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Chapter 11

Rage Must Die

With a swift upward movement from Prue the two front doors to the house flung open and came off their hinges. Piper and Prue were now standing in the hallway side by side ready to face Rage once and for all.

"Well that was rude," Rage said standing a few feet away from them.

"Shut it," Piper replied.

"You can't kill me I'm part of you," Rage said now backing up a little as the two sisters approached.

"It's a part I can live without," Piper said trying not to show how injured she was when she walked.

Prue used her powers again and Rage just moved a few feet back, then with a flick of her wrist hit Prue in her arm. Prue was turned sideways from the force but did not fall down as Piper looked concerned for her older sister.

"Distract her," Piper said now limping quickly to the living room.

"Got it," Prue replied and started using her powers to throw objects at Rage.

A lamp hit Rage in the chest then a large book and after that a small round table. Rage blew up the table and then forced her power on Prue but was interrupted when Piper used a table leg to hit her over the head hard, knocking Rage to the ground.

"Bitch, so eager to die here, just give in it will make it easier for you," Rage said angrily said rising up and blocking Piper's attempt to hit her again.

"NO!" Piper yelled and kicked Rage in the stomach pushing her to the wall and making Piper loose her balance as her bad leg gave out.

Prue ran to Piper but was stopped by something; she felt something tightening around her legs and looked down. The veins were pulling Prue into the floor. "What the hell is going on," Prue said as she tried to pull the veins off her leg and looked around her trying to find anything that would cut them off.

"Prue!" Piper yelled noticing her sister being pulled into the floor.

Rage stood up and saw with pleasure what was happening and with a smile picked Piper up from the throat lifting her off the ground till her feet dangled in the air. Piper could feel her wind pipe being crushed as her vision started to fade and her ears hummed from the lack of oxygen. Prue used her free arm to throw the lamp again, hitting Rage in the side of the rips making her relinquish her grasp on Piper.

"Piper help!" Prue's voice filled with panic.

Piper got up and took a deep breath then ran to Prue who was now at her waist with the veins pulling her down by the shoulders and wrapped around her arms pulling them down as well.

"Prue! I'm coming," Piper said and tried to pull off the veins using her fingernails to cut what she could.

"Piper look out!" Prue said looking over Piper's shoulder.

Piper turned just as Rage used the broken table leg to hit her in the side of the head causing a large gash on her upper eyebrow. Piper grabbed her head in pain and rolled a little bit on the floor before finally opening her eyes to see a piece of thick wood coming down on her again. She rolled to the side and the table leg broke in half from the impact of hitting the floor.

"Dammit stay still," Rage said as she tried to flick her wrist again but Piper was able to grab her arms from behind and through her hard to the ground landing on her back. Piper using her knees to pin down Rage's arms to the floor and stretched out to get the piece of broken table leg that seem to be just outside of her grasp.

"Come on Piper reach," Piper said to herself as she strained to hold Rage in her spot and reach the table leg. She looked up for a moment to check on Prue who was now almost completely covered with the veins and now at her neck in the floor. Piper could hear Prue choking and some of the veins forced themselves into Prue's mouth causing her to gag. "Please God help me!" Piper said as she could feel the broken table leg on the tips of her fingers and with one last reach she grabbed it. Piper lifted the piece high in the air and with all her forced it down hard right into Rage's chest straight to her heart.

"I'm not going alone," Rage spat out as she pulled Piper down to the protruding wood trying to force Piper on to it. Piper put both her hands on the floor and pushed up against rages pull down. The sharp tip of the wood was now piercing Piper's chest, she could feel the sting of it entering her skin and with all of the energy she had left she rolled to her side grabbed the other piece in with a hard thrust brought it down onto Rages head right in the middle of the eyes, until the hardness of the floor stopped it. Piper wasted no time and rushed to Prue who was still gagging and choking on the vines but her head was the only thing that was showing, and it was going down fast.

"PRUE! I don't understand I killed her, why is this still happening? Piper said almost hysterical while pulling the veins out of Prue's mouth. Prue threw up a little and tried to speak.

" Wa...ke up …...Wake up! Prue yelled with panic.

Piper closed her eyes trying to slow her breathing down. "Just wake up Piper, just wake up," She said mouthing the words but no sound came out as she continued to try to force herself to come out of the coma.

