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Chapter Five

"Sookie… Sookie, wake up… please."

Words slowly flitter across Sookie's mind as the fuzziness and buzzing of her brain quickly explodes into prickles of pain. Before she can focus, she's bombarded with the odor of stagnant water being evaporated by a sulfuric-scented fire.

'Ugh! Where am I? Is this a dream?' she thinks as she slowly blinks open her crusted eyes. Instantly, her vision is filled with the image of Bill's face, and all of the events from her last wakeful moment come flooding back.

"Stay away from me! Help! Godric? Eric? Help! Somebody help me!" She yells as she scrambles back into what she quickly realizes is a cellar chamber. Goop and grime clings to her skin and saturates her clothes. By the cold, gelatinous texture of it, she's too afraid to even look at it. To hell with bravery right now, she doesn't want to look down and see pieces of Godric or Eric surrounding her.

"Sookie, please! You have to be quiet!" Bill yells in a whisper.

"Screw you! Why should I listen to anything you have to say? Help!" She yells louder, and just barely escapes Bill's grasping hands. Who would have guessed that just a week ago she would have been running into those same arms?

"Sookie, please. If you want to get out of here alive, you have to listen to me."

"You have some nerve! If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be in here in the first place. What have you done with Godric and Eric?" She says with heat, yet somehow manages to lower her voice a tad. As angry and as hurt as she is, she knows that she can't deal with more than one vampire at time.

"Eric and Godric are here, in this mansion. But, there's no time to worry about them right now. I must talk to you before it's too late."

"Save it. Everything you've ever told me was a lie. For all I know, this is Godric and Eric!" Sookie says as she throws a pile of blood and flesh in Bill's direction. He has plenty of time to dodge, but he doesn't. Instead, he remains stone-still and allows the carnage to plop onto his shoe.

"Sookie, they're alive, but they won't be for long. Please, listen to me. I know that I haven't been very forthcoming with you, and I know that I'm asking a lot, but please believe in me just one more time."

At this, Sookie looks at him closely, and can't help the tears that fill her eyes. She gave this man, vampire, every part of her, internally and externally, yet all she received in return was death, pain, turmoil and a pack of lies. Is this all her heart's worth?

"Say what you have to say," she finally whispers with some difficulty. Cautiously, Bill makes a movement as though he's going to approach, but thinks better of it at the last moment. There's no point in pressing his luck.

"Everything you've heard about me thus far has been true. I've lied to you from the very beginning. But, please understand, at the time you were just another meal ticket. I never imaged it would turn out like this, that I could feel like this, again.

Initially, my intentions were to get a quick lay, get some free blood, earn a decent salary, and then be on my way. Instead, I got to know you and your humanity, and it made me remember times I was better off forgetting; times when I had a beautiful wife, healthy children and a bright future; times when I was still a man that lived as most men could only dream.

Though I thought it foolish and told myself not to hope, I couldn't control my will in the presence of your innocence and optimism. So, I attempted to shelter you from my world by any means necessary, even if it meant lying and deceiving you. I didn't care what I was made out to be, as long as you were protected."

"You call this protection? I'm sitting in a pile of some vampire's body, waiting for that maniac to finish me off. I guess I'm only worth protecting when there's no chance at one-upping Godric."

"You're wrong. Everything I've done so far has been to protect you. For months, I have been thinking of ways to keep you away from Sophie Ann, yet I only found a solution after the ordeal in Dallas. With the queen trying to drain you, Eric putting you in dangerous situations for his own gain and Godric monopolizing all of your young life, I decided to get outside help.

My original plan was to talk Russell into marrying Sophie Ann for power, which would lower her to second in command. As the younger of the two and only second rank, she would have had to pass her request off for Russell's approval, which she wouldn't do. She's a lot of things, but she's not stupid. She knows that she wouldn't taste one drop of your blood, if he finds out about you. Therefore, out of spite, she'd keep quiet, thus ending the original order.

