Hey everyone! ^_^ This was supposed to be a oneshot, but it got veeery long, so I cut it in half. Behold, a twoshot. The second chapter will come out in a few days. This is an EXTREMELY belated birthday present for my precious baby-Cloud Strife! ... : D happy birthday, Cloud! (Back in August!;;;) Also, this is that ASGZC thing I've been talking about forever. I do apologize. v_v

I remember this came about because I was tired of reading fanfics where the following occurs: "Cloud licks lollipop suggestively" equals "apparently turned-on people" equals pairing. I thought that was kinda dumb. I wanted to do something where Cloud purposely tries all that, trying to "get his man"... and fails. Spectacularly. Cloud's really...um, strong-willed (more like mad). Please forgive him. -insert disclaimer-


Cloud nodded his head frantically, clutching the stitch in his side with his left hand as he dodged trees, jumped over roots and ducked branches with the rest of his peers. Beside him, some poor boy tripped and fell in a giant puddle—it had rained last night—and quick as a flash he was being hauled back up (but not before his face was smushed into the mud by one pissed SOLDIER).

Their morning jogs were always so entertaining.

The Cadets ran, through the woods and over the carcass of some poor mutilated rotting beast. They ran through the tall, wet grass that pulled at their pants and stung their skin. The Third Class at the end of their little group continued to scream insults and threats, but by now no one was too frightened.

Usually, Cloud used this time to think. It said a lot about a place, Cloud always thought, if you used the time that you were stepping over half-eaten monsters and trying not to vomit as your chill time. But if you concentrated hard—or did the opposite of concentrating, really—you could do all this on autopilot. So, he used this time to think... and to plot.

Cloud wasn't stupid. In two months, two months exactly, he would be sixteen; his life was slipping away. He was practically gray. There were so many things he had yet to do that other Cadets his age had. He'd never dated anyone. He'd never kissed anyone, been blown by anyone, had sex with anyone, loved anyone.

Some of those things he wasn't ready for and didn't want yet or even soon, truthfully, but Cloud wanted to get things rolling. A child he was no longer.

There were plenty of gay men in Shin-Ra and Midgar. If he really needed a boyfriend he could have one before the day was over, probably. Some people really weren't picky. Cloud had his sights on someone special, though; he wanted to share all his firsts with that someone.

Well, four someones, actually.

The boys stopped, crashing into the backs of the ones in front of them, forming a sad little line at the entrance of the obstacle course—the smaller one. Cloud sprinted at the monkey bars when it was his turn, gripping tightly onto the metal so the mud from all the other boys' hands wouldn't make him slip. His palms were so calloused by now that it didn't hurt. He jumped down at the end with a grunt, listening as the unfortunate—again—boy behind him fell with a squish into the mud beneath the bars.

Cloud hit the ground and crawled under the low wires on his belly. From here, he could see the Shin-Ra tower off in the distance; the rising sun made it look almost pretty, the pinks and yellows mixing with the ever-present green glow.

The blond wondered what they were doing. It was still early; maybe all of them were still in bed, curled around each other comfortably. Maybe Genesis was up—Zack had once said that the man was a super early riser.

Maybe Sephiroth was eating breakfast, strong, smooth jaw working as he chewed something undoubtedly incredibly healthy. Maybe Angeal was in the shower—though Zack probably was, on second thought; Angeal apparently had to be dragged out of bed every morning. The other three took turns—Zack had said that it wasn't any fun, because Angeal would guilt you into letting him have just five more minutes, over and over again.

I wouldn't mind having that job, Cloud mused as he swung from a rope. With luck Angeal would reach out with his big, strong arms and tug him close. Cloud would press his lips to the man's cheek, or maybe just beneath it and lie there, listening to Sephiroth do the dishes and Genesis complain that now there were two people to get up—

Cloud's breath left him, not in the dreamy sigh he was about to let out, but rather in a loud, pained grunt as he tumbled off the top of the scaling wall.


"Sir!" Cloud yelled, dragging himself off the ground. He caught up to the other cadets, wiping his mud-spattered face with the sleeve of his t-shirt. Someone clapped him on the back and grunted something encouraging, and Cloud grunted something back. Life at Shin-Ra.

A few hours later the sore, miserable Cadets tried to force something down in the cafeteria. Everyone complained about the cafeteria food—it was pretty tasty, actually, Cloud thought; people here were just bitches. Cloud had wormed himself into a seat in the corner of the large room, resting his back against the wall and his head against the adjacent one. He was caked in mud and stunk of sweat, just like every other guy his age in there.

