Summary: Too many times have Perseus Jackson been insulted indirectly. Why should he serve Olympus? Especially after he saved the damned place. This is were Percy takes a stand. He turns evil, or from his point of view, good.

New Story. Kinda got my inspiration from another story, forgot it's name, I'll put it in next chapter. Since it's holidays, I hope to update every day.



What have the gods done for Perseus Jackson except vote on his death? That's right, absolutely nothing. Percy was pondering on this as the Gods were yet again voting on his death for something he had done by accident. He also now hated the demigods, satyrs, and nymphs at camp, including Annabeth Chase, Nico Di Angelo, Thalia Grace, Grover Underwood, and Juniper (Her second name?) because they have all forgot him.

This was why Percy Jackson was angry. They are voting on his death this time because he had meant to cause a mini wave to douse Clarisse from head to toe for insulting his mother, but he did not know then, that his mood affects the water, and the whole creak, so the water surrounding Camp nearly drowned the people inside.

Zeus kept droning on, oblivious to the fact that Percy was now day dreaming,

"His existence is a threat to Olympus! His way with water rivals Oceanus AND Poseidon!"

He was informed by Poseidon, after the titan war, that his powers had not reached its limit, and that he should use every minute of his spare time training his powers.

He now knows how to create 'Water Born', a minion created by water vapor (which is everywhere in the air) that obeys Percy, sort of like the 'Undead' created by Hades and his offspring, only that it takes much less effort to create, and can only be destroyed if the person who created it wants it too. If it is destroyed, it's life returns to the creator of it, doubling his or hers powers. Only Poseidon and his offspring could do this.

Also, he could now 'water travel', which, again, does not take much energy thanks to the water vapor. He mastered storms, hurricanes, earthquakes (which could be summoned by voice only), in under four weeks, which is quite an achievement.

Basically, Perseus Jackson, so-called Hero Of Olympus, Bain of Hyperion, wanted revenge.

And he was going to get it soon.