In return for my services, I had planned to ask for Eric's position as sheriff of area 5. With this rank, I could order him and Godric to leave. That would have eliminated all known dangers, allowing me to keep you safe."

"You… you… YOU… Did it ever occur to you that I didn't want your protection?! I may only be human or fae or whatever, but I'm not fragile or helpless. You can't just order people I care about out of my life because you think they're dangerous. I didn't let anyone do it to you, and I'm not going to let you do it to anyone else. Besides, a whole lot of good your plan did. He still knows about me, and now we're all going to die."

"That was only a small miscalculation on my part. I didn't know that Russell and Eric had a history, or that Eric and Godric would stick their noses where they didn't belong. Therefore, I was unprepared when they exposed me that night at your home, and our resultant argument looked suspicious to the wolves. Of course, they reported it to Russell, which made him question my motives and send in a request for my files. That set me on a race against time, because those files contain every detail about my assignments, including my most recent one, you.

With the option to hide you no longer on the table, I decided to take him and Sophie Ann down once and for all. However, I'm not foolish enough to think that I can take down an ancient, so I revealed your identify in order to spare Eric and Godric, thus gaining their assistance. With all of our efforts combined and the element of surprise, we have a chance."

For a long while, Sookie just gapes at him. She has been requesting his honesty for ages, but now, after seemingly seeing it, she doesn't know what to think. Every single thing out his mouth has been sneaky and underhanded, regardless as the intention behind it. Where exactly does the deceit end?

"Bill, have you even let them in on your little plan?"

"Not at the moment."

"You're impossible!"

"The less they know the better. Russell has been around for millennia, he can see through a ruse. The emotion needs to be real, genuine. I have no doubt that they will fight when given the chance. But, first, we have to get them out of the king's clutches."

"And how to we do that? Where are they?"

"There's no time; she comes! Show your hatred and disgust for me."


Before Sookie can say more, Bill throws her into the cellar wall, and in under a second, he's on the other side of the bars, and locking the door. Emotions no longer conflicted; Sookie feels sheer rage.

"You bastard!"

"Ah, ah, ah, language, my dear," Sophie Ann says as she saunters down the stairs. The moment she catches sight of Sookie, her eyes alight with enthusiasm.

"Oh, William, you've done great. I can't wait to sink my fangs in her," she says as said fangs protract to punctuate her sentence.

"My queen, please don't be hasty. His highness knows of her presence, and has demanded that she not be touched until further notice," Bill says as he stands between Sookie and the salivating vampire. In a flash, all zeal is replaced with anger as the words set in.

"You idiot! You told Russell about her? God damn you! I give you one little assignment, and you've managed to screw that up," Sophie Ann yells, before biting down on her lip until it bleeds. All of the world can see the spiteful cogs turning in her head, and Bill knows that he must save the situation before he and Sookie meets their deaths.

"My queen, all is not lost. I only told Russell due to it being impossible to get her in here without his knowledge. Of course, he was furious that you would hide something like this, but after talking him down, he has agreed to let you have her. His only condition is that he gets the first taste. After that, you can use her as you see fit."

Like magic, lines and wrinkles of rage recede and her eyes are once again glittering with happiness.

"Oh bless his little, balding, queer head! What better gift to give a new bride?" Sophie Ann says as she approaches Sookie's cell once more. Clearly, she only heard the parts of the statement she wanted to.

"Queen Sophie Ann, please. Our king will be furious if you disobey his small and very fair request."

"Fuck him."

"Please, I must insist. At the very least, let me assist you in being discreet. My scent is embedded in the girl from all of the fucking and blood swapping we've been doing. I can slit you a vein, which will allow you to drink without him detecting your scent on her," Bill says as he is now smashed against the bars with Sophie Ann practically forcing herself through him. Luckily, for him, the onward assault is halted.


Surprised, yet relieved, Bill rights himself, and then beckons for Sookie.

"Get over here."

