It was just what Kendall did when he was done. Done with Gustavo running his damn mouth, done with Griffin having more mood swings than a PMSing girl, done with the world that always seemed managed to kick him when he was down and then laugh right in his face.

It wasn't a conscious decision the first time it happened. His normally somewhat-logical mind was clouded with anger and he was sick of thinking. So he just let things fall as they may.

"Dogs! That was horrible! Do you even know the meaning of the word 'good'!" Of course, their manager couldn't ever be happy with what they gave him. Anyone else was good, great even, but because he had the power and because they couldn't fight back, he'd push and push and push.

Kendall didn't care. His friends knew his tendencies to talk back, so they each gave him a look, a Don't-egg-him-on look, but Kendall didn't care and he ignored them. "Yeah, Gustavo," he started, voice filled with angry defiance, "it's the opposite of you."

His pudgy face quickly became red. They all heard a small noise—maybe the grinding of his teeth or his heavy breathing—almost warning. This volcano was about to blow.

"Fine!" Gustavo yelled, pointing a think finger at the blonde. "You think you know it all, Kendall? Then you obviously don't need me. You can go and get the hell out of my studio!"

Kendall couldn't be happier with the request. Without another word, he turned, hastily pulling off his headphones and letting it fall to the ground with a thump.

He was just about to open the door to the front entrance when a large hand rested on his arm, pulling him back. Somehow he knew without looking that it was James. Maybe it was because James between all of them had the biggest hands or maybe his body just knew the familiar weight of it; he was too mad to consider it.

"What, James?" he asked, harsher than he meant to. He felt the slight cringe his friend made, felt the regret rising in his throat, but he pushed it down.

James just tightened his grip on Kendall's shirt. "Stay," he asked. "Don't leave. Gustavo's a real ass, but he means well…sometimes. Just apologize and let's go back to practice."


And then Kendall just walked away, leaving the brunette behind with nothing but hurt hazel eyes and a fallen face.

It was quiet when Kendall made it back to the Palm Woods. Probably, school was going on or something, he didn't care. He decided he'd cool off using the world's greatest pool. He walked over to the elevator, still muttering to himself and huffing. It felt better than it should have when he hit the button with his fist.

The door slowly opened, revealing a familiar cocky face. He raised his dark eyebrows with surprise as he said, "Oh, Kendork!"

Jett Stetson. The beautiful, heartthrob from Jo's show. God, Kendall hated this guy, just everything about him. Fan-fucking-tastic. This was just what he meant when he said the world loved kicking him when he was down.

He quickly turned in the direction of the stairs. A slow ride trapped in a box with Jett? No, thank you. But Jett wasn't done having his fun, apparently. He followed him.

"Aww, what's wrong? Jo finally break up with you?" he asked, a sinister smirk on his face plastered on his face as he noticed the blonde's red face. Angry or embarrassed, it didn't matter, just the color on his pale face gave Jett pleasure.

Kendall growled out, "Fuck you, Jett."

"Wouldn't you like to?" he answered with a chuckle.

Kendall turned, eyes holding a red tint. Or maybe it was that all his blood was rushing in his head, and the red around his eyes was just a reflection of the skin surrounding it. His arms flew out, grabbing Jett's leather jacket before throwing him against the wall.

Jett just smirked.

It was so infuriating, that little bastard smirking at him with his stupid full lips. So maddening, his dark eyes acting like a mirror to show Kendall's anger right back at him. So irritating and stupid and crazy and fucked up and—

He didn't want to think anymore.

He just did whatever his body wanted to.

He crashed his lips to Jett's.

Everything they did after was just a blur in his mind, like he'd gotten drunk without a drop of alcohol, like a sudden black out. The next thing he knew he was in Jett's bed, his cock in the other's ass, pounding away like there was no tomorrow.

As he looked at Jett's face—eyes screwed shut, mouth open with wanton moans, completely contorted with pleasure—he was disgusted. Last time he checked, he wasn't even gay! And didn't he have a girlfriend? But it felt so good, that velvet heat contracting around his dick, his balls slapping against Jett's ass.

So he decided to fuck it all. Fuck the world who always fucked around with him, fuck Gustavo who never stopped trying to get him trained like a damned dog, just fuck it. This was like his fuck you to everything.

And he liked it.

Kendall checked his phone as it vibrated again. Three new messages lit up the bright screen, each from the same person. Seeing the name brought the guilt back to clawing against his throat.

To: Kendall

From: James

u ok?

To: Kendall

From: James

where r u?

To: Kendall

From: James

please talk 2 me.

Kendall sighed. Knowing the pretty boy, he was probably a wreck right now, worrying, just waiting for Kendall to come home. He never meant for James to get hurt or upset over him. He zipped up his grey skinny jeans and threw on his t-shirt before quicking typing out a response.

To: James

From: Kendall

sorry forgot 2 turn my phone on i'm on my way home now brb

He gave a curt nod in Jett's direction, not really looking at him—he was still disgusted—but it didn't matter and Jett just gave a small grunt and then Kendall left to 2J.

He honestly thought that was it, a one-time thing, something that he'd try to forget and move on from, but the next time he was mad (Jo had cancelled yet again on him, looks like her show was more important than him) he went right back to his apartment.

Jett had answered the door with a smirk.

And it started all over again.

It was weird that the person he went to for comfort was his enemy, the one trying to steal his girlfriend and make his life hell, but he never really thought about it.

Kendall was sick of thinking.

Inspiration hit so I wrote it out. Plus I love Kett and there's not nearly enough of it here; this is my contribution. Also Kames because I just think that's amazing haha This is just the first chapter so I hope you all liked and want to see more of it :)