Spoilers for 1x07 "The Long Night"

I love Morgan's character and I am sooooooo incredibly pleased that she's taken Igraine's place at Camelot. Camelot needs a strong woman around, since it doesn't seem to have any of its own. However, I don't see how she can do anything to Merlin (like the previews showed) without his little skin-to-skin vision trick kicking in. Hm….i guess we'll see.

All of these are unbeta'd


Mind Games

"It's good to be home" I say and smile up at the broken peaks of Camelot. Merlin dismounts behind me and I can feel him come up next to me. Igraine is murmuring her ascent to my statement, but I pay her no heed.

The smirk that Merlin offers me, the secret little twist of his lips, promises so many things and the feel of his hand on my thigh sends sparks down my spine. I can feel the heat of his skin through the fabric of my trousers. His fingers, long and slender, are just high enough to curl over the top of my thigh and his thumb brushes at my hip. I bite back a groan of longing.

Does he know what he's doing with these casual touches? He sits too near and brushed against me. He slings an arm across my shoulders. He's always there, pushing my boundaries, getting into my personal space.

What I said to Morgan at the table last night was true; I had all the company I need. I did not need to fuck some dancing girl and I did not need a queen. I had a sorcerer instead and he was all I wanted. Does he know it? He seems to know everything.

I told Guinevere I loved her last night, but it came out all wrong. I do love her, but more as an annoyingly flirtatious best friend or an irritating younger sister, not as a lover. I am sure she did not understand. Her reaction was all wrong and she looked as though she were going to cry. I need to speak with her soon. But right now I am more preoccupied with what Merlin knows or does not know.

His words always border on sexual, filled with possible innuendo and sensuality. As are the motions of his body, especially when he rides. I would be willing to put him at the head of every column just to watch him ride.

I dismount and turn to enter the castle proper, but a hand on my shoulder stops me. Merlin's voice in my ear, "A word, if you please."

Kay comes up along side us, chuckling, and leans in. "Always plotting, you two. Should I be afeard for our future with you two in charge? The King and his Angel?"

I narrow my eyes at him and make a swing. Kay dances out of the way. Merlin must be in a good mood today, because he snaps his fingers and suddenly there is a small flame, no bigger than a walnut, burning on his thumb. I gape at him. I have never before seen such a blatant show of his magic. I can almost feel its power and it makes me shudder with want. He smirks at Kay and throws the fire at him. Kay yelps and brushes at his clothes, but the flame doesn't burn him.

I continue to gape at Merlin, who says, "Angel I am not. Whatever Leontes might think."

Which makes Kay laugh again and Leontes who'd come up to catch the end of the interchange flush darkly. "I still say that those powers are the will of God working through you."

Merlin snaps his fingers again and this time, Leontes is his target. Leontes' eyes widen and he merely stands, staring at the tiny flick of fire as it hits him in the center of the chest and dies out.

Merlin rolls his eyes. "You still act like children. Fire is fire. If it comes at you, not matter where it originated, get out of its way."

So saying, he swept passed us and into the castle. I finally manage to shut my gaping mouth. Kay is grinning at me. "Well, Arthur. Go on. Your Angel is calling you."

Leontes flushes again and I roll my eyes. "Brother Mine, you know that Merlin can probably still hear you, since he is probably waiting for me, yes?"

Kay pales and looks furtively over his shoulder. Merlin's voice emerges from the shadows. "Arthur is correct, Kay. Watch what you say."

I raise an eyebrow at the rhyme and follow him to the Library, which has become the site of many a meeting. Merlin shuts the door behind me and I am intrigued. I remember the last conversation we two had in this room alone and I swallow thickly. "You wanted a word?"

"I wanted several things actually, but a word will do for a start." Merlin is smirking at me again. I frown in confusion. "First things first. Igraine gave me some advice last night and I believe I shall follow it."

My frown deepens but not from confusion this time. I have seen the way my mother looks at Merlin and it makes me sick to my stomach. I have yet to figure out whether he looks back, but I find myself praying to every God willing to listen that he does not. "Indeed."

"Yes. Arthur, you need to understand about your sister. I said once before that all you needed to know was one word, the strongest thing you should take from your father. The same is not true of Morgan. She is a sorceress, where I am not a sorcerer. She plays with very dark magics that I swore off decades ago."

I sigh and lean against the table. "Merlin, I understand that you do not like Morgan, but she is my sister—"

"No. Arthur. Listen to me. There are things that you need to know." I shut up and let him speak but he does not continue. He merely stands there, staring at me with this look in his eye.