Taken aback and more than irritated by the order, Sookie just glares for all she's worth.

"Sookie, you will not like me if I have to come in there, so do as you're told, or else," Bill says, sending Sookie's mind into further chaos.

'He's insane. How can one person have so many different faces? Either he's done a heck of a job lying to me, or he's completely putting on for Sophie Ann. Either way, he deserves an Oscar and a room at a nuthouse,' she thinks.

"Blasted woman, stop being so damn stubborn and disobedient! Get your ass over here," Bill yells, knocking Sookie out of her reverie. With both anger and apprehension swirling, she practically stomps over to the bars. Instantly, her arm if jerked through an opening, and Bill viciously bites into her, making her yelp in pain.

"Here you are, my queen. Drink," Bill says holds out the dripping appendage. Thoroughly showing her disgust for having to feed in such a manner, Sophie Ann rolls her eyes, before allowing the blood to drizzle into her mouth.

"Mmm," she moans as the richness and unique texture hit the back of her throat. It tastes as though she's drinking an orgasm.

"More," she sighs after getting a full taste, only to be denied.

"I'm sorry, my queen. I need to close these wounds. His highness will have a fit if he sees this. I've already gone too far," Bill says as he dabs his blood on the punctures. Quickly, the skin is sealed, and Sookie is once again pressed against the back wall. She wants to be as far away from these maniacs as possible.

"I'm truly sorry for all of this, my lady. If I could, I would have let you have her all."

"Don't be foolish, William. You've done well. In fact, that delicious blood of hers has stirred a craving in me I haven't had in decades," Sophie Ann says as she licks the blood from Bill's lips and fangs. At her prodding, he sticks his tongue out to meet hers, and she sucks on it for all she's worth. Deftly, she unties and drops his pants, revealing his backside to Sookie. Horrified at the display, Sookie attempts to turn away in disgust. She wants nothing more than to NOT watch her ex get fucked by his monarch. Sadly, the image is like a train wreck, so she steals furtive glances only to see a ring of keys and a slip of paper being waived at her behind Bill's back.


'Gran, watch over me,' Sookie thinks as she hides at the top of the stairwell, trying to catch her breath. After watching Sophie Ann hump Bill for nearly an hour, she was finally given some privacy to read the note.

Fourth floor – King's Chambers, southwest dungeon, Rene Lenier

Feeling more puzzled than informed, she used the key, and quickly made her escape. Unfortunately, she had no clue where to find Godric and the others, so she took a chance, and decided to check the fourth floor, hence her intense need to refill her lungs.

'Godric, please be here. If I'm caught before I find you, we're all dead,' she thinks as she dart down the hall, hoping to find the "King's Chambers." So far, each door looks the same, and she's starting to feel like she's in Wonderland.

'Wait a minute, there's another hall up ahead. That must be it.'

Hastily, she runs ahead and bends the corner, only to face the largest double doors she's ever seen. With black and red wrought iron designs, and rich, leather-covered handles, there's no doubt that a "king" lives here.

'Bill, I'm trusting you. Russell better not be waiting on me on the other side of these things,' Sookie thinks as she haphazardly pushes on the doors with all her might. After popping several muscles and joints, she manages to open the doors enough to squeeze through.

"Godric?" she whispers as she tries to let her gaze adjust to the dimness of the room. Quickly, she spots a prone figure on the bed, but she's too afraid to approach it. With her luck, it will be Russell Edgington himself.

'Shoot! This is no time to be scared. All of their lives are in my hands.'

With that thought, she approaches the body, and crouches down to get a good look at the person's face. Immediately, she recognizes Godric, but there's blood pouring from his nose, ears and mouth and his eyes are pure white, iris-less orbs staring into nothingness. It makes her she scramble back until she hits the wall. Only then can she see the deep whip marks, holes and missing chunks of flesh covering his body. Even more sickening is the pool of blood that is trickling from his backside. Sookie may not be into kink, but she's no idiot. She knows what that implies.