Slowly Cloud lifted a spoonful of stew to his mouth, eyes flicking over the kids at his table and then behind them. His utensil stopped its journey suddenly when Cloud spotted two of them walk into the cafeteria, through big doors. They were heading for a table almost as far away from Cloud's as you could get, by a big window. Cloud hunched down in his seat and watched them.

He was lucky that he was sort of friends with Zack Fair. Through Zack, Cloud had gotten to meet his other three crushes a few times. He didn't know them very well, but they knew his name (maybe). It was a heck of a lot better than nothing, and he wouldn't be starting completely from scratch when he started all this. Cloud watched them talk, watched Angeal's arms flex as he leaned onto the table, watched Genesis's long legs stretch out under the table once he sat down. The rest of his lunch went ignored.

During his later classes Cloud began a neat outline in a fresh page of one of his notebooks. He had smartly not titled it anything embarrassing or stupid; he began on the inconspicuous first line in small print, in pencil, so he could revise. Cloud's lips turned down into a frown as he gazed at the paper, and he tapped the eraser against one puffed-out cheek. It made a satisfying noise.

He may not be starting out completely from scratch... but this was still going to be damn hard. How was he supposed to seduce the four strongest SOLDIERs in all of Shin-Ra?

He'd have to be smart about this. As a fifteen year old he didn't exactly bring much to the table—but hopefully they'd see what he could see; the five of them would be wonderful together. Cloud ached to kiss them all, hold their hands.

There was the (quite real) possibility that they were good with the four of them. They had to have one of the most unconventional relationships he'd ever seen, besides the crazies with eighty wives—what was one more person, five?

Cloud's heart was seized by the icy grip of depression and he flopped his head onto the desk. ...They wouldn't like him. Who was he? Nobody. Stupid. They were gorgeous. It was probably illegal for him to try to worm himself into their happy relationship. Fuck.

"Head up, Strife! My class isn't boring you, is it!"

Cloud snapped upright at that, afraid for his limbs. His teacher sneered at him, eyes glinting dangerously. Double fuck.

He was dirt, really... but even dirt had to try.

For a day or two more Cloud continued to plot. His outline grew from one page to fifteen. It was mostly crossed out lines and sections, but he was getting somewhere. This was working. He scoped his targets out, did some research. He even made a point to poke his head into Sephiroth's office when they were all in there to say hi, just so they all remembered that he existed and wouldn't forget about him.

Cloud hovered nervously outside Zack's apartment's door the day he had decided to start his plans, choking down a last bit of nervousness before knocking. Zack hollered "hang on a sec!" from some place back in the apartment; Cloud could hear him moving around.

He wanted to be the one saying "hang on a sec" to someone out here. He wanted to do everything with these men—he wanted it so badly his very bones hurt because of it. Cloud could've cried—and he rarely cried—because of how much he wanted to be part of these men's lives, to love them and have them love him back. To be happy.

Zack opened the door in sweatpants and a long-sleeved shirt, looking cozy and warm. Cloud wanted that coziness too. His face lit up in a bright smile; Cloud almost lost his nerve right there.

"Hey Spike," Zack said warmly. "What can I do for you?"

Did he ever say that he loved how he had been given an nickname? He loved it, even though he pretended to complain when Zack called him it. Cloud swallowed. "I...I, just, er, I just thought I haven't really seen you in a while. I was just wondering what you were doing."

Zack ushered him inside, shutting the door and walking to his living room with a yawn. It was early and a Saturday. Cloud had been half-hoping to catch Zack in pajamas. He was wearing silly slipper socks, at least, with little smiling frog faces on them. Zack caught him looking and swatted at him. "Don't laugh, they're super super warm and soft."

"I wasn't laughing!" Cloud protested, but he went ignored. Zack plopped down onto his couch, and Cloud sat at the other end. On the table in front of them was a stack of paperwork. It didn't look like Zack had gotten very far. The television was on, and Zack had a plate of eggs and toast beside it. He pulled the food onto his lap and said through his chewing, "So what's up?"

Cloud shrugged. "Dunno. Classes are okay. I got kind of banged up on our jog a few days ago, but otherwise everything's been good."

Zack grunted. "Any tests coming up?"

"Two on Friday."

"You know the stuff?"

