"What are you doing?" Gakuran shouted.

The Yankees dropped their weapons guiltily.

"N-n-nothing, Gakuran-sama!" They stuttered out.

"It had better be nothing," he warned "or you guys will definitely get it from me, ya hear?"


Satisfied, he continued his patrol around the school area. His (self-appointed) job was to make sure no one deliberately went to antagonize Majisuka High School.

'It's too much of a trouble to deal with them', his Atsuko had said. Atsuko. He smiled when he thought of her. 'How could anyone have thought that the one I liked was Daruma?' He wondered. 'She was just there to help bring out the true strength of my Atsuko. And the Hormones even believed me when I said I liked her because of her big face. Ha! What idiots…'

He shook his head and continued to keep an eye out for those scheming idiots who wanted to trouble Atsuko.

(A/N) Hiya! First-time writer here. I've decided to use 'he' instead of 'she' for Gakuran cuz, well, it flows better somehow. At least, it does to me. So yup, here it is! My thoughts on Episode 3. Hopefully I can write more in the future. Cheers!