"I will listen, Merlin. If you speak." I say after a long moment.

He shakes his head. "No. You will listen, but you will not believe."

I scowl at him. "When have I ever given you reason to believe that I do not trust you?"

Merlin laughs, a dark, harsh sound. He steps forward, placing himself between my spread legs, and raises his hands. He looks for a moment as though he would hit me, but instead he seizes my head in his hands and presses his forehead to mine. His hazel eyes, so close to mine, burn like the feeling of his skin on mine.

We stand like this for a breath and then the images begin. I see my sister as a child playing with her toys. Then a woman in the nunnery, then a nun herself returning to our father's castle. She is mixing poison now and feeding it to Uther. She is playing with magic to show off to Merlin as he lays tied to a bed. I let out the briefest sigh to see that he is fully clothed, before the picture changes again.

Image after image and I can barely keep track of them, but all of them show Morgan, not the loyal sister that she presents to me, but a wicked witch and a plotting traitor.

I am gasping, trying to keep up with what I am seeing. I am little aware of the room around me until I hear a voice gasp. I blink and Merlin's hands are gone, taking the images with them. I'm panting when I look up to find Leontes' shocked face.

"Arthur…what is this?" He asks me, but I do not have enough breath to answer. So Merlin does.

"It's magic, Leontes. You still think I am an angel?"

I can see the disgust begin to grow in my champion's eyes and the condemnation. I roll my eyes incredulously at Merlin. "Merlin, do you ever answer anyone directly when they pose a question to you? Ever?" I turn back to Leontes, who is gaping at us. "Leontes, Merlin was using his powers to show me memories, things I need to understand but can't seem to believe without proof."

The disgust and accusation dissipate and he nods. "I apologize for interrupting then. I will make sure you are not disturbed again."

I nod to him in return and he shuts the door. I hear Merlin snort softly and turn my gaze back to him. "Must you play games with everyone? Make everyone assume to worst of each other? Are you trying to destroy us?"

Merlin sneers at me, and expression I have rarely seen on him and never turned in my direction. I hold my ground and meet his eyes, even though it twists my gut. "Naïve Arthur. Leontes needs to realize that there is more in the world than his narrow view. Would it be so horrible to let him think what he thought? Somehow I didn't think you'd mind."

He was pushing again, testing, trying to prove something or force me to prove it. But I am sick of playing games. "No, Merlin. It would not have been horrible to let him think that we were fucking, if it were true. But as it is not, I thought to clarify the situation. He does not approve of that specific Greek practice and I don't think it is useful to have him believe it is the nature of our relationship, unless it was true. You play games with his mind all you want, but if you break him or if your drive him away, you will have to answer to me for it. I need him here and whole. He's my best knight."

Merlin's sneer had vanished as I spoke. Now, he tilts his head and examines me. He smirks. "Answer to you, will I? Well…that could be interesting. The issue of our…fucking, as you say, aside. Do you understand what you saw?"

I can feel it to my toes, when he uses the word fuck. It's delicious and erotic and catches me completely off guard. I gasp for a moment, before I can blink myself back to the present. "Y-Yes." I stutter, before I find my voice again. "Yes. Morgan killed our father. She is trying to kill me. Or at least remove me from the throne. And she is exceptionally dangerous."

Merlin nods, surprise flashing across his features for a brief moment. "Good. Igraine was right, you deserved to know."

I frown thinking back to the night before, when Merlin was free to have such a conversation with my mother, or this morning. This morning… "Merlin…did you…that is…I notice something this morning about Igraine…Something seemed…off about her on the ride back."

He smirks. "Yes. I noticed it too. We did not return with the Lady Igraine. I don't know where she is or who exactly is inside her skin, but I have a strong suspicion that there are still do Pendragons under this roof."

"Morgan? Can she do that?"

Merlin nods, turning to the window. "I believe she can. But we shall see. It may be the nun. I need to touch her skin to know for sure."

My gut clutches at this statement and my hand curls into a fist. Merlin smirks again, which I can see in profile. "Don't worry, Arthur. I have no true designs on your mother or your sister."

I am relieved for a moment, but then I frown. "Do you have designs on someone else then?"

He smiles, an actual smile, "You shall have to wait and see." He turns back to me, still smiling. He nods and leaves the room, leaving the door open. I turn to stare after him, worry mixing with hope in the pit of my stomach.