"Yeah—I think so. I'm usually good in those two classes but I've been," he paused, "-kind of distracted lately."

"How come?" Zack slid the papers over and put his legs up on the table.

Cloud nearly flushed, but kept it under control. "I don't know—ah, just stuff on my mind, I guess."

Zack shrugged at him. He picked up a forkful of egg and held it out to Cloud, wiggling his eyebrows. Cloud stared at the other's face for perhaps a second too long, then glanced at the fork. He shyly opened his mouth, and Zack pushed it in. Cloud's lips closed around the metal, and Zack slowly pulled the fork away.

"Good, huh? I made 'em."

It was abso-fucking-disgusting, but Cloud wasn't about to tell Zack that. He really did flush this time, and nodded his head. "Mmm. Yeah. Good stuff." Zack beamed at the compliment and reached for the remote.

Fifteen minutes of comfortable chatter later, Cloud put his plan into action. A lollipop, not too big but certainly big enough (even raspberry) was pulled out of his pocket. Cloud casually unwrapped it, eyes nearly into the side of his skull as he peeked sideways to watch Zack. The SOLDIER glanced over once to see what was making the crinkling noise, then went back to watching the screen in front of them.

Cloud curled his tongue around the candy, drawing it into his mouth slowly. Zack would see his little performance, be plagued with thoughts of Cloud doing that to "certain parts of his anatomy" or whatever, and would kiss him in a lust-driven frenzy. Theoretically. That's how it happened in movies his mom watched.

Pulling it out, Cloud gave the tip a few kittenish licks before dragging his tongue slowly up the whole length of it, starting a few centimeters down onto the stick. He popped a sticky finger into his mouth and sucked on it for a second, then let it go with a pop.

Zack wasn't watching.

"Mmm," Cloud hummed with as much feeling as he could muster.

The older man whined without looking at him, "I want candy too."

I wouldn't mind sharing, Cloud thought wickedly, and redoubled his efforts. That poor lollipop received every bit of skill Cloud possessed. Some sort of hooker would be proud. The only problem was Zack wasn't fucking looking.

Irritated, Cloud bit down on the stick and pulled; after a few struggling seconds the lollipop popped off its stick. He pushed it into his cheek, flicking the stick onto the table. ...At least the candy itself was good, right?

"WOAH!" Zack exclaimed loudly as the television flashed the image of some lady with horrendously long armpit hair—it was like a foot long, no lie. Cloud couldn't really scream about how squicked out he was with his friend, though; he was too busy trying to breathe—and failing.

Cloud slapped at Zack's arm, stopping only when the man looked at him.

"Uh..." Zack peered at Cloud's face, which was turning blue.

Cloud gestured at his throat madly, crossing his arms over his chest and grabbing at his throat.

"You're choking! Shit!" Zack sprang out of the sofa, dragging Cloud up with him. He flung the limp Cloud around, screeching, "I don't know how to do that thing! Uhh! Don't worry Spike, you won't die!"

Zack suddenly punched Cloud in the stomach, as hard as he could. The Cadet froze for a second, then doubled over, the offending candy falling out of his mouth onto the carpet. He fell to the floor on top of it, clutching his stomach.

"You alright?" Zack crouched, proud of his life-saving abilities. "That was clo—dude, is that blood?"

Cloud coughed and spat, closing his eyes and whining pitifully. "I think you broke something, Zack," he rasped, "Like an organ."

The rest of the day and the next morning were spent recovering in bed and trying not to touch the huge bruise on his stomach. Eventually, though, Cloud answered Zack's apologetic texts to say that he was fine and forgave him (Cloud was still trying to seduce them all, after all, and didn't want to seem like a jerk). He dressed very carefully this day, and he was only able to leave the bathroom after spending fifteen minutes in front of the mirror, examining himself from all angles.

He had to be especially tempting today.

KnockKnockKnock—then, in a voice that made Cloud's whole body tingle, "Come in."

Cloud peeked his head into Angeal's office. It was empty, save for the man sitting at the desk—good.

"Hey Strife," Angeal said with a smile, looking pleased to see him. Cloud smiled brightly and stepped inside, closing the door. Immediately he felt...it; there was something about Angeal's presence that was almost overwhelming. In an awesome way, of course.

"Sir," Cloud greeted, not really realizing that he said it. "How are you?"

Angeal considered, glancing lazily at something on his computer screen. "Bored. I've been working for a few hours. You? Are you feeling better?"