Paige ran to Prue's side because she was choking on something, Paige looked into her mouth but could not see anything that was obstructing the airflow.

"What's wrong with her? Phoebe said trying to stop the bleeding from Pipers head.

"I don't know, it's like she's choking on something, but I don't see anything in there," Paige said holding Prue's head while she was starting to turn purple and convulse from the lack of oxygen.

Ava ran over to Prue and put pillows all around her head to keep Prue from hitting it on the headboard. Henry looked at the clock and saw they only had two minutes left.

"Come on!" He said loudly not caring how panicked he sounded.

Leo was beside Piper squeezing her hand tight and whispered into her ear.

"Piper honey just open your eyes, that's all you have to do, just open your eyes," Leo said calmly.

Piper opened her eyes wide taking in whatever the oxygen the room could give her causing her to arch her back and scream out, not knowing if she was still in her mind are free of it. Prue took a deep breath as well squeezing her sister's hand tightly and opened her eyes as well.

"Thank you, thank you," Leo said now crying hard into Piper's shoulder.

Piper could feel someone lying against her shoulder shaking and crying hard. She put her hand on the back of Leo's head and squeeze it a little probably just a test to see if he was real. Piper looked around half dazed at all the faces staring down at her with wide smiles and flowing tears. At first they were mostly a blur but then they all came into focus. Phoebe, Paige, Leo, Henry, Coop, Ava and a young man she did not know with blonde hair and light blue eyes were now in full view.

"What's all the ruckus about?" Piper said through a raspy voice with a little laugh as she closed her eyes again trying desperately to keep them open. Ava rushed over to her and shook her a little.

"Piper stay awake ok, you need to drink and eat something before you go back to sleep," Ava said while putting her hand behind her back and tilting Piper up so she could give her something to drink.

Paige grabbed a bottle of water off a small table and handed it to Ava, and then ran into the bathroom to get a cold washcloth. Piper opened her eyes again and remembered something, "Prue," She said looking to her right and staring into deep blue eyes that were smiling back at her.

"Remind me never to go into your mind again," Prue said now hugging Piper as best she could considering their positions on the bed. Piper absorbed the embrace and she felt the connection she missed for so long and her body completely relaxed. Prue finally let go and slowly raised herself out of the bed.

"God I have to go to the bathroom," She said as she left the bedroom, while Paige followed her out.

"Prue are you ok? We thought you were choking, do you need something to drink, maybe you should sit down," Paige said not taking a breath between the questions.

"Paige I'm fine, I just need to go to the bathroom and clear my head a little, Ok," Prue answered holding onto Paige's shoulders. Paige smiled and let her go but stayed outside in the hallway of the bathroom door pacing a little.

"Piper you scared us have to death, don't ever do that again," Phoebe said and not in a joking way but an angry one, she immediately felt bad and jumped on the bed giving her older sister a tight warm hug.

"Sorry Pheebs," Piper replied knowing that she really was not angry with her but scared.

Ava took the bottled water and put some in the cap because Piper was so dehydrated if she drank a lot or to fast it would make her sick. She walked over to Piper and started to give her the cap of water but noticed Piper's hands were shaking badly.

"Leo could you give this to her while I get some things out of my bag?" Ava said handing the cap to Leo.

"No problem, Piper drink this slowly ok," Leo said holding Piper's head as he lifted the cap to her lips and watched her sip the cool water. She wanted to take the whole bottle from the table but new it would make her hurl, so she restrained herself to the little sips Leo would give her every few minutes.

"Thank you," Piper said to Leo as he gave her more to drink and smiled lovingly at him, but her smile turned to puzzlement.

"What the hell happened to me and where are the boys?" Piper said with a little worry in her voice.

"The boys are fine and are at Magic school," Leo said now looking at Piper's injuries. "Phoebe could you get Paige in here to heal her,"

"Sure Leo," Phoebe answered and left the room.