'Holy Christ! How could he do something like that to him?' She thinks as she tries to control her trembles. For all purposes, he looks like a corpse, and she's sitting only three or so feet away from him. The fact that there's a living, sentient entity inside of it makes her feel as though she's waiting for a zombie to rise.

'Get it together, Sook. This is what Bill meant when he said that they wouldn't be alive for long. Godric and probably Eric too are going to die, if I don't get some blood into them,' she thinks as she uses an old, rusted skeleton key to saw open her wrist. It hurts like hell and burns something fierce, but it's effective.

"Godric, here. Drink this," she says as she lets a few drops of blood drip into the vampire's mouth. It isn't much, but she's hoping that he will take over and do what's natural for him.

"Come on, just a bit more," she says to her wound as she tries to squeeze more liquid out of it. So distracted with the opening, she doesn't notice the few signs of life returning to her patient. Only when her sixth sense tingles does she flick her eyes to the vampire, and watch as his eyes literally roll from the back of his head and dart to her face. Those eyes are darkness personified.

"Godric?!" Sookie exclaims in fear and apprehension, but is thrown across the room before she can completely utter the second syllable. In a flash, Godric has her by her throat, and she's staring into eyes that are practically dead to the world.

A scream bubbles in her throat, but Godric's fangs are protracted and the back of her head is rammed into the wall before she can emit it. That pain is soon joined with the torture of fangs ripping into her throat. She's been bitten plenty of times, but it has never felt like this. If she didn't know any better, she'd say he was injecting acid into her.

"Stop! Dear God, please!" she yells, but all she get is a body quaking in laughter against her.

'Gran, it hurts so badly. Make it stop,' she thinks as she tries to push him away for all she's worth. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she notes that is body feels hard and inhuman, like a human corpse with rigor mortis. It makes the whole ordeal even more terrifying.

"Don't stop, scream for me," Godric growls out, before her flips her around, smacking her face into the wall, just barely missing her nose. Two seconds later, her lower half is just as bare as his, and she can feel everything he owns pressing against her.

"No! Godric, no! Dear God, please don't tell me this is what he did to you," Sookie cries as she braces for the worst. Instead, the supporting body is removed, and she crumbles to the ground, going into fetal position.

"Sookie?" Godric whispers from his place across the room. Bewildered and in horror, he watches as the young woman only balls up tighter at the sound of his voice. The visual sickens him, and the torment he's received over the past three days now seems far too lenient.

Slowly, he crawls over to her, and he notices that the closer he gets, the harder she trembles. He thoroughly understands the pain of facing one's attacker, but before he can remove himself from her sight, he needs to know that she is all right.

"Sookie, please don't be frightened. I swear on all that is holy that I will never hurt you again. I only want to heal what I have done," he says as he tentatively reaches out a hand to touch the top of her head. Just barely, she flinches, yet he feels it nonetheless. It pains him greatly, but it pales in comparison to the self-disgust he feels when he pulls his hand back and sees it covered in blood.

"My God," he breathes as he fully takes in the young woman's appearance. Her neck has slits instead of holes, her eyebrow is sliced open, her check is bruised and the back of her head has a deep gash. To add to his worries, he drank at least a half-pint of her blood.

'Shit!' he thinks as tries to come up with a solution. The easiest option would be to give her his blood, but he doesn't want to force a bond on her after having already done so much. No, he must manually close each wound, and then go from there.

"I know you don't want to hear much from me right now, but for what it's worth, I am truly truly sorry. Words can't even begin to convey my grief at causing you such pain," he says contritely as he seals her up, wound by wound. No longer is Sookie is shaking, but they both know that it's due to numbness rather than a lack of fear.

"I came to rescue you. Now, we need to get Eric and get out before Russell or Sophie Ann finds us," Sookie says softly, and Godric nods.

"Eric's in the dungeons," he says, and a spark of recognition flickers across Sookie's face.