Cloud reddened, hand immediately flying to his tummy where his bruise was. Of course Zack had told them about it... that was embarrassing.

"I'm fine," Cloud said, looking to the side and patting the spot a few times. "I will be, anyway."

Angeal smirked and gestured at a chair off to the side of the room against a wall. He leant back in his seat comfortably, looking unbelievably inviting—Cloud could only glance at his strong chest and legs and helplessly think that he'd like to sit on that lap and lean against that chest sometime, maybe rest his cheek on the man's shoulder and then stretch up to press his lips to the soft hair at the end of his chin—

Cloud sat and folded his hands in his lap after quickly dragging the chair over in front of the desk. He waited, suddenly looking very serious, and Angeal raised an eyebrow, waiting for him to speak.

"I need your help," Cloud confessed finally, looking at his knees.

Please let me be a good actor, please please-

"With what?" Angeal crossed his arms, now serious too. From what Cloud understood Angeal was one of the most approachable SOLDIERs, despite how terrifying he could be when he had a sword or was mad, and he was the guy Cadets went to the most if they needed to talk to someone. That was nice—Angeal was such a nice, understanding man, a real softy sometimes. It made Cloud smile to think about it.

He wasn't about to admit to bullying or a drug addiction or a sexually transmitted disease, but he still picked at his pants awkwardly as he said something what actually wasn't a lie at all, "I'm having some trouble with my hand-to-hand." He got his ass beat by the bigger boys on a regular basis. Cloud was lucky that he didn't have any enemies at Shin-Ra and got along with mostly everyone—otherwise he might be in deep shit.

"And, uh," he floundered, "I was wondering if you could help me a bit with it sometime." He immediately launched into a flurry of words, "It's just, you're Zack's mentor so I know you'd be able to help a lot—but if you don't want to that's okay, if you're busy or whatever or if you just don't wanna because I'm only a Cadet or something, I'd understand-"

Angeal stood, making Cloud stop. He glanced at the clock by the door and said, "I've got a few hours free; I'm taking a break. You came at just the right time."

Cloud blinked at him for a moment before smiling so brightly his face hurt. "Thank you!"

"No problem," he grunted. Cloud was nearly blinded as Angeal pulled his sleeveless SOLDIER uniform top over his head. He immediately turned around and stared at the wall, blushing to the roots of his hair. Staring was badbadbad! He felt a hand land on his shoulder; Angeal grinned down at him, now wearing a white t-shirt identical to Cloud's he had gotten from the closet built into the wall to the left.

At first it seemed like Angeal was going to lead him to one of the smaller gyms, but the older man stopped halfway there, tilted his head and started walking in a new direction. Cloud walked beside him, bemused, and was incredibly grateful when Angeal bought him a water bottle at a vending machine they passed with Gil he fished out of one of his pockets. He privately vowed to keep the thing until the day he died. A gift from Angeal!

"Not a problem," he said dismissively, smiling that Hewley smile at him. Cloud gave his happy Strife smile back, and was led outside. They walked around the building, discussing what Cloud needed more help with, as Angeal led him to a section of soft grass far enough from one of the buildings that they wouldn't be bothered.

They stood a short distance away from each other and began to stretch, still talking. Angeal listened closely and gave him some tips, asking about the sorts of things he did in class.

Angeal asked a lot of odd questions, too—like how often Cloud exercised outside of his required training, how many pushups he could do, and even his favorite food. Cloud, figuring Angeal was trying to determine...how strong he was or something, or perhaps just trying to increase his Strife knowledge, indulged him. At any rate, Angeal was one of the best teachers around, and he was eager to learn and help in any way he could. Eventually Angeal stood, brushed off his knees, and helped Cloud to his feet. Cloud smiled up at him—and, in the blink of an eye, he was thrown to the ground.

"Ow," Cloud grunted. Angeal smirked at him. Oh Gaia.

They began with more easy, basic stuff; Angeal was just feeling the blond out. Cloud had never really trained with any of them—he'd watched, though. All four were, honestly, out of this world.

Cloud grappled with Angeal, trying to put up his best fight. He could see, at this close distance, how much power was in the man before him. He could certainly feel it, too. Under his fingertips were the strong arms he'd pictured gently wrapped around his body, heavy with sleep and warm to the touch.

"Ugh—waah!" Cloud yelled as he was flipped over Angeal's shoulder. He hit the ground hard, air leaving his lungs in a painful woosh.

