Disclaimer: I literally have no money, so don't sue me. I am just borrowing the INCREDIBLE sexy epicness of Merlin (oh and Arthur too…). Starz Camelot owns them and whoever else. Not me!

So this little thing is going to be a series of ficlets that capture Merlin and Arthur's odd and budding relationship. Any slasher who has seen ever some of the first episode can see it, I'm sure. And because of how much I love Joseph Fiennes, it has become my slash ship for this universe.

No guarantee of how long it will end up. We shall see how long the show lasts I guess. Lol. (hopefully a Long time!)

So: Merlin/Arthur


Thanks for reading and on with the show…

The Vision

"Who is she?" It scratched against my ears, the question, and pulled me toward wakefulness.

"Who is she?" I could feel myself turning toward the voice. Letting the dream slip away.

"Who is she?" It was gentler now. I opened my eyes and was greeted with the sight of Merlin's sharp stare in the semi-darkness.

He was so close to me. Too close. His hand was almost cradling my face, as though he'd been about to stroke my hair or had just done so. I jerked back and his voice grew harsh and ragged. "Who is she?" As though so much depended on my answer.

"I don't know." I admitted. "I don't know."

I stared at him, not understanding his urgency or his nearness or the strange light that glittered in his eyes. I was half sitting, leaning back away from him as he knelt over me on the bed. I tilted my head, narrowing my eyes in confusion, but refused to look away from his blazing gaze.

"Have you ever seen her before?" Less urgent, more desperate. Was it somehow for the good of the realm? Had he had a vision of the girl?

"Never. I don't know who she is. I swear to you, Merlin. I swear it."

The tension in his shoulders relaxed, sagging his body closer to mine. His eyes closed for the briefest of moments, before snapping open again. "Good."

I lay there, him kneeling above me, pressing so close, for several moments. I simply stared at him, blinking as little as possible, which is how I managed to see the flicker of his eyes to my mouth. It was the briefest glance, but I saw. I tilted my head more, this time intrigued, and moved a hair's breadth closer to him, drawn up almost against my will. His hazel eyes widened as he stared back, through me, into me, beyond me.

The door to my chambers slammed open and suddenly Kay was there, and the moment of whatever it was had vanished. I turned from Merlin's gaze. Kay frowned at us and I realized how very near we were. On my bed. "What's…Never mind. Arthur, you have to see this."

Merlin was away and off the bed in a moment. He buried his head into one of the chests he'd claimed were my father's. Kay left the door open when he turned. My wave of questions was stemmed when he drew out a fur cloak. The cloak of a King. I gaped at him.

"This belonged to your father." His little half smirk had returned and I understood that I would get no answers today. "And now it is yours."