"The southwest dungeon," she adds, making it sound more like a question.

"Yes," Godric replies in puzzlement, but Sookie just nods, assuredly.

"Take me there. I highly doubt Eric's in any better condition than you were."

Quickly, Godric attempts to carry her, but Sookie sidesteps him, surprising them both.

"Sorry, I just… I didn't mean…"

"It's understandable. We'll walk at human pace."

"No, there's no time for that. We need to move as quickly as possible. Just move me, even if I do act all weird," she says, but Godric looks unsure. The thought of further forcing his will onto Sookie makes him downright uneasy, but he knows that it's for the best.

"I'm sorry," he says, and then Sookie sees flashes of walls, doors, stairs and finally, the dungeon. She's then deposited onto the ground, and Godric moves several feet away.

"He's still here. I can feel him," he says, and then darts down the tunnel. Hurriedly, Sookie follows.

"Eric, awaken my child. We have come for you," Godric says quietly, causing Eric to stir. Though a bit woozy, Sookie is quick to offer her wrist to the mangled and bloodied vampire.

"…Pam…" Eric groans as he rejects her appendage. He only has eyes for the lump lying a few feet away from him.

"What's that?" Sookie whispers in horror.

"Pamela," Godric replies, and making the woman deeply gasp.

"Help… Pam," Eric croaks.

"Do not worry, my child. Pamela will receive help, but we need to heal you first. Your progeny is very weak, and may not be able to stop once she gets a taste of blood. Therefore, we will need you to command her as I am here to command you," Godric says, causing Eric to blink slowly, his only way of giving consent.

"Sookie, please offer him your gift again," Godric says, and once more, Sookie displays her wrist. Being in no condition to cause pleasure or pain, Eric bites down, and Sookie feels the full sting of it. Mouthful after mouthful flow into the vampire, and it feels as though her blood is changing course. Like a kid slurping a smoothie, her blood flow is being directed down his throat.

"Eric, release," Godric commands, and with some effort, the Viking parts with his meal. After a brief kiss to the wound, Eric is standing to assess his progeny.

"I will make them pay," he vows as looks down at the unconscious woman. Sookie has never been a huge Pam fan, but she wouldn't wish this on anyone. This pile of flesh doesn't even have a visible face.

"Um, where exactly is her mouth?" Sookie asks gently, drawing both male's attention. Godric averts his gaze to the floor, while Eric just looks on in pain.

"Not only is she far too injured to feed properly, her fangs have been removed. I'll have to slit your wrist past the point of clotting in order to get anything into her," Eric says, as though asking for permission. Just the thought of it makes Sookie shiver, but she can't deny him this. She knows how much a progeny and maker mean to one another, so she will do everything in her power to help.

"Do it," she says, and then looks away so that she doesn't have to watch her flesh get sliced open. She knows that she'll feel it just fine.

"I'll make it quick," Eric says, before using vamp speed to make the cut. Initially, Sookie doesn't feel it, but that is short lived. Only seconds go by before she feels the familiar burning and sharpness she's becomes far too acquainted with.

"Come on, Pam, drink. Drink, goddamn you! I command you to drink," Eric says worriedly as he squeezes blood into her mouth. It takes several tries and him repeatedly massaging her throat, but eventually, he's successful.

"That's it. Drink it all down."

"Eric, don't let her take too much. Only give her enough so that she's past the point of danger. Between the three of us, Sookie has already donated a little over two pints," Godric says, yet Eric chooses to ignore him for a second or two longer. However, he sees that Sookie is lightheaded, so he quickly closes the cut, and moves the girl out of Pam's path.

"She's still not herself, but if given an hour, she'll be ready to travel," he says, alarming Sookie.

"An hour? How are we supposed to stay hidden for an hour?"

"Do not worry. Russell is likely out preening over his accomplishments. We can make do in that time, and deal with whatever as it comes," Godric says, silencing them all.