The look he got from his superior officer was completely opposite the soft, fond look he usually gave.

It was exciting.

"Get up."

Cloud scrambled to stand. 'Geal was in Commander mode now, and Cloud loved it. Loved it.

He even loved getting the snot beat out of him, because Angeal was genuinely a great, great teacher. Zack certainly was lucky to get Angeal to mentor him those years ago.

But, it was he who was lucky right now.

"Shift your weight forward." Cloud did so.

He was lucky, because... his plan would work this time. After the disaster of his 'seducing' Zack, Cloud thought long and hard about how to win Angeal over. His notebook had gained a new page.

This time he'd have some success. Angeal, hot and sweaty, would slowly be driven crazy by Cloud's display of manliness. All this close-quarters touching and repeated grabs and whatever else would send his superior officer into a frenzy and he'd lose it and kiss him. Theoretically. They'd make out out here, on the grass for a while, and then Angeal would take his hand and bring him inside and—

Angeal barked, "Pay attention!" He lunged at the spacing-out blond to prove why you always had to be alert; Cloud would be dead in minutes if he was in a real battle.

Cloud saw Angeal suddenly appear in front of him, coming out of his little trance, and Cloud, startled, slipped. Angeal didn't anticipate the lack of something to crash into and fell down too—they both crashed to the earth.

Cloud blinked at the stubbled chin in front of his face. Something was weird. They both, at the same time, looked at Cloud's right arm.

It was weird, how it didn't hurt yet because right there in the middle of his forearm was ohmigod... well, he broke it. It was bent at an almost complete right angle, straight up at the sky. And, shit—there was his bone, ohfuck-

It started to hurt.

Cloud screamed.

Angeal cursed loudly, "Ohhh—shit."

Cloud thrashed, jostling his arm and making it hurt even worse. Angeal quickly bent down and tried to get his hands underneath Cloud's back; the blond kicked weakly at him, half out of his mind with pain.

He wailed, not realizing he was using the man's first name, "Angeeeeeaaal—"

Angeal scooped him up, apologizing profusely, saying into Cloud's ear that he hadn't brought any cures and shit, it was an accident. Cloud clung to the SOLDEIR as the man hurried him back towards the tower and the infirmary.

Things passed in a teary blur for Cloud. He remembered pressing his face into Angeal's neck, which was perhaps kind of okay, and he remembered Angeal apologizing still and running his fingers through his hair, and then he remembered...well.

Cloud frowned at the ceiling, trying to think. Hm. Hmm.

Wait. Cloud looked around fuzzily. His arm was blue. No... that wasn't it. And... ah. He was in one of the infirmary's rooms.

Cloud sat there stupidly for a time, slowly feeling his brain's cloudiness go away so he could think more clearly.

When he realized his arm was in a cast he knocked his knuckles on it. Hard. Gosh—he never wanted to see his bones ever, ever again.

Eventually a nurse came in. Cloud was thinking normally but his arm was in pain again. She asked him if he'd like some more pain killers; he answered with a passionate yes. He popped two tiny pills in his mouth, watched as she pressed something on the thing hooked up to his IV, swallowed, and was out like a light.

When he woke up again, Angeal was there. The man was sitting in a chair a few feet away from his bedside, scribbling away at a thick stack of stapled papers. He looked pretty stressed.

Cloud longed to kiss the grumpy lines on his forehead, to smooth them away and make the man forget all about anything sad or distressing. There was something about Angeal that made Cloud's whole body itch; he wanted to squeeze and feel and kiss and press every inch of his body against the older man and stay there.

He must have made some dazed sort of noise because the man looked up at him. He quickly set aside his things and moved, standing over the side of the bed and bending over him, inspecting his face worriedly.

"How are you feeling?" he asked.

Cloud felt kind of self-conscious like this (and more than a little ashamed of his whole abysmal situation). "...Alright...Sir."

"Hey." Angeal's warm palm landed on the top of Cloud's head, and he ruffled the younger male's hair a bit. "There's nothing to be embarrassed about. I'm sorry about all this. It's my fault."

"If I had payed attention..." Cloud began, looking over at his cast. Someone had signed it when he was asleep—ah, Zack.

Angeal moved his hand, and the top of Cloud's head felt positively cold. "Then you might have had an even worse injury—there's no telling." He gave Cloud a warm smile, a smile that made Cloud feel like he had just dipped his feet into a hot tub. "I shouldn't have rushed you like that," he said stoically, not accepting any sort of apology or protest on Cloud's part.