Prue was sitting on the tub with her hands resting on her knees, with her eyes closed trying to wipe out all the horrific memories of Piper's mind. She finally stood up and walked over to the mirror looking into her reflection out of habit. "God I know I'm dead but I shouldn't look this bad," Prue laughed a little at her inner thought. Her long black hair was frizzy with strands pointing in every direction and dark circles around her blood shot eyes did very little to improve the look. She turned on the faucet and let the water get cold before splashing it on her face while grabbing a clean washcloth. Prue inhaled deeply taking in the scent of the washcloth for a moment, suddenly getting flashbacks to when she used to enter this bathroom day in and day out. She smile at the warmth they brought and then frowned when she moved her eyes down her sweat drenched clothes, her dark blue shirt had sweat stains under her arm pit and around the neck, and her blue jeans felt tight from the moisture around her knees and thighs, " I'm not really fond of this look," Prue said again with a little laugh. She could hear Paige pacing outside, so she decided to start a conversation with her, by asking for some clothes. Before she left the room she grabbed a glass of water trying to remove the taste of the veins and the scratchiness that her throat felt.

Piper looked down at her body under the sheet and saw she was wearing a hospital gown, but it was torn and tattered and barely covering her. There was a warm wetness under her bottom that by the smell she could tell it was urine. She was still covered with gray dust that at first she thought was the remnants of the ceramic pieces that broke, and it gave her a shiver. Her left leg was much larger than her right and hurt badly when she tried to move it a little, which caused her to winch and shut her eyes tightly. Her long dark hair felt stuck to her head as she tried to run her fingers through it but stopped when she reached the back of her head. She could feel a large bump and something that felt like dried blood.

"God what happened?" Piper said now touching her injured shoulder.

"Piper I think this is something that can wait until you are rested," Ava said as she brought her black bag over and set it down next to Piper.

Ava opened her bag and took out very as things, a stethoscope a small bottle filled with liquid and a syringe. Piper immediately jumped back a little mostly because she hates needles and was still a little dazed and was getting flashback from when the demons had her. Leo noticed this and gently put his hand on her cheek which caused Piper to react to his gentle touch.

"Piper its ok, she is here to help you," Leo said while moving a strand of hair out of her face.

Piper had clean lines coming from the corner of her eyes and down her cheek, which seemed to contrast the dirt and grime on the rest of her face. Her tears have cut through all the dirt the last two days inflicted on her.

"How about a bath?" Leo said knowing that Piper felt gross.

"I want to see my son's Leo, I need to see them," Piper said as the tears came again continuing to cut the straight lines in her face.

Paige walked into the room and went to Piper's side, she put out her hands and the familiar warm glow flowed out of her hands and onto Piper's body. She took a deep breath feeling all the pain go away, but was still extremely exhausted and very confused.

"How did you guys kill the demons, there were so many of them?" Piper said as she leaned back and put her head on the headboard.

Everyone in the room was not sure what to say and there was an odd silence that made Piper open her eyes again and look around.

"Well," Piper said a little frustrated that no one was talking.

"I will start the bath water," Henry quickly said and went to the bathroom.

"And who are you?" Piper asks the blonde hair man.

"Oh, I'm Tyler, remember me the little fire starter," He answered a little uncomfortable.

Piper looked at him oddly for a moment and then smiled brightly.

"Tyler, oh my god, well look at you, you grew up to be a handsome young man;" Piper said but then quickly looked at Leo.

" Please tell me what happened, I thought all of you were dead including the boys, so I really need some answers and I really need to see them," Piper finished now looking stern.

"Piper everyone is okay, and you really need to rest and eat something, you have been out of it for the last two days," Leo said trying hard not to tell her too much right now.

Phoebe put her hands in the back of her pockets and looked away into space. Piper noticed this and immediately focused on her younger sister.

"Phoebe since no one else will tell me, and I know you can't keep a secret, spill it," Piper asks hoping to get a response out of her.

"Honey they are right, you need to rest," Phoebe answered trying desperately not to go into details.

"Leo should I go get the boys?" Coop finally said something after a long silence.

"Yes you should," Piper spoke up before Leo could answer.

Leo nodded at Coop to say it was okay and he harted out.

"The bath is ready," Henry said coming back into the bedroom.

Prue walked in and sat down in one of the chairs next to the fireplace.

"How is she?" Prue ask taking a drink of water out of her glass.

"Ok, thanks to you," Leo said getting up and giving Prue a hug while she was sitting down.

