The sun was shining as the two brothers walked through the crowds, heading for the nearest library. They were only about three blocks away from the foster home, but already Sam had convinced Dean to buy him an ice-cream, and was smiling as he held the ice-cream with his good hand. Dean smirked slightly as he looked down to a content Sammy who was trying to lick away the ice-cream that he had somehow managed to get all over his face. Some things never change…

"So, the plan now is to check out all the local motels on the library computers, and then check them all out?" Sam asked, offering Dean a lick of his ice-cream. Dean nodded; paying more attention to the group of teenage girls that had just crossed the road and were walking in front of him. "Dean!"

"Wh— Yeah, Sammy. That's Plan A and, uh, we don't have a Plan B yet, so this had better work." They had only gone a couple more steps before the older boy frowned, glancing discreetly behind him, and looking slightly panicked. For Dean, his 'slightly panicked' look looked like his normal everyday expression, cool and a bit annoyed, but Sam knew how to read his brother by now. "Hey, Sam… Have you noticed that those three guys have been following us for the past two blocks? Ever since we came out of that shop to get you your ice-cream?"

Sam tensed, pretending to scratch his head absentmindedly to get a better look, "Crap. What're we gonna do, Dean?"

His brother closed his eyes briefly, almost positive that their pursuers were undercover cops. He knew that if they got caught, there was almost no chance of him seeing Sammy ever again. Dean would probably be locked up in some kind of institution for his violent and irrational behaviour, and Sam… Well, Dean had no idea what would happen to his little brother, but he wasn't about to find out.

"On the count of three, we run. Got it?" Sam nodded in understanding, his attention completely focused on his older brother, ready to make a run for it. "One, two… Three."

Almost before the words were out of the teenager's mouth, Sam had dropped his ice-cream without a second thought, and both brothers were sprinting down the street. The cops behind them were stunned for a second at how much the two boys moved in sync, but were quickly moving swiftly after them. "Faster, Sam!" Dean yelled as he burst through the group of hot girls he had been staring at before, shouting a quick apology as they screamed in fear. Sam was right on his heels, dodging the people in an attempt to keep up with the fast-paced Dean.

"Hey, kids, stop!" Both brothers ignored the shouts that came from behind them, weaving in and out of the crowds to try and lose the police officers. Glancing backwards, Dean cursed colourfully, seeing that the men were catching up to them, and that they seemed to be calling for backup. His ribs were on fire, but he pushed the pain down, knowing that it would hurt like a bitch later, but terrified of what the consequences would be if they were caught.

"We're gonna hav'ta… double back, S-Sammy…" Dean panted, accidently knocking a kid his own age to the ground as the boy didn't throw himself out of the way fast enough. "Sorry, man!"

Spying a particularly large gathering in the small park that opened up onto the street in front of him, Dean yelled his plan out to Sam, not even looking to see if his brother had heard him. Sam would get the drift when Dean put it into action. Suddenly veering left, the young hunter pushed Sam in front of him as he sprinted into the huge crowd, and weaved through the small sea of people until the two brothers were at the middle of the circle of bodies. A random guy was throwing fire around, and he winked at the boys as they burst into the middle of the circle, before melting back into the crowd.

Dean then forced Sam's head down, and hissed for him to, "Get down," before dropping to his knees beside his brother. Ignoring the confused stares they were getting, Sam and Dean started crawling towards the edge of the crowd, hearing the sound of the cops' voices coming from above them. As the police fought to reach the centre of the cluster of people, the boys creeped out of it on their hands and knees, grinning as they got to an opening.

People stared scattering as the police attempted to break up the crowd to try and find the brothers, but the sea of people milling around provided as the perfect chance to ditch the cops. The boys stood quickly, ducking their heads, and going along with the flow. Dean, with on hand firmly clamed around Sam's un-casted arm, pulled his brother gently along, getting out of the park and joining a group of tourists as they ambled down the street in the opposite direction that the young hunters had been going.

Once they were sure that no one was following them, Sam and Dean slipped away from the group, and paused to take a short break. Dean's arm was wrapped securely around his torso as he tried to shut out the pain that had come from running with damaged ribs, and Sam was cradling his broken arm close to his side, the limb throbbing after having been used to push various strangers out of his way.

They had now completely retraced their steps, ending up just around the corner from the foster home. "Man, I hate cops," Dean muttered as he scowled, scuffing at the ground with a worn sneaker. "C'mon lets go."

There was an average amount traffic on the relatively busy road, but the sound of a truck backfiring made Sam freeze. His head shot up as he recognised the sound of the vehicle, and he tugged on Dean's hoodie as his brother started to walk away. "Dean… Dean." The sixteen year old turned around, confused at Sam's tone, but his face paled when he saw what Sam's eyes were fixated on.

"It fucking can't be..."

