CH 2 The Return

Jason's POV

I'm back, after 200 days. What happens now? I tapped the leather armrest impatiently. I kept wondering if she even bothered to change herself. I sighed in utter remorse.

Pil Suk's POV

No, No, No, No! How dare I sleep in last night! It's my first day back too! My thin legs ran towards Kirin Academy as fast as they could. "Ughh. So. Pain. Ful." I muttered to myself, as I slowed down my pace.

Around five minutes later, I finally made it, and even had 15 minutes extra before class. I guess I was worried for nothing. I swiftly made my way over to my locker, and neatly arranged my books, notebooks, etc.

I had at least 10 minutes left until class so I decided to walk around for a bit. I stopped at a familiar locker, Jason's. I scratched my head awkwardly, deciding if I should leave him a, 'Welcome Back,' lollipop. "Oooo..." I muttered in a sharp tone as I started to hop in pure agony.

I got a few awkward stares from passing strangers, as I started to tap Jason's locker in a quick pace. I groaned and started to dig around my pack for the lollipop.

Jason's POV

I was walking around Kirin Academy until I bumped into Jin-Gook. We awkwardly wedged ourselves, until we were excused from each other.

I took a deep breath from getting 'caught', and continued on. I walked silently towards my locker and noticed something sticking towards the front of my locker. I started to smile as I got closer, and as it became the shape of a lollipop. I grabbed the stick carefully, and swiftly twirled it between my forefinger and my thumb.

As someone was passing by, I stopped him. "Umm, Excuse me, do you know where Pil Suk is right now?" I asked curiously. He gave me a strange look, "Didn't you hear? Pil Suk moved months ago, to New York, I think." He excused himself, then walked off to the direction he was going to. She moved? Didn't we have a... Deal?

I looked at the lollipop awkwardly. Then who could have possibly given me this lollipop then?

Pil Suk's POV

I saw a group of students pushing each other to get the sight of the room pumping and roaring with music. I quick slid towards the front to get a better view of what everyone was gawking at. I looked inside the room with utter surprise. Well, I'd never...

I entered the room with cation, and with some eyes looking with curiosity. I waited patiently for Hye Mi's and Sam Dong's dance to end. As soon as the music faded, Hye Mi raised her prefect arched brow towards me. She boldly stood in front of me.

"You are..?" she said questionably mixed with her monotone voice. "Can you remember your best friend's name?" I asked her with a devilish smirk.

Her eyes slightly widened. "You are... Pil Suk?" she asked me surprised. I nodded. "Ah, Pil Suk!" Sam Dong said coming in for a bear hug. "Hi, Hye Mi, Sam Dong," I said as I was tackled into a bear hug, given by Sam Dong. "Wow, Pil Suk, you look great!" Hye Mi said patting my back. "Thank you," I said as I came in to hug her. She hugged back.

"You guys have been training, you guys got much better, I praise you!" I said smiling cheerfully at them. "Thank you," Hye Mi said kindly. "Why don't we have lunch together, for old times sakes!" Sam Dong suggested. We all agreed to the idea.

"Hey I got to go somewhere, so I'll met you in class?" I asked them. They nodded and continued their way. I smiled, then made my way over to my locker, and carefully grabbed my stuff.

As I started to head to my class, I noticed a familiar face, and nearly froze in shock, Jason, my crush. He passed me without a glance.

"Long time no see," I said with my thick Korean accent. He stopped in dead tracks. "Has it been like, 200 days," I continued. After my remark he turned over to me.

"Could you possibly be...Pil Suk?" he said in utter surprise. I nodded and smiled, as he walked over to me, and looked me over.

The school bell's ring, echoed across the school, and through the hall. " to go..." I said walking swiftly towards my class, and leaving him dazed.