James groaned as an impudent ray of sunlight refused to leave him alone, no matter how many times he titled his head in different directions, trying to shake it off. Couldn't it see he was trying to sleep here? "No. Five more minutes," he moaned, burying his head deeper into the hard mold of covers by his side.

A chuckle was his answer. "If we can stay like this, you can have forever," a low voice, still slightly raspy from sleep, promised as the grip around the brunette's waist tightened.

"Okay." James smiled into the bend between Kendall's neck and shoulder. He sighed happily. Finally, finally, he had Kendall all to himself. It was long overdue, he thought with a shake of his head.

"Stop," Kendall laughed, "your hair's tickling me."


But then, James did it again, totally on purpose, just to hear that obnoxiously sweet sound again.

Katie grinned, walking away from her brother's room with a long glass in her hand. Kendall so owed her. And James, too. Probably be some good blackmail in the future; completely bragging rights for the next century. It was all her skillful doing that they got together, after all.


She was freaking good!

Like the best, ever.

"Carlos! Logan!" she yelled happily when she was a safe distance away from the lovebird's room; even if, in all their fluffy time, they probably wouldn't hear her if she screamed right in front of their faces. "The idiots are together!"

When she received no reply, the brown-eyed girl shrugged and walked out of the apartment to look for the other half of Big Time Rush in the lobby, or better yet, the pool. Katie pushed the down bottom to the elevator, watching as the metallic-colored doors slowly opened…

…And revealed Jett Stetson.

"Oh!" he said in surprise as if she was trying to scare him and she took in his image with interest, his usual attire (polo with the cocky collar-turned-up-swag and khaki cargo pants) gone, replaced with a simple tee and dark jeans. "Kendork's little sister."

"Oh!" She stepped into the elevator and pressed the button, mocking him in the same tone, "Kendall's little old fuck toy."

Jett smiled unashamedly with just a hint of amusement twinkling in his eyes. All those Knights were the same, huh? The only ones to ever give him trouble. "I like you, Knight," he replied simply, slugging an arm around her shoulders and pulling her flush against his side.

And Katie just grinned, something like a blush dusting over her freckles while she leaned back into his sturdy support, because, well, she kind of liked him, too.

"I'm still available to be your new manager, you know," she mused conversationally, listening to the small ding the elevator made as they came to the ground floor. She felt Jett's broad shoulders shrug against her petite frame.

"How about as my friend?"

"Yeah." While they walked out of the small elevator, she grabbed his hand in her own smaller one, almost marveling at the contrast of size, the obvious difference between his long fingers and her stubby ones. "I'm available for that, too."

To: Kendall

From: Katie

going 4 ice cream w/ a friend :) B back l8r. BTW, tell Logan and Carlos they can stop :P

What? Stop what? Kendall's eyebrows furrowed at the weird message, his green eyes continuing to stare down at the bright screen as if he could intimidate it to give him the answer.

"James," he called, glancing back at the boy still laying on the bed like a kitten curled up for a nap. He waited until the brunette opened his sleep-clouded hazel eyes to continue. "What are Logan and Carlos doing?"

"Making out?" James shrugged. "That's all I see them doing anymore. Dude, seriously. I haven't seen them in a week without their lips attached and their tongues in each other's mouths."

Kendall didn't really reply to that, since, in all honestly, it was pretty much true. It seemed Logan and Carlos had morphed into LoganandCarlos or CarlosandLogan. One being instead of two, no longer separate individuals, never seen without the other attached by lips or hands or hips. Kind of like—

A smile crossed his lips. "Hey," he suddenly said, all rainbows and sunshine like he was high off unicorn dust, "we're KendallandJames and JamesandKendall."

James raised his eyebrows. "I think we were always that, Kendall."

Perched on one of the stools by the smoothie shack, Jo Taylor sipped slowly on a blue flavored smoothie. She couldn't help but let her brown eyes trail to the empty seat beside her; the blonde could almost see the outline of a dimpled cutie slurping up a pink smoothie.

Jo sighed, lightly bringing a manicured finger up and down her plastic cup.

"Okay, no." Camille was abruptly in the chair previously unoccupied, lips drawn into a tight line.. "You're Jo fucking Taylor, star of the hottest show on T.V. You're not going to sit here and be all bummed about some guy. Girl's night, tonight, with Stephanie, got it? If you don't show, I'll find you and drag you out myself."

Jo sighed again before sitting up straight and shooting a grateful smile at her friend. "Thanks, Cam."

Camille shrugged one shoulder. "No big deal," she passed it off with a wave of one hand. "But wait until you hear the latest gossip! I just saw—with my own eyes—Jett Stetson and Katie Knight, hand in hand, leaving the Palm Woods!"

"No!" Jo gasped. "Dude, details now!"

"The idiots are together!"

The words barely filtered through the heated air between the two tangled on the bed. Logan lifted his head off of the Latino's neck, smirking at the dark purple mark littering the previously flawless skin. "Did you hear something?"

Eyes screwed shut and mouth open in broken moans, Carlos just groaned, "No," bucking his hips in an attempt to get the genius to continue. "D-don't stop…" he muttered, struggling to breathe properly.

Logan's smirk only widened. "Anything you say, love," he purred, pulling back until only the tip of his cock was sheathed into the smaller body wiggling beneath him to slam back in to the hilt.


"Yeah," Logan chuckled lustfully, "That's kind of the point."

With great flourish, Mrs. Knight opened the door to 2J, smiling brightly at the familiar rooms and sights of her home. Visiting her family back in Minnesota had been great, but she really missed her kids. "Guys!" she called, walking in to the dinner table.

Logan and Carlos were holding hands feeding each other, James and Kendall were leaning over each other sharing a plate of pizza, Katie was blushing and giggling over her cell phone. Each of them looked up with wide eyes when she sat down at her normal place.

"What happened when I was gone?" Mama K asked happily.

They all shared a glance. "Uh…"

…And it's done! :D The whole story, completely finished :) Really hope you guys enjoyed the ending because I'm not so sure if I did ._. But I'm happy with the way this story progressed; plus, at least, everyone got a happy ending lol

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