Chapter Two

Zero soon fell into a deep sleep until he awoke to what he thought was morning. He stretched and got into his uniform. He was feeling much better than he did the night before when that stupid vampire decided to kiss him. He yawned and walked over to his dresser to get some socks when he saw a note on top of the dresser. He picked the note up and read it.

It read:

Dear Zero,

Headmaster told me to let you sleep. You didn't look so good last night and I agreed that it would be for the best. You looked really ill and it made me worry. Anyways, no classes for you today. I hope you feel much better and I made some food for you when you wake up. It should be in the fridge. Feel better!



He starred at the note and growled in annoyance. He would have been perfectly fine attending classes today! He hated that the stupid bitch made this decision for him. Sure, he would have probably thought about that kiss that happened last night between him and Kuran. But he would have been fine!

He blushed slightly when he thought about that kiss. He shook his head and looked over at the clock and sighed. "Well classes are over. No point in doing anything now. Might as well go eat that food." He said as he walked over to the fridge and pulled out the food that Yuuki had made for him and ate it without a second thought.

Soon after he had finished eating, he heard a knock at the door. 'Who the hell could that be?' He thought as he walked over to the door and answered it. His expression went quickly from perfectly content to anger when he saw who was at the door. Kaname Kuran. "What do you want?" He asked very much annoyed.

"Good afternoon to you too sleepy head." Kaname said as he allowed himself into the room. He shut the door behind him. "Where's your room?" He asked Zero.

"God damnit! Answer my question blood-sucker! And I am NOT going to tell you where my room is!" Zero screamed at Kaname.

Kaname simply smirked at the screaming man. 'So amusing.' He thought. "Let's just say I'm here to another test. That is all Zero. Now show me to your room." He said as he made a step closer to Zero. "But then again, I'm pretty sure I could find it on my own." He grabbed one of Zero's wrists tightly and walked to a room, with the other man struggling under his grip, which he thought was Zero's. And what do you know, he was right.

Zero continued to struggle not liking where any of this was going. "Oh no you don't Kuran! I am not going to be raped by you!" He screamed as he reached for his gun with the hand that was not being held in a death grip by the vampire and then silently cussed at himself. He didn't have his gun on him.

He soon felt himself being pushed down on the bed by Kaname and yelped as he felt himself get pinned to the bed by the other male. He struggled underneath the man's body, but couldn't get free. He soon felt Kaname's lips against his own and his face turned bright red. He kept his lips tightly closed so the vampire wouldn't gain access to the inside of his mouth.

Seeing that this was going to go nowhere, Kaname removed his lips form Zero's. "Why do you keep denying me Zero? Don't you want my test to be accurate?" He asked.

Zero shook his head. "Hell no!" He yelled and began to struggle once more. "Stop being so damn perverted! I hate you so let me go!"

Kaname thought for a moment. He then leaned his head down to Zero's ear. "I might let you go if you stop struggling and let me continue my little test." He whispered his Zero's ear.

Zero blushed again and sighed. He knew that this was probably the only way out of this. "Fine Kuran. No funny business though. That means no raping me!" He said turning his head to the side not wanting to make eye contact with Kaname.

Kaname smirked and released Zero from his grasp. He had him now. "Perfect." He said as his lips met Zero's once again.

Zero's face was as red as a tomato when their lips met once again. He had to admit to himself that yes, he enjoyed this. Though he would never tell Kaname this. He slowly began to kiss the other man back and felt Kaname's tongue enter his mouth. He moaned softly into the kiss as he felt the vampire's tongue exploring every little bit of his mouth. He wrapped his arms around Kaname's neck and ran his fingers through his hair.

He soon hear a gasp coming from the doorway and quickly pushed Kaname off of him and looked at the doorway only to see the annoying brat. Damn, and he was beginning to enjoy this too.