They talked for a little while, and then Angeal was called away for something SOLDIER-related. Zack stopped in for a short while and teased him about the whole thing (Cloud had whacked him with his cast and it hadn't even hurt).

Then, after getting a checkup from Dr. Hojo (something he never wanted to relive) he headed to his room.

Okay, so seducing Angeal hadn't worked. It really hadn't worked. Instead of being brutually kissed and felt up out there on the grass he had his arm almost snapped in half. Still, Cloud thought with a small smile as he crossed out a few lines in his notebook, he had gotten a good conversation out of it. And Angeal had been so manly, taking care of him like that...

He was losing his goddamn mind.

"Come on! He's coming!"

"...I dunno, man—"

"Don't be a baby!"

"What if he—"

"He won't! I promise!"

They heard his footsteps.

Cloud and Henry froze. They had, like, fifteen seconds. Maybe.

"You owe me," Henry hissed.

Cloud nodded. "Three days' worth of homework."


They both looked to the side. Genesis Rhapsodos was on his way down the hallway—his red clothing stuck out, even in such a dark, drab place. Cloud's heart sped up, and he looked at Henry expectantly. The boy swore and suddenly picked Cloud up the front of his shirt and slammed him into the wall. The back of Cloud's head cracked against the metal and he let out a sharp cry of pain, peeking open an eye to watch the redhead.

Cloud had Genesis all figured out. He had, of course, heard the rumors. Genesis was really envious of General Sephiroth because Sephiroth was—let's face it—gorgeous, strong, and powerful. Everyone loved Sephiroth (everyone who supported Shin-Ra, that is). Genesis was often heard shouting passionate declarations about how he was going to be a hero, how he was going to surpass Sephiroth and beat him at his own game.

It had worried him, at first, that the two of them were so often fighting. Genesis and Sephiroth still remained very much in love though; this was all some neat dynamic of their relationship that made it so successful, he guessed.

If Genesis saw a poor innocent boy getting threatened and beat up in a hallway, he would certainly come to that boy's rescue. Cloud could see Genesis ripping Henry away from him and asking, blue eyes full of concern, "Are you alright, Cloud?" He would reply, "Yes—thank you so much for saving me, Sir..." and they'd kiss and everything would be okay. Theoretically.

"I saw you with my girlfriend!" Henry growled.

Cloud's eyes widened and he frantically shook his head. Henry corrected himself. "Er—where's my lunch money, punk!"

After a moment Cloud rolled his eyes and began to struggle. Genesis was getting closer. His face was, predictably, hidden behind a book, probably LOVELESS.

"I don't have any lunch money for you!" Cloud wailed, trying to be loud enough to get his Commander's attention.

"Shut up!" Henry shook him more viciously, looking to his left just as Cloud did. Genesis was almost even with them, so Henry increased his rough treatment, arms straining as he slammed poor Cloud into the wall again and again.

Both boys held their breath as Genesis passed by them. Cloud waited, and Henry braced himself for some rough treatment of his own...and Genesis continued walking.

Cloud was set on his feet, and they gaped at Genesis's back. They could see it now—there were two small cords running down from Genesis's ears—headphones.

A few muttered lines of poetry echoed in the now-empty hallway, and Genesis turned a page. Oh, fuck—Cloud had heard about that. There was this new audiobook thing of LOVELESS where you could read along and listen at the same time. Dammit!

"...Three days' worth of homework," Henry spat, shoving Cloud's shoulder. He hurried away in the opposite direction, looking frazzled.

Cloud stood there for a moment, rubbing the back of his head.

...This wasn't working out.

First Zack, then Angeal, and now Genesis—none of his carefully-crafted plans were working. He just...he just wanted to be with them—was that too much to ask? He wanted to kiss them and hug them and take showers with them and make them happy, you know?

Maybe this just wasn't destined to work out. Genesis turned the corner, the back of his coat flapping almost teasingly at him, and Cloud sighed.

There was still Sephiroth left. If things got messed up again, this fourth and final time, he'd stop. He'd die an old, lonely virgin, shriveled and unloved and watching Zack and the others from afar, tears sliding down his wrinkled face...

…..Okay, or not. He'd get over it eventually. But, seriously—he'd leave them alone if that was the case.

That just meant that he couldn't fail this time with Sephiroth, eh?

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