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Sam – 12, Dean – 16.

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They were arguing about the music when it happened. Sam, sitting in the backseat of the Impala was yelling loudly at his brother, who was smirking back at him from the front seat. "Dean... Turn it down! I'm trying to study." The books that were carefully laid out on the backseat were mixed in with carefully formulated notes that the twelve year old had painstakingly written out. Music was blaring out from the radio, making it impossible for the young boy to concentrate on his work.

"Dude, for the last time, you just can't turn Metallica down! It's like a sin to even think about it, and besides, you're not even in school at the moment, so just chill..." Dean was shouting back, a playful smile on his sixteen year old face, his hand inching towards the volume button to turn it up even louder.

"Dad!" Sam whined, his hair flopping into his eyes as he kicked his father's seat. John Winchester only gave his eldest son a disapproving look, concentrating on the road as his boys fought.

Seeing that he was getting nowhere, Sam sighed dramatically, and turned back to his book. A glance back at his brother told Dean that Sam was about to enter into one of his famous moods, and he laughed in triumph. "Screw you, Dean..." The words only made the teenager laugh even harder, his eyes full of mischief and amusement. It was just so easy to wind Sammy up...

That's when it happened. Just as Dean reached for the radio intending to put his brother out of his misery and turn the music down, only slightly though, a huge force smashed into the side of the 1967 black muscle car.

Its passengers were thrown roughly to the sides of the car, as a massive lorry impacted with the car, having lost control on the slippery road seconds before. The Impala was pushed off the road and into the shallow ditch that ran alongside the road, flipping on its side and rolling over before it came to a complete stop. Others cars that had witnessed the horrific crash were already skidding to a stop, people flinging open their car doors and running over.

A hysteric woman was the first to call an ambulance as she watched other strangers run to both the truck, and the car with the family in it. Her hands were shaking as she relayed information to the operator, and she felt as if she was going to be sick as two young men tried to pry open a door of the classic black car.

Meanwhile, Dean was coming around slowly, disoriented by the alarming number of panicked voices around him. The last thing he remembered was... Crap! What the—He then realised that he was still in the Impala, and that the red liquid dripping onto his hands must be blood. The dazed hunter tried to move, tried to see if Sammy or his dad was okay, but the pain coursing through him was intense, and overwhelming.

A moan escaped from his lips, and he struggled to keep his eyes open as a stranger appeared in his fading vision. "Kid, hey, can you hear me? Everything's going to be okay, an ambulance is on its way... Can you hear me? I need you to stay awake for me, kid, okay? What's your name?" The man struggled to keep the injured boy's attention, looking into his distressed and pain filled eyes.

"S-S'mmy... S'm..." Dean managed to choke out, still trying to twist in his seat and see his brother. The man exchanged a confused look with the other bystanders who had stopped, before focusing on the teenager again.

"Sam? Is that your name? You're going to be fine, Sammy, I promise." Dean tried to shake his head and tell the guy that no, his name was not Sammy, that he was Dean, but his eyes were slipping closed again, and the colour was fading out of his vision. "Stay with me, Sammy, you hear me? Stay awake!" But the battle was lost, and Dean fell into unconsciousness again.

Two ambulances arrived a few minutes later, paramedics were jumping out before the vehicles had stopped, and grabbing large bags full of medical equipment. The door had been eased off the Impala already, and the paramedics started working on getting the passengers out safely. John was the first to be extracted from the crushed car, quickly being placed on a backboard, and into the back of an ambulance as a medic tried to assess him.

Dean, or 'Sammy' as the kind-hearted man had started calling him, was second, his injuries not as severe as his father's, but still critical. An oxygen mask was placed over his face as he was loaded into the second ambulance, the driver getting ready to rush to the hospital as soon as the injured teenager was secured in the back. "Radio an air-ambulance, and get them down here, stat!" Another medic yelled to his partner when he saw the condition of the youngest Winchester. "This kid's pretty bad!"

Blood was splattered all over Sam's precious notes that lay forgotten in the car as the unconscious boy was extracted from the car wreck. He looked even worse than John and Dean had, the twelve year old's body crumbled and broken on the backboard. The anxious crowd that had assembled to see the condition of the wreck gasped as they saw the third and youngest member of the family struggling to hold on. The driver of the truck, who had only sustained minor wounds to his face and arms, ran his fingers though his hair in shock and guilt, as the kid was hooked up to various machines in front of him.

The ambulances containing John and Dean had just pulled away when the helicopter touched down, and Sam was rushed over to it, unaware of the fact that paramedics were struggling to stabilize him, or that several people were crying just at the sight of the hurt boy. The helicopter took off just as fast as it had landed, and the crowd gathered were left standing, looking up at it, with a wrecked car and fear in their hearts for the small family of three.

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