"Do either of you know where the exit is?" Sookie asks from her perch on Eric's back as he and Godric zip down several halls. Though Eric thought it odd that Godric elected to carry Pam, now wasn't the time to think on it.

"We were unconscious when we were brought here, but that's of no concern. The sun will rise in about twenty minutes, so we can follow the repulsion of it. It also gives us the perfect amount of time to find shelter until nightfall," he answers after turning into the main room. Just up ahead is the grand foyer.

"Going somewhere?" Sophie Ann asks as she reveals her position at the corner, near the grand piano. Instantly, all movement stops.

"I advise you to run along, little girl. Your title is your only source of power. Godric and I outclass you by several centuries. Trust me, this is a fight you don't want," Eric says as his fangs extend. Sookie clutches him in fear that he will fight and take her along for the ride, but her concerns are unwarranted.

"Nobody is to touch her but me. That bitch had the audacity to injure my face. She's mine," Pam announces as she hops off Godric's back. Clearly still dizzy and generally unwell, Eric wonders about her sanity for wanting to challenge someone centuries older than her. Then again, Pam has always been feisty, and he's learned to never underestimate her.

"I'll allow it," he says, causing Sophie Ann to smirk. With no further words being needed, she levitates into the air, and then flies straight for Pam, only to get sprayed with liquid silver. She drops like a mosquito.

"You bitch!" she yells as she fiercely tries to clear her eyes. Pam merely laughs, and then reclaims her teeth from the string of pearls adorning Sophie Ann's neck.

"That was for my face, this is for my maker," she says as she attempts to stomp Sophie Ann's heart with her high heel. Instead, she gets nothing but floor as Sophie Ann darts behind her.

"I'll make you fucking pay," she screams, pouncing on Pam, and making them both roll across the carpet. Up the wall, across the ceiling, back to the floor and into every piece of furniture in the room, the women smash into whatever finds its way in their path. Only once Sophie Ann pins her opponent down does the rapid flicking end.

"As your queen, I deliver to you the true death," she yells.

"My dear, if you are done playing with children, I would like for you to play your station," Russell says condescendingly, and thus, making Eric and Godric abandon their plans to intervene. Sophie Ann, on the other hand, just huffs and pouts while she releases the younger vampire and composes herself.

"Good, now that that's all taken care of, would someone mind telling me how these prisoners escaped? You wouldn't happen to have any answers on this matter, would you, Deputy Compton?" Russell asks with a small degree of heat. Straightaway, Bill pleads his case.

"Of course not, your highness. Why would I give you such a gift, and then steal it away? I could have simply let you take your revenge at Fangtasia, and then hid the fae for my own enjoyment. It's obvious either the girl is craftier than we gave her credit for, or some idiot let them out," he says in anger. Russell, merely hmmed in response.

"Interesting argument, but you must take me for a fool. The truth is, you could have tried to hide this delectable morsel, but I would have found out. Being a reasonable man, you realized this, and merely decided to come clean to save your own hide. What I haven't figured out, however, is the value those three hold for you," Russell replies as he points to the trio of vampires. All three are now gathered close together, keenly watching the exchange. Sookie, meanwhile, is trembling in nervous fear for how this will all play out, and both Eric and Godric have made a mental note of it.

"My king, I can assure you that that is not the case. I stand before you now as your loyal subject, and if it will calm your concerns, I will publicly make the offer again," Bill says as he casually walks over to the cluster of visibly hostile people. Boldly, he holds out his hand, beckoning for Sookie.

"Come," he commands, earning twin growls from the two males. Surprisingly, Sookie steps forward as though she's going to accept, but instead, she spits on his hand.

"Fuck you, Bill Compton," she says, earning a vicious grin from her ex. Unbeknownst to all except for her, he's beyond pleased with her performance.

"Insolent bitch!" he yells, and then slaps her across the face, knocking her partway across the room. Immediately, Godric is upon him, prepared to deliver a death strike, but he's stopped by Sookie's emotion-filled plea.

