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Takes place after season 8

Piper is getting a new power that can take out a city block as demons are trying to steal it for themselves which causes her to use her powers against her family. All four sisters are in a fight for their lives, not just from Piper but from demons as well.

This story came from a friends account and she is no longer continuing it. I corrected some grammar issues and will be changing the ending.

Rise of the Chaosain

Chapter 1

Never Judge a Demon by its Cover

The light from the sun's rays stretched across the bed moving slowly, but as the sun took its rightful place in the horizon, the hot rays were now highlighting a beautiful face with long dark hair. The light from the window forced dark brown eyes to slowly open and then squint tightly again. Piper let out a moan sound as she turned away from the intruder that woke her from a slumbering sleep, and found herself steering into bright green eyes and a loving smile.

"Good morning," Piper said and Leo smiled wide as he put his arm around his waking wife.

"Morning beautiful," Leo replied.

"God those words never get old," She said to herself as she embraced him. They both sent in silence with their eyes closed, listening to each other's breath.

"I should get up," Piper said and let Leo pull her tightly to him.

"No you should sleep some more," He replied.

She smiled and wanted to give in to his request but the boys would be waking soon. Breakfast needed to be made, rooms needed to be cleaned and if the underworld was feeling lucky, demons needed to be vanquished, Piper thought.

"Sorry honey but I can't," She protested.

"I know what would make you stay," Leo said very sure of himself.

Leo opened his eyes and moved gently on top of Piper, kissing her neck softly.

"Leo, I really need to get up," Piper said as he started making love to her.

Piper was afraid of waking the boys so she covered her mouth but found it was not working very well to cover her approval, so she grabbed a pillow and put it over her face. This was a mistake because neither one of them noticed Paige orb in.

"Oh my GOD, I am so sorry, I am so sorry," Paige rapidly said.

Paige was in a pink nightgown that fell to her knees and with short sleeves. She entirely covered her face and turned around.

"PAIGE Dammit, I was so close," Piper said under her breath as Leo was already under the sheets facing away from her, mostly because below his waist something was not ready to go down yet.

"Paige why didn't you knock?" Leo asks annoyed.

"I know – I know but for god's sake it's 7:30 in the morning, I don't think frogs do it this early," Paige answered and was still facing away from them but she could hear rustling noises behind her. Piper was now put on her bathrobe and not happy about it.

"What are you doing here?" Piper demanded as she got Leo his bathrobe. She loved her sister but sometimes she can be somewhat of a ditz.

"Nice to see you too," Paige replied a little hurt.

Leo was out of the bed and not pointing anymore from his lower waist, the mood was gone.

"You know what I mean, is everything OK?" Piper asks concerned.

"No there is a demon in the nursery," Paige answered while turning around slowly hoping that the rustling was them getting dressed and not getting busy.

"Honey your not do for at least 7 months and you're not even showing yet," Piper said while tying her robe.

"Piper that is so not the point," Paige put her hands on her hips a little frustrated that Piper would even hesitate when it came to demons.

"OK- OK I'm coming," Piper bit her lip and closed her eyes tight at the thought of what she just said.

"Apparently not," Leo said under his breath but Paige still heard him.

"I said I was sorry, now could you come and blow him up," Paige was now turning red at what she just said as she held hands with Piper.

"I can't believe I'm doing this in my nighty, be home soon honey," A slightly embarrassed Piper said.

"I will get breakfast ready, love you and be careful," Leo said to his wife with a concerned voice.

"I know, love you too," Piper replied.

Paige and Piper orbed away and then orbed into Paige's living room. Paige was the artist of the family so all the colors went together nicely on the walls, and the modern furniture was unique in shape and texture. Piper was more of the antique person, so hers and Paige's style clashed when Paige was living at the manner. They moved slowly to the nursery and could see Henry standing near the door.

"Henry what are you doing get away from there?" Paige nervously said to Henry.

Henry turned a little startled and moved away from the door.

"Paige you scared me and it's just sitting there," Henry said relieved to see her and Piper.

"What is it?" Piper ask holding onto Paige's hand tightly not knowing what to expect as they approach the door.

"It's a big green slimy thing," Paige replied.

Piper poked her head around the corner and looked puzzled at the green blob that didn't seem to notice their presents. She squinted her eyes and bit her lip a little to withhold a laugh.

"Why didn't you just orb it to a volcano or something?" Piper asks.

"Wow Piper I never thought of that, I tried but it did not budge," Paige replied while tilting her head slightly looking very annoyed.

"OK, but it looks harmless," Piper said and was laughing now as the green blog looked more ridiculous then menacing. The movie ghost busters came to mind when she saw it.

"I'll keep it as a pet and then feed my twins to it," Paige joked.

"Huh," Henry said with a concerned look on his face from his wife's remarks. He knows that at times they get possessed and at that moment the thought crossed his mind. Paige noticed his facial expression and walked over to him patting his cheek.

"I'm kidding honey," Paige told Henry.

"OK people back it up," Piper said while putting herself in front of the door hands out and ready. Paige and Henry moved away and waited for the explosion that was about to commence. Piper flicked her wrist in a fluid motion as she usually does and the green blog started expanding and shaking but never made a noise and exploded, shooting green slime all over the room and onto Piper.

"Piper you made a mess," Paige whimpered.

Piper turned around putting her hands down and spitting out some slime that made it to her mouth. Both Henry and Paige had a disgusted look on they face.

"What, Well then don't call the one who can blow things up to help you," Piper voiced while walking past them making squishy noises with her slippers as she made her way to the bathroom. She could hear Paige say the spell that removes messes as she walked in and grabbed a towel off the counter. Paige followed behind her when she was done with Henry in tow.

"Hormones," Henry said trying to defend his wife as Piper clearly looked a little upset at her baby sister's comments.

"Yeah, sorry Piper thanks," Paige apologized.

Piper cleaned herself off as much as she could without needing a fire hose to remove the slime and washed her mouth out in the sink.

"Apology accepted," Piper replied.

Piper looked at Paige for a moment and then rushed to give her a hug. Paige tried to run but was too late, she was now embraced with a slime covered Piper who was laughing and enjoying every moment of it.

"Ewe get off," Paige squealed out but was laughing too, she missed this; she missed the sister moments they shared at the manner and gave into the embrace closing her eyes and smiling.

"Well I should probably go home now. Chris likes his pancakes made into small animals and Wyatt seems to want his to look like a dragon," Piper rolled her eyes at the comment and gave a halfcocked smile.

"Yeah, he sure likes those dragons," Paige said.

"Thanks again Piper, we will see you later for lunch right?" Henry asks.

"Yap, Phoebe will be so surprised when we show up to give her a lunch at work," Piper replied.

"I hope so, she has been so busy lately I hope she can suck down some food," Paige blushed again at hearing the word sucked come out of her mouth and notices Piper's eyes narrowing a little with a small smile, and finished by saying "I said I was sorry."

"It's OK, the fact that the memory is stuck in your head forever is good enough for me," Piper said with a halfcocked smile.

"What are you talking about?" Henry asked confused.

Both the girls chuckled a bit and looked at Henry then looked at each other, then back to him. Henry backed away and started to run laughing a little but Paige orbed in front of him.

"Hay no fair," Henry said trying to move away from them.

Piper gave him a hug from behind and Paige from the front, he was now covering in the slime as well.

To be continued…