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"I said no," Batman growled as he walked into his cave. Pushing his cowl down, he faced his son, who was glaring him. Bruce suppressed a small smile, for it would seem his son was trying to copy his infamous "Bat-glare" as Flash had dubbed it, but Dick's was nowhere near the ferocity of his own glare. "You are not coming, Dick."

"Bruce!" Dick grumbled as he ripped off his mask and squeezed it in his hand. "I have to go!" Bruce ignored him and walked over to his computer and began typing furiously on it.

"Drop it, Dick," Bruce hissed. "This discussion is over."

"Discussion?" His son echoed. "What discussion? You didn't even let me—!"

"Enough!" Bruce shouted, the sound disturbing some of the bats in the cave. Dick opened his mouth to speak, but shut it again and then angrily walked up the steps into the main house. Bruce sighed and rubbed his temples. He hadn't meant to lose his temper. He just wanted to make sure his son was safe and the safest place for him was with Young Justice or here—not going out with him on a mission.

"Master Bruce," Alfred called from the top of the stairs. "Master Richard just blew past me in quite a hurry. May I inquire if everything is alright, sir?" The old butler walked down the stairs and Bruce tapped a few keys on his computer.

"This," Bruce informed him with a frown. "Is why he's so mad." A picture of the once distinguished Jonathan Crane appeared on the screen. Alfred knew who he was and who he had become—Scarecrow.

"I thought he was in Arkham, sir." Alfred said.

"He was," Bruce replied. "Until about two hours ago. He escaped and has already caused problems." Another few taps and a news feed popped up. A brunette reporter in a white top anxiously stared at the camera.

"Half of the Arkham Asylum has been filled with this new and improved fear gas," She muttered as quickly as she could. It was clear that she wanted to get away as fast as possible. "And while the situation has been contained, thanks to Batman, the police are advising everyone to stay indoors. So far, there is no antidote and it has been proven to be lethal. Please stay tuned as we—," Bruce hit another key and the news feed disappeared. Alfred frowned.

"I have to stop him, Alfred," Bruce mumbled. "I have to before any more lives are taken."

"And you do not want Master Richard to come along?" Alfred questioned.

"Yeah," Bruce nodded and then sighed. "Scarecrow's old fear gas put us both on the brink the last time we fought him. Until I get an antidote for this gas, he needs to stay put."

"Shall he be staying here, sir?" Alfred asked, fearing the response a bit. There was no way he would be able to hold the energetic boy here unless Dick wished to stay.

"I think staying with his team might be better," Bruce replied. "They might be able to distract him long enough for me to get this mess sorted out."

"Very good then, sir," Alfred muttered. "But if I may, might you talk with the boy before you leave?" Bruce grimaced.

"He's mad at me." Bruce told his trusted butler. Alfred hid a smile. It was times like this that reminded him that Bruce was still human—no matter how much he tried to convince himself or the League otherwise. Alfred placed a reassuring hand on his would-be son's shoulder.

"Regardless," Alfred said. "It would be prudent for you to at least check in with the boy before you leave him for awhile." Bruce stood and nodded.

"As soon as I get changed," Bruce told him and Alfred nodded. "And Alfred?"

"Yes, Master Wayne?"

"Thanks." It was said in a voice so quiet that if Alfred hadn't spent so many years getting used to it, he would've never heard. Still, the butler let himself smile a little and nodded his head before walking up the stairs. He was worried about his Master taking on this challenge by himself, but he had learned not to show fear a long time ago. He had to trust that Bruce would return—just like he had all those times before—and life would go on.

He had to trust in that.

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