"NO!" she yells, and it causes a nanosecond of hesitation. That's all it takes for Russell to get there.

"Know your place," he says as he smacks away his fellow ancient. Godric flies almost through the wall, but instead of anger, he looks puzzled and contemplative as he stands and walks over to his progeny. Meanwhile, Eric is watching them all with narrowed eyes, quickly filling in holes and gaps as everything plays out.

"Thank you, your highness," Bill says as he stands, before turning to the woman standing several feet away from him.

"Sookie, come; I grow tired of your games. Either do as I say, or watch as my king bathes in their blood," he says, and unsurely, Sookie steps closer to him. Pam clicks her teeth in annoyance, but Eric and Godric merely watch with stone faces.

"Now, as I was saying, my liege, I present to you a living, breathing fae. Drink from her, and then take your place in the sun," Bill says, causing Russell to protract his fangs and leer at the girl. The prospect is more than tempting, but something still doesn't feel right.

"As much as I admire your tenacity, Deputy Compton, I have a niggling worry that I just cannot let go of. My instincts are telling me not to trust you, and it is they that have kept me alive for 3,000 years. Besides, with today's technologies, how can I be sure you aren't just putting me on? You've shown on more than one occasion that you're willing to do anything to get what you want."

"Your majesty, I am more than willing to display my loyalty and sincerity by testing the sun's rays for you. If I am allowed, I will drink from her, expose myself, and then report on the weather," he says with a smile. Immediately, Sookie starts contemplating the possibilities of his claim, yet keep drawing blanks. She then remembers the slip of paper, and think of Rene Lenier.

'Come on, think. What does he have to do with this? Why did Bill write his name? What was important about him? Think, think, think! Serial killer, vampire hater, murderer, liar, phony… what is it?!'

After growing increasingly angry with herself, she recalls an image of Bill burning as he attempted to save her from Rene. He had just fed on her the night before, and the night before that, yet he still burned…

"Bill, no!" She yells, and all eyes shift to her. Bill wears a blank face, while Russell quirks his eyebrow in query.

"You promised me that…" Sookie begins, only to pause, before making a decision. Immediately, she closes her eyes and cries when she does.

"You promised me that you wouldn't tell anyone, that it would be our little secret to keep me safe. How is revealing me to a person like Russell Edgington protecting me? Whatever happened to it just being you and me? Whatever happened to you staying with me?" she says as tears flow down her cheeks. For a long while, Bill just watches.

"It would appear that I'm quite gifted in lying. The truth is I cannot love you. My days of living as human man ended over a century ago, and now it's time for me to properly take my place in this world as a vampire. Spare your humans emotions. They are worthless and only wasted on me."

At those words, Sookie places her face into her hands and cries. Meanwhile, Bill turns his attention back to Russell.

"Pardon the intrusion, your highness, but as I was saying, I will expose myself to the sun for thirty seconds…"

"One minute."

"Very well, I will expose myself to the sun for a full minute, and then you will have living proof of my claims. Is this acceptable?"

"It's more than enough. Though, let me just be clear, you better not return with a stitch of dirt on your clothes. If you have true immunity to the sun, then you will not need to go to ground."

"Understood," Bill says, and then pulls Sookie to him. Slowly, he sucks on her flesh before puncturing her skin. He can easily go on and on, but he doesn't. Two big mouthfuls are all he allows himself, before he dashes out of the mansion and into the daylight. With bated breath, everyone watches the door.

"You do know that if this works, you and I will be spending lots of time together," Russell says to Sookie, but she turns away in disgust, completely missing the mock kissy faces he throws her way. She has no time to partake in his antics. She's too concerned about Bill.

"I must say, that felt splendid!" Bill announces as she comes back into the mansion without a single burn marring his skin. Every member of the undead in the room feels a sudden sense of jealously and excitement, but it's only short-lived for some, while it grows fervidly in others.

