indefinitely. Even Sasuke's face was shocked by his ex-team mate. Nobody would ever believe Naruto would say this.

"Well the demon has left, Sasuke Uchiha you are the Rokudaime Hokage!" Homura presented the Hokage hat to Sasuke, which he took gladly.

~~Naruto's Apartment~~

The blonde-haired sage was lying on his bed, doing nothing. He wasn't crying. He wasn't angry. He was just lying there looking at the ceiling. Naruto then shut his eye sand went into his mindscape for a chat with the Kyuubi.

~~Naruto's Mindscape~~

"Hi Kyuu." Naruto said bluntly to the Kyuubi. Naruto and Kyuubi had become friends and had vowed to work together equally after killing Madara Uchiha. There wasn't a seal anymore just Kyuubi sat there. The Kyuubi had changed its appearance since they had become comrades. Kyuubi was a woman.

Kyuubi wore a blood-red, silk yutakata which accentuated her hourglass figure. Her long blood-red hair reminded him of her late-mothers, the hair went down to Kyuubi's lower back. The slightly tanned skin gave the vixen an exotic look. Her legs were long and smooth, and her c-cup breasts made her look like a perfect woman. She stood at 5'8.

"Hi Naruto-Kun." Kyuubi said smoothly. Kyuubi had a flirtatious mood even though she acted more like a mother to the 19 year old. He always came to her for advice and for help, which Kyuubi obliged to.

"They picked the Uchiha to be Hokage." Naruto again said devoid of emotion. Naruto said this while going to sit on the floor next to Kyuubi. "That's awful! What did you say about it?" Kyuubi questioned. Naruto's lips curled into a grin and said "I told them I'm leaving this shit-heap of a village. So Kyuu, where do you wanna go?"

"Are you sure about this Naruto? We don't have to leave." Kyuubi said while being cautious about her surrogate-son. "Kyuu, all I want is a fresh start somewhere else where I will never see these bastards again."

"As you wish Naruto, I'm going to teleport you to a place called Midgar where you can start anew. But I will cease to be sealed in you. Instead, I will be what they call a summon." Naruto nodded to this, and then felt light-headed and fainted.

~~Midgar- Seventh Heaven~~

"Hello? Are you gonna wake up anytime soon?" These were the words Naruto could hear when he came back into his conscious form. The sound he heard was comparable to an angel talking. He opened his eyes to see again comparable to an angel.

A reddish-brown mix of an eye colour. Waist length black hair in a loose ponytail. His gaze started at her boot covered feet, up well toned legs that made him gulp, a brown leather skirt, then a toned stomach, a white crop top t-shirt and suspenders.

"Hi." Naruto replied then yawned. This made the angel laugh at the blonde haired antics. Naruto couldn't stop staring at the girl's beautiful eyes. "Hi, I'm Tifa Lockhart and welcome to Seventh Heaven!" Tifa said while laughing. "So that explains why you're an angel if I'm in heaven." Naruto blurted out then went red.

Tifa went red and then started laughing again. "Hmm, you're not that bad yourself" Tifa said and winked at the blonde which made Naruto start to laugh as well. "So, can you tell me why I'm here?" Naruto questioned. "Oh, I was coming in here last night and I saw you in the streets unconscious, so I brought you in here, if that's alright"

"Thanks Tifa, so I'm in Midgar ay? Do you have anywhere i can stay for a bit while I get used to this place?" Naruto questioned.

"Yeah, you can stay upstairs for now, that's if you work down here with me at the bar, I really need help and you'd be great for help."

"Ok, I will!"


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