Hi again I haven't abandoned What Happened One Night, just my muse has temporary left me. Any way right now I'm writing a three or four shot about basically RL meeting again, if they ended in a different way. Originally, I was going to do for a Trory story , but hearing how Logan changed Rory all the time just made me so mad that I decided to write an RL three shot of how Rory's life would have been, if she hadn't been with Logan in certain periods. The trory story is on the backburner though. I need a new Beta, so if any body is interested please pm me.

Rory couldn't believe she felt her heart pounding as she entered the Windsor Club, for Emily's DAR charity event. She didn't know why she didn't expect to run into him tonight last she heard he had left his father's company, and went to Northern California and was successful on his own. Not that she kept tabs of him he was a Huntzburger his news was part of the news business. Plus his Dad was her omnipresent boss at the Hartford Paper she worked at since her graduation at Yale. She wondered if being with Logan could have led her to a more exciting job after graduation. Logan was an exciting person with him she was able to take more risks and to go out of her comfort zone. She shook her head she was being ridiculous, she rejected Logan's attempt to be in a serious relationship with him at his dorm room at Yale for a reason. Logan wasn't meant to be in a serious relationship he would have let her down. However, kept wondering if she had made a mistake, she almost called Logan back hours after she turned him down but talking to her mother changed her mind.

Rory was sitting on her bed making a mental pro and con list, a part of her wanted to go knock on Logan's door to tell him that she lied about the not trusting him part. She could remember the look on his face.

"Rory you don't want to stop seeing me…" He looked at her with such a hopeful look on his face.

"No but…" She really didn't want to stop seeing him, but she couldn't continue to be in a casual relationship with him. Logan suddenly being in a committed relationship seemed to be too much of a risk for her, what if he changed his mind. Rory couldn't handle the heart the boy made her feel things that no one else had in the past.

"Sorry Logan, but I can't trust you" and with that she ran, barely managing to look back to see the hurt look in Logan's face.

Rory sat up perhaps she had been too hasty in the morning after all Logan wanted to commit to her, and she wanted to be with him. She slowly got up then she remembered the other girls that kept coming, what if Logan missed that could she handle seeing a bunch of girls trying to break Logan apart. Still she doubted would have been willing to commit to anyone else. Suddenly, her phone rang, and she wanted to know if maybe this person could help her.

"Hey Hun, are you doing okay?" Rory could tell her mom was concerned about the Founders Day Punch fiasco, she didn't want to tell her mother because she wasn't sure how she would react, but she was right now confused.

"Physically, I'm fine but emotionally I'm having a bit of a crisis..." Rory took a big breath what was she thinking Logan wasn't Lorelai's favorite person. However, Lorelai had always said she wanted Rory to experience love, and relationship maybe there was a chance she would tell Rory to go for it.

"Rory what's wrong? Is it Logan?"

"I went over to Logan's apartment yesterday. I told him that I didn't want to do the casual dating thing anymore. That it wasn't me, and we should just go back to being friends. Instead, he decided to commit, but I told him that I couldn't trust him as a boyfriend. The question I have is did I do the right thing, because I really like him, and were good together." Rory rambled.

"Rory can I say something? Something you may not want to hear?"

"Yes…" Although, there was a part of Rory that was reluctant to what Lorelai was going to say, but her mom did know her so she should listen.

"He told you, Rory, he told you he was not a commitment kind of guy, just like you're not a non-commitment kind of girl. And you tried to be something you weren't and it was bad. It didn't work for you. Don't try and force him to be something he's not. " Lorelai had been longing to tell Rory this for a long time and she really hoped Rory would listen to her this time.

"I didn't force him!" Rory had feeling her mother would say those things, but she still felt really disappointed, and she didn't like the way she was attacking a guy she didn't know.

"I know, but he was looking at losing you, and he didn't want to and I give him credit for that, but maybe in the end this is not the guy or the relationship for you. I believe by walking away you made the right decision, otherwise you would've been let down."

I know but mom, but we're good together, Mom. I'm good for him." Remember all the good moments she and Logan have discussion his paper, spring break, him taking her to the theater even though he hated it. She seemed to inspire Logan to be a harder worker, and he inspired her to take more risks.

"But maybe he isn't good for you."

"People can change!" Rory said adamantly after alls she was sure Logan wouldn't have committed to anyone else.

"Do you really want to be in the business of changing someone?"

Her mother did have a point there; it was true you couldn't change a man. Jess didn't go from a bad boy to good boy. However, she'd had a sense Logan wanted to. "Maybe he wants to change!"

"Rory, two days ago you were on the bathroom floor crying about why he won't call you. Why doesn't he like you, what did you do?

"I was drunk. I was sick!" Rory defended, plus it was a no strings relationship Logan had no obligation to call her, but she had forgotten

" You, my beautiful, brainy, fabulous daughter, were lying on the floor of the bathroom, wondering what you had done wrong! Which is disturbing to me on several levels, including the fact that I can't remember the last time I cleaned the floor of the bathroom! Is that really the kind of relationship you want to be in?" Lorelai hoped this would get her point across Rory apparently had stronger feelings for Logan than she thought, but she didn't want Rory to get lost in her grandparents world.

"Mom it's partly my fault a no strings relationship is not one where the guy has to inform me of his plans. "

"Rory please stop blaming yourself, are you sure you can trust that Logan won't leave when you're in the middle of a relationship. Guys like Logan are great for passion, but they can end up hurting you in a relationship and trust me I know. Guys like Marty and Luke are for staying. Do you understand?"