Inside the truck, John was scanning the right side of the street with eagle sharp eyes, while Bobby drove, and Caleb looked out the other side. They were nearing the foster home now, and the oldest Winchester could only pray that his boys had returned there. If they weren't there… He had no idea where he would find them.

"STOP THE TRUCK!" John suddenly yelled, seeing two familiar looking shapes on the side of the street. His eyes were blurring with tears as he jumped out of the truck as it screeched to a halt, all his attention fixating on the two boys. He was stumbling as he ran straight across the road at Sam and Dean, getting several indignant and annoyed beeps from other cars, but he didn't care.

Sam watched his father run towards him, his body trembling with relief, feeling numb with gladness. Dean was gripping his arm tightly, Caleb and Bobby abandoning the truck as well, but then Sam couldn't think anymore, because all he knew was that his father was there, and he was hugging him like he would never let go.

Dean was pulled alongside Sam into a bone-crushing embrace by his father, and all he could do was mutter broken sentences, his knees growing weak as the situation dawned on him. They were together again. John was holding both of his sons securely; all three Winchesters huddled in the middle of the street. Sam was crying, tears slipping out from beneath tightly closed lids. Dean was whispering thankful curses, his one arm around John, and the other holding Sam close to him.

John could only repeat the same two words over and over again, "Sammy. Dean. Sammy. Dean." For almost five minutes, all three Winchesters were wrapped in each other's embraces, passer-by-ers stopping to 'Aww,' at the closeness of the family. Bobby and Caleb stood to one side, letting John have his moment with the boys.

The truck sat abandoned in the middle of the busy road, all the doors flung wide open, and bits of paper fluttering out, but Bobby didn't care. The boys were found and safe, and nothing else mattered to them.

But apparently that tiny little detail was important to the other drivers on the road, and several were getting out of their cars with angry expressions on their faces. "Move your fucking truck!" One bold civilian yelled out, his fat face crinkling up into a frown. In the guy's defence, the truck was blocking a whole lane of traffic, and causing a diversion as people tried to swerve around it, but failed.

"Why don't you make me, you bastard!" Caleb shouted back, giving the man the finger, and reaching back to grab the .45 that he had tucked in the small of his back. The hot-tempered hunter took a threatening step towards the guy, his face already twisting up into a dangerous smile, but was stopped by Bobby. The older hunter yanked Caleb back, telling him to cool it. The word 'idjit,' was also thrown into the sentence, making Caleb snort in laughter, and immediately forget the other man, turning back to the Winchesters.

"I'm calling the police!" The guy declared boldly, relieved that Caleb had been stopped in his tracks. Unluckily for the Winchesters, the two cops who were still searching for Sam and Dean heard the commotion, and marched onto the street where the drama was taking place, and immediately identified the two boys.

"That's them," One of the cops yelled, his loud voice making Dean flinch at the familiarly and look up. "That's those kids! Right there."

"Shit," Dean cursed, alerting his father to the presence of the two cops. In true hunter style, the hug was broken up, and all five hunters were running towards the empty truck the second the police started moving towards them. People jumped backwards as the truck was quickly started up, Caleb at the wheel and Bobby sitting next to him.

Sam and Dean were smushed up against the window with John, Sam still shaking and Dean unable to speak. Caleb sent the truck roaring down the street, swerving around moving cars to try and lose the cops who were sprinting after the vehicle. The hunter, skilled in car chases and a cocky grin on his face, managed to lose the three back-up cars that had been called with fifteen minutes. "Now, that's what I call a family reunion!"

Back at the motel, John scrutinized his boys' injuries, pushing back Sam's bangs to get a look at the small cut, and quizzing him about his casted arm. Dean was also subjected to this, letting his protective father prod at his ribs, and peer at his black eye and split lip, gratefully taking the painkillers that were thrust upon him. The teenager burst out laughing as he caught sight of Sam's cast, seeing the various logos of all his favourite bands, green eyes full of amused disbelief as he stared at his younger brother, "I knew I'd rub off on you if I tried for long enough, Sammy!"

A few large pizzas were ordered, and stories were told over the hot food, Dean sitting propped up against the headboard of the bed, with Sam curled up beside him. Several times during the recounting of tales, one of the Winchesters would angrily clench their fists, cursing the "son of a bitch who dared to do that!" but then the speaker would continue, and the room would fall into silence again.

The scene melted on into the night, with Dean and Caleb eating the majority of the pizzas, and the three adults relaxing with a cold beer. Dean was allowed a few sips of one, due to the fact that he had done good, in John's opinion, and Sam had even been tossed a bottle of warm-ish coke from one of the duffel bags. It really was one of the best nights, in Sam's opinion.

Watching Sam doze off on his brother's shoulder, John let out a sigh of relief. His boys were safe, and they were with him. He could deal with just about everything else, as long as he knew where the boys were. It took a lot more than some persistent CPS bastards and a bit of amazingly bad luck to split up the family of hunters.

They were the Winchesters, after all.


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