"I shouldn't take all the credit, if you didn't come when you did," Prue said and closed her eyes and did not finish the sentence.

Piper continued to stare at Prue and wonderment and thought back to just a few moments ago when she was being dragged into the floor.

"Prue I'm sorry I didn't wake up sooner," Piper said with her eyes watering," And I'm sorry for saying what I said in the attic.

"Piper it's not your fault, and I know you didn't mean it," Prue answered smiling at her.

Everyone in the room stood there silent and not knowing what events took place in Piper's mind, and were unsure if they wanted to know. Leo picked Piper up off the bed and took her to the bathroom.

"Ok, everyone let's get this place cleaned up, and make sure she's comfortable," Phoebe said as she starting to pull the sheets off the bed as Paige and Ava helped.

" I need to take some vitals from her soon, just to make sure she's okay and I have a mild sedative if we need it," Ava said taking her bag off the bed.

"The boys will be here soon and I don't want them to see her like this," Phoebe said as she took the pillowcases off.

"I will go get her something to eat as well as myself," Prue said starting to stand up but was stopped by Paige.

"No you need to rest too and do you want some jams, I think I have some that will fit, I know you're taller than me but it should be ok?" Paige asks a little nervous.

"That would be great Paige," Prue replied putting her glass of water on the table.

"I will go make us something to eat, after Piper helped me and I had some of her cookies, I got interested in cooking, so I should be able to come up with something," Tyler said as he left the room.

"Piper can only handle Jell-O or soup Tyler," Ava said before he left completely.

"Ok, I will bring hers first," He finished and walked out.

Leo sat Piper down on the toilet seat and began to take off the hospital gown. She watched him and then brought him into a kiss with her hands coupling his face. He looked tired and worn down as well is concerned and there were dark circles around his eyes showing the lack of sleep. Piper placed her lips to his and with a deep breath released her hands putting them on his shoulder.

"Thank you," Piper said staring deep into his eyes.

"You're welcome," He replied staring deep into her dark brown eyes.

Piper was free of the tattered cloth that covered her and let Leo pick her up again and put her into the warm bubble filled warm water.

"Why did he put bubble bath in," Piper said laughing a little.

"I don't know, maybe he thought you'd like it;" Leo said as he grabbed a glass that set next to the tub and filled it with water.

"He would be right," Piper said closing her eyes and let the cascading water flow over her face.

Leo washed her hair gently and methodically, getting out any dirt and grime that still remained. He then lifted up her arm and using a washcloth moved carefully up and down the length of her arm. Leo continued this until every inch of her was clean and free from the concrete dust.

"Why won't anyone tell me what happened?" Piper asks playing with one of the bubbles.

"We will I promise, the main thing is that you're okay now and home," Leo replied standing up and getting a towel.

"Can you stand up?" Leo asks holding the towel in front of him.

"I think so," Piper replied, and by using her hands to push down on the side of the tub she slowly rose and was covered with bubbles. She looked down at herself noticing that the bubbles were placed in very convenient spots and laughed a little. Leo put the towel around her and got one for her head, he knew Piper also put a towel on her hair after a bath or shower. Leo then realized that if the boys show up they might say something about what happened, so he had no choice but to tell her.

Coop harted in with the boys just as Phoebe finished making the bed.

"Hi Ant Phoebe," Wyatt said hugging her.

"Aunt Phoebe," Chris said with an excitement in his voice.

"Hi guys," Phoebe reacted and hugged them both.

"Where is Aunt Paige and mommy?" Chris said trying to jump on the freshly made bed.

"Hay buddy, we just made that," Paige said grabbing Chris off of the bed.

"Sorry Aunt Paige," Chris said and gave her a hug.

Piper looked at Leo stunned and was a little in shock.

"A dam chip did this, it made me see you guys as demons, and what do you mean new power," Piper finally spat out after a long moment of silence.

"I know honey, but we don't know much about it yet and it shouldn't happen again for a while, and it wasn't opposed to be this bad," Leo answered using the towel to dry off her hair.

Piper didn't react to him drying her hair but instead just stared, starting to remember everything that occurred in the last two days. She had flashes of the woods and how she almost killed one of them but not knowing who she fired upon. And then in a split second remember actually hitting one of them making them fly back out of the attic. Piper put her hand to her mouth and the other to her chest.

