Sorry it took me awhile to get back into this story. This is the penultimate chapter the next one will be the end. I don't remember, who Logan's speaker was so I just invented mine. In this story it will be 6.22 version where Logan is handsome and dignified and 7.21 where Logan was tripping all over the place.

Rory was sitting in the back row on the Yale lawn to watch the 2006 graduation of Yale students in the humanities department. The graduation took place on one of the hottest days in May. Marty wanted to be there to support two of his friends and he had an extra ticket to give to Rory. Rory was fanning herself as she hoped her graduation wouldn't be too hot.

Marty smiled sympathetically. "I'm sorry to bring you here, it's Justin and Matt have been really good friends to me during my 3 years at Yale."

"It's no problem Marty you do a lot for me. Plus some people on the paper are graduating like Doyle." Rory laughed. Not to mention, Logan and most of his friends that for a while were my friends.

Rory was still arguing whenever Logan would come to the paper. However, yet she felt a smidge of sadness that she would probably never see or talking to him again. He would be an ocean away from her. Rory tried to suppress her feelings, why where their times when she was thinking of another guy when she was with Marty.

"Thanks for being a good sport." Marty uttered as he squeezed her hand.

Rory smiled. Marty could be so sweet, but she was sad that there was no electricity whenever he would touch her, hold her and kiss her. Rory then dismissed those thoughts as ridiculous nonsense. The ideas of passion and electricity would only lead to one crying on the bathroom floor.

Rory thoughts were interrupted when the senior speaker came up to lead the activities. It was a typical graduation with the exception that the speaker was Yale alumni Harry Winkler, who played Fonzie on Happy Days. Rory took plenty of pictures during his speech to show her mother.

Rory sort of tuned out during the name portion of the graduation until they had come to the H's. Rory saw Logan walk in a very serious way on top of the podium, she was surprised he wore pants and didn't have any secret prank. She could tell by his gorgeous smile, when he shook the Chancellor's hand that even though Logan had dreaded graduating from college because it meant losing his freedom. He still was really happy that he had graduated from Yale.

Rory took a picture of Logan after he put his tassel in the back, which didn't go unnoticed by Marty. Therefore, Rory took pictures of Doyle, a few people on the YDN who had graduated, Colin, Finn, and Marty's two friends who were graduated so Marty wouldn't think it was weird that she took a picture of her sort of ex.

A little time after the ceremony was over, Marty had went to say goodbye to his friend. Rory had stayed behind and was drinking some complimentary champagne. She had noticed Logan talking to his family. Rory tried to distance herself, but Logan appeared to catch a glimpse of her and walked towards her.

Rory didn't not know what to say to him and for once she did not want to argue with him.

"Hi you cameā€¦" He smirked.

"Not for you Logan, Marty had some friends who were graduating." Rory stated before Logan could get to cocky.

"Yeah I figured." Logan shrugged. "You look good" He said talking in her gorgeous blue dress. He admired the way it brought her slim finger and that it made her blue eyes sparkle even more.

Rory grinned widely. He could always make her feel like the most special girl in the world with just a few compliments. "You looked good up there Logan. I'm really proud of you." Rory said in a very soft and sincere tone.

Logan was touched. "Well you always believed in me and made sure my papers were of good qualities." Logan said in jest and partly to remind Rory of her perfectionist mode at the paper.

Rory suddenly was ashamed of herself. "I am sorry about that Logan, I was a little hard on you these past few months."

"Well we won't be seeing each other for a long time so truce." Logan sadly smiled, for as much as she had hurt he was really going to miss her.

"Truce Logan." Rory smiled back. Rory then noticed Marty coming and had a confused look on his face. Rory knew she had to go she did not want a awkward Marty and Logan confrontation.

"Well Logan, I better go. Marty and I our going to my grandparents for dinner and then to a private one. " Rory did not know why she was so sad that her conversation with Logan would come to an end. "Tell Colin and Finn congratulations from me as well."

"I will but if your still up at ten you and Marty can come to my late night celebration party at Rich Man shoe. They would love to see you."

The idea sounded so much fun spending time with Logan and his friends. However, the excitement she had scared you. She was looking forward to an evening with her sort of ex than she was her own boyfriend. She couldn't hang out with Logan it was to risky for her.

"I love to Logan, but I have an early day tomorrow. Have a great year in London." Rory hated that her tone sounded like she was about to cry.

Logan hid his disappointment. "Well have a great senior year."

The two of them then engaged in a slow embrace that reminded Rory of the time he cheered up after his father crushed her. God it felt so good. Why did she keep letting him go? However, this time to her surprised it was Logan who let go and said. "Good bye Rory."

It took Rory a few seconds to recover and to go back to Marty. If Marty had any suspicions he didn't let on. Rory tried really hard to pretend everything was normal and that being around Logan didn't affect her physically and emotionally.

Rory woke up from Logan's warm embrace. She looked at Logan, she couldn't believe everything that had happened the night before that she had found out a important secret, stood up to her mother, and made up with Logan all in one evening.

Rory wanted to curl up in Logan's arms but their was a part of her that just couldn't relax because of all the guilt she felt. She needed to find ways to prove to Logan that she had really changed. She then remembered all the places Logan wanted to take her put she had said no. The ice-scream when he cheered her up after his father's review, breakfast after they saved the paper, and lastly the graduation party. She had an idea on a way to start small