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Okay, Rex was really debating ever doing Noah anymore favors, specifically ones entailing Annie a.k.a the blond window. Sure all things considered Noah deserved a shot at Claire, Rex just wasn't sure he'd live to see Noah get the girl. I mean here he was laid out on a park bench with his head on Annie's lap (He figured he was safer if he could keep her from moving) with a black eye, a bloody nose, a twisted ankle, and more bruises and scrapes than he cared to count, if he looked up he could still see the trail of destruction they'd left behind only minutes earlier. Noah and Claire had gone to try and find him a first aid kit, leaving him with the eye of the storm herself. Yeah, he really felt like a nail waiting for the hammer to drop.

"I'm really sorry about all this." Annie apologized for like the eightieth time today.

"It's okay Annie, I've been through worse." Rex said with a laugh trying to cheer up the rather cute bad luck magnet.

"I know Noah really likes Claire and you get pulled into hanging around with me."

"H-hey," Rex sat up quickly, causing the bruise on his ribs to throb as he sat up, "That's not true." Annie gave him a c'mon-really-now-look, "Okay, maybe a little at first during the whole prom night craziness." He saw her look slightly more crestfallen, "But don't get me wrong, he didn't rope me into the other times."

"Really?" Annie asked looking back up at him, he noticed just how blue her eyes were.

"Yeah, I mean I have a lot of fun with you when I'm not dodging wood chippers or getting hit by trucks." Rex joked all the while reliving the day's event in his head, "And hey, I work for Providence so you know I enjoy a little danger every now and then." Rex said with a smile. Before he could say anything else Annie pulled him into a hug, "Careful, not too tight." Rex warned trying to keep her aware of his bruises.

"Thanks Rex, that was really sweet of you to say." Annie said releasing him.

"Hey, no problem." Rex said scrating the back of his heading and trying to give her his best winning smile.

"Here let me go get us something to drink while we wait." Annie said hopping up quickly from the bench.

"No!" Rex said hastily grabbing her wrist before she could speed off, "I mean, let's just sit here and enjoy the day until Noah and Claire get back." He recovered quickly as Annie returned to the bench and he wrapped his arm over his shoulder and looked out over the half of the park they hadn't yet destroyed.

Okay, maybe he'd cut Noah a little more slack on the favors.

Author's Note: I'd just watched Haunted and remembered how much I enjoyed Annie as a character in Rex's insanely large (and growing) harem of girls. So I got this cute little idea. Hope you liked it.