Past, Present, and …?

And before you mention it, yeah, I know, not a very unique title…but it just seemed to fit!

By: Jamieson

Disclaimer: I don't own anything…be really nice if I did, but unfortunately this is not the case! I make no money off this…again, would be really nice, but I assure you I don't!

Rating: I put PG-13 just to be safe…I don't think this will progress any further, but if it does I will change the rating appropriately.

Author's Notes: This takes place directly after The Summit (literally) and immediately enters AU land after that. I'm going to be alternating between serious parts and light humor, so you've been forewarned!

General spoilers for the series, especially for the first half of season 4.

I'm hoping (and I emphasize 'hoping') to post a new part once every week or two, but between school and training for my 1st Dan black belt (Tae Kwon Do) I won't guarantee it.

Just a heads up, the prologue and first few chapters will most likely end up being back story for the rest of the fic…hopefully (there's that dumb word again!) I'll get through that soon and after that I can jump head-first into the main plot.

Also, this is my first fic in this fandom, and I'm also fairly new to fanfiction. I've written many original stories, but I don't have very much experience with pre-existing characters. If you think I'm getting out of character, just let me know and I'll try to rectify that in future chapters.


"…You'll find out. We all will," Renee stated.

As Renee began walking, Liam caught up and kept pace, putting his arm around her shoulders. Renee in turn put hers around Liam's waist. They walked in silence, allowing Renee to think about the recent events…and the recent revelations Quantum Liam had helped her to arrive at.

A few minutes later they reached one of the Mothership's portal stations. "You coming?" Renee asked.

Liam sighed. "No, Zo'or wants to see Da'an and I."

Renee winced. "Oh…that can't be good."

"You know it," he replied, raising his eyebrows. "Well, I'll see ya later." With that, he turned to continue down the corridor.

Quickly coming to a decision, Renee called out. "Liam," she said, walking up to him. He turned around expectantly. "I…uh...listen. You have any plans for Thursday night?"

Liam paused, caught off guard. Today was Monday…as far as he knew there was nothing in his schedule that day. Grinning slightly, he answered, "well…I did make plans with Odysseus and Polyphemus, but…."

Renee stared at him. "Poly-what?"

Liam looked at her. "Polyphemus? The Cyclops?" She just continued staring; he sighed. "I was just gonna continue on with Homer's Odyssey," he said by way of explanation. He neglected to mention that he was reading it for the third time.

She nodded slightly. "Right…."

He grinned and shook his head. "Never mind. So what's up Thursday?" He watched as she suddenly sobered and looked almost flustered…but it was gone before he could be certain.

"Well, I was wondering if you'd like to go out for dinner or something."

It was now Liam's turn to look flustered, and he wasn't nearly as good as Renee at hiding it. "Uh…yeah, sure," he managed, mentally kicking himself. Jeez, get a grip! You've wanted this for a while, the least you could do is seem more interested! He took a breath and smiled. "I'd love to."

Renee grinned. "Great. Greek? Sortiri's?"

Liam thought for a moment. "I don't know…would you mind if I made the reservations?"

Renee raised her eyebrows at that. "Uh, sure, if you want. So, Thursday?"

He nodded. "Sounds good."

He was about to go on when a Volunteer approached, addressing him. "Major Kincaid sir, Zo'or has ordered you to the bridge. Immediately."

Liam turned back to Renee. "Duty calls. Talk later?"

Renee nodded. "Bye." With that, she turned and walked back to the portal station.

Liam headed back in his previous direction, followed closely by the Volunteer.