"Well, well, would you look at that? I even have a slight tan after so many years of paleness. Feel the warmth," Bill says as he presents his arm. Russell touches it and he is immediately enamored by the human-like heat.

"Splendid!" he exclaims, and Bill smiles broadly.

"My king, come and take your place in the sun with me," he says, and before he can finish his sentence, Russell is sucking Sookie's blood down with vigor. He's applying so much force that you can see several of her veins collapsing beneath her skin.

"My king, please save some for me. We don't want to use up the entire thrill in one day, do we?" Sophie Ann says in attempt to salvage some portion of her fantasy. With the way her damn beloved is going at it, she'll be confined to darkness for eternity.

"Why must you always spoil my fun?" Russell says with a pout, as he throws the unconscious body away from him. Godric catches it in midair.

"At long last, the sun," Russell shouts, and then races out the door. Bill gives a look to the other vampires present, and then follows behind his majesty.

Instantly, Eric and Godric face one another, nods, and then charges in different directions. Eric grabs Sophie Ann, while Pam ties her to a chair with the tassels from the drapery. The queen is then sprayed with liquid silver and hoisted up the stairway as they all follow the rapidly streaking Godric to Russell's control room. A few clicks and camera adjustments reveal what they all expected, two vampires lying prone on the grown, frying in the face of the sun. Cheekily, Bill raises his arm and waves, revealing the handcuffs attached to him and the elder.

"Way to go, Bill," Eric says as watches the end of an era of terror. Though he would love to save an old friend, he knows that this is for the best.

"Oh God, the legend was false? Am I truly confined to darkness," Sophie Ann cries as she watches her fantasy burst into flames. She gets no sympathy from those present.

"Take a good look. This is what we are, and that is our fate. We have no place in the sun," Eric says in a crouch beside her, causing the grief-stricken woman to lower her head in defeat. Seeing that his message has finally gotten through her thick skull, her turns to his progeny.


"With pleasure."

A second later, a wooden chair leg is thrust through the queen's body and all that remains is a pile of gelatinous fluid.

"Excellent. Now go and kill every werewolf you come across. I will join you in your conquest, shortly," Eric orders, and Pam quickly sets off to do her assigned task. Only now, can he tend to his injured.

"He nearly drained her. I am uncertain she can recover from this," Godric says while clutching Sookie close to him. Immediately, Eric attempts to bite his wrist.

"Eric, don't…"

"Godric, I love you dearly, but don't stand in my way in this. There's no time to think about blasphemy and honor when Sookie's dying. If it wasn't for her, none of us would be here!" Eric yells, yet Godric just looks at him sadly.

"You misunderstand. She's lost a lot of blood. In this state, a transfusion may turn her, and I cannot allow that. I won't allow her to be subjected to this hell," he says, dismaying Eric.

"So what are you suggesting that we just let her die? That, I cannot allow! Even if you command me, I'll summons Pam to give her what she needs!"

At those words, a stare off ensues, and is only broken when Godric lowers his head.

"I understand your pain, my child, for you love her as do I," he finally says, before lifting his head to reveal a stream of bloody tears. The image stuns Eric so much that he retracts his fangs.

"Though I've told myself that it is wrong, I have grown to love her in spite of it, and once I saw it for what it was worth, I vowed to protect her here and beyond my existence. So badly, I wanted to keep her away from my darkness, but as she lies limp in my arms with wounds littering her flesh, I see that I have failed. Now, what happens to her is not my decision. As much as I desire to leave her to her human life, fate and Sookie will have the final say. All I can do is give her the best fighting chance."

With that, he bites into his own wrist, and allow his blood to drizzle into her mouth.

"Your blood is weaker than mine, meaning that she would require more of it, thus increasing her chances of turning. Hopefully, her will and my power is enough to keep her as she is. If not, I will deal with the consequences, and have a new progeny in three days' time."

Author's Note: Juicy stuff happens next time ^_~