"Oh god, I hurt one of you didn't I?" Piper said through tears.

"It's not your fault; please understand that because none of us blame you for what happened," Leo said taking the towel off her head and putting it aside.

Piper had another flash, the little demon the one that walked into the crystal cage he was about Chris's height. Piper immediately stood up almost knocking Leo to the ground and lifted the toilet seat up. She felt her stomach overturn onto itself and felt dizzy and she began to vomit what little liquid she had in her.

"Piper its ok, honey he's fine and he understands you were sick, and couldn't help it," Leo said while holding her hair back and away from her face.

"I almost killed him Leo," Piper cried out barely able to breathe.

Piper could hear what sounded like her son's in the bedroom and stood nervously.

"Its ok honey they love you and understand it was not your fault," Leo standing next to his wife who was shaking a little.

Piper took a deep breath and stopped her tears, "Please don't hate me; please don't be afraid of me," Piper said to herself as she closed her eyes.

"Come on honey lets go see our sons," Leo said as he pulled on her hand to make her move forward.

Leo and Piper emerged from the bathroom with Leo in the lead and Piper right after. Piper scanned the room looking down for any signs of her son's, and then her eyes met Chris green ones.

"Mommy, your better," Chris said and ran to her with open arms.

Piper fell to her knees and saw her son run to her like he always has. The moment they embraced was heaven for Piper as she squeezed him tight.

"Mommy I can't breathe," Chris whispered into her ear.

"I'm sorry peanut,' Piper said letting go a little so he could move. Piper's tears were flowing again as she looked at him and she could smell the shampoo she always used on him and his short dark hair shined in the little light in the room. Chris put is small hand on her cheek and patted it.

"It's ok mommy, I know you're not mad at me, you were just sick, but you're all better now," Chris's soft and delicate voice uttered.

"I love you so much baby and I'm sorry," Piper said putting her hand on Chris's little one.

Piper looked into the room again and saw Wyatt standing next to Phoebe holding her hand and could see Phoebe saying something into his ear. Wyatt smiled and ran to Piper giving a big hug. All three sat on the floor for what seem like hours before she finally let go of them.

"Ok boys, you need to go to bed, it's late and mommy needs to rest," Leo said picking up Chris and taking Wyatt's hand. Chris said something in Leo's ear and he stopped and walked over to Piper who was still on the floor wiping her face with the pajama sleeves that Leo helped her into earlier.

"Here mommy, take blanket for tonight ok, it will help you sleep," Chris said handing his beloved blanket to Piper.

Piper took it out of his hand and held it firm to her chest.

"Thank you peanut, I love you both sleep well," Piper said as Paige and Henry helped her up and to bed and she never removed her eyes off of her son's until they left the room with Leo.

"You ok Pipe?" Prue asks sitting next to her in bed.

"Yeah, Leo told me what happened I am so sorry to everyone," Piper replied looking at the small blanket Chris gave her.

"its ok honey, you did nothing wrong, besides your quite the escape artist," Paige implied kissing Piper on the head, "I am going to bed, Prue will you be here for a while?' Paige nervously asks.

"Yes a long while, so we can catch up in the morning," Prue answered.

"Ok everyone out and let Piper eat in peace," Phoebe said as Tyler brought in the food.

Tyler put the tray on the bed side table and told Piper good night as he handed her the Jell-O. Ava was taking Piper's pulse and put some aspirin next to her.

"Don't take these until you have eaten and drank some more water, ok," In a motherly voice Ava said and left the room.

Leo came back in as they were leaving and shut the door behind them. He looked at his wife as she tried to open the Jell-O cup but was straining a little because she was so week.

"Here let me," Leo said as he took the cup out of her hand and opened it, then handed her a spoon.

Leo sat quietly stroking Piper's damp hair as she ate slowly but seemed to enjoy every bite.

"You know I never thought Jell-O would taste so good," she smiled as the red gelatin entered her mouth.

The others went downstairs and ate and after saying there good nights, left leaving Ava and Tyler who were going to stay the night standing there with Prue.

Prue is back for good as Piper will need plenty of help with her new power.

The end