Her mother did have a point after all she had told herself she didn't appreciate Dean during the Dean and Jess fiasco. Logan could end up hurting her, where as someone like Marty wouldn't. Therefore, Rory decided that she would stick to her decision.

"Okay Mom you're right, I'm sorry I had doubts…"

"Good girl, so how about a movie night to celebrate…"

"Sure…" As she continued to talk to her mother the same doubts kept creeping through her mind, but she kept using Lorelai's reasons to suppress them.

After that phone call Rory moved on, or at least attempted to move on. She kept going back in her mind, if she had made the right decision. Lorelai pretended that their never had been a Logan Huntzburger, and they never really discussed him again. Rory had rekindled her friendship with Mary, and the two of them had begun to date a month after she and Logan ended their no strings relationship. Rory and Marty dated in the right way of a first date, a first kiss, and a first time done in different sequences. Marty was a great guy, and was very good to her, but there were times when she compared him to Logan. There were no fireworks in their kisses; how Marty never surprise her; didn't keep up with her references the way Logan did. Still she tried to focus on the good Marty was the type her mom wanted her to date, not from old money, but had goals to be a lawyer. A guy who she would often come and visit with her to Stars Hollow, not distract her with her grandparent's world or extra parties. Her grandparents weren't too thrilled with Marty at first, but eventually they came around after all he was at Yale, and had goals. Lorelai liked that because she didn't want Rory to completely please her parents. However, as time went on Rory kept noticing many of the problems that kept accumulating between her relationships with Marty. For an example, when at the end of her sophomore Mitchum Huntzburger had given her an internship because he was impressed with her work at the Yale. The internship had ended up in disaster with Mitchum telling her she didn't have what it took to be a journalist. It was weird how she had met Logan at the steps of the Stanford Gazette, and he had comforted her. When she was in his arms she felt a familiar rush of emotions that she hadn't felt with Marty. It was weird how Logan could comfort her in a brief moment at the Gazette, and at a DAR party when Marty didn't really spend much time comforting her when she had dropped out of a Yale. He kept pushing her to hard to go back to Yale, and to make up with Lorelai that he never really got to discuss with her what the problem was, which led to them breaking up temporary. Jess had later come into her life, because she was fed up with Emily treating her like a teenager she had listened to him and made up with Lorelai, and went back to Yale. Rory knew she would get back to Yale eventually, she wasn't a full DAR member, but she didn't want to be pushed toward Yale, and she just wanted someone to not judge her, and understand her decision. Jess had wanted to pursue something with her, but she told him that they were better off as friends, after all she had done what if with one of her high school boyfriends, and it didn't work. Rory didn't have any regrets about that decision her and Jess was in the past. Rory had wished she'd kept Marty in the past, unfortunately Marty had gone to Lorelai and the two of them had arranged a surprise picnic for her just a few weeks after she returned to Yale. He had apologized for some of his pushy behavior, and she had told him that he was right she did belong at Yale. They had resumed their relationship and while it wasn't bad she still felt times when she felt suffocated by how perfect, and how alike the two of them were. Rory kept trying to dismiss those thoughts as ridiculous nonsense, being with a guy like Logan would only cause her hurt and pain. She was with the world's perfect guy, who was also her best friend. The way the world should be, but it wasn't until a few weeks ago when Marty got down on one knee to purpose that Rory realize she couldn't be with him anymore. She loved Marty, but the love for him wasn't deep enough for marriage, and it was passionless. Marty took it maturely he told her that he hoped one day she would find someone she was looking for. Rory had been single for two weeks, and she felt empty for she hadn't been without a guy for a long period of time since she was 19. However, she was right now feeling a sense of excitement that she had never felt for Marty. Love and attraction was really a funny thing.

"Earth to Rory?" Lorelai asked as they were at the door headed to the exact room Richard, and Emily vow renewal was held in 2005.

"Sorry I just thought of the last time we were here, it's kind of funny now." Rory smiled at the memory of her first kiss she and Logan had. Plus Luke and Chris busting him, Logan sure was a brave guy to stay with Rory after two Dad's had threatened to him.

"Yeah, it is thank God you have better taste in men…"

Unlike two years ago, Rory right now couldn't stand criticism about Logan. "Mom we sort of ended up as friends, and he's not a bad guy."

"Right he making you is in a non committed relationship."

"He didn't make me do anything I tried being in a non committed relationship, because I wanted a break from serious relationships, and I didn't expect to have such strong feelings for him. Plus he wanted to be with me exclusively, "Rory suddenly remembered the same familiar sting and regret.

"Rory you did the right thing, you found someone who's perfect for you."

"Mom, I told you we broke up. I don't see a future with him, and we both deserve better." She had told her mother about her break up five different times, yet her mother was convinced they get back together.

"Honey we both know this break up is just a phase, me and Luke thought are last break up was forever; but we got back together. Now come on the sooner we get in there the sooner we can leave…" Lorelai headed her invitation to the guy at the door before Rory could protest.

It seemed strange to Rory that her mother hated Richard and Emily's world so much, but was starting to act like Emily. She wondered if Logan would be behind that door, probably not but she didn't care she felt a sense of excitement she hadn't felt in years, and she didn't want to let it go. She quietly let in waiting for this evening to begin.

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