This idea came to me, and I just had to go somewhere with it. This is like what, the fourth chaptered story I'm currently working on? I need to update Break from the Ordinary…



Moka extracted her fangs from her latest victim, a young teenage girl. "There." She said. "You should start to feel the change in about a day. For your first meal, I would suggest going to the blood bank a few blocks down. Understood?" The girl nodded fiercely, and then ran out of the door behind her without another word. Moka sighed, used to it. In her line of work, even though clients came willingly, she hardly ever got anything other than money, a hello, and a signature that said the patient came to her willingly. It was to be expected; just because they lived in a world where vampires and humans lived side-by-side didn't mean that turning humans into vampires was accepted. It wasn't hard that hard to understand why people did it: compared to vampires, humans weren't all that great. Who didn't want super-speed, super-strength, super everything? Most people were so shallow and desperate that they even overlooked the whole drinking-blood part of it. They were hypocrites, in Moka's eyes. She looked around her "office". It was a dark room, purposefully bear so that it didn't attract too much attention from the authorities. The only pieces of furniture in the room were a table on which the clients lay down on, and a locked filing cabinet which contained all of the contracts for the clients to sign. Moka glanced at her watch. 9:30. The best part about running your own business was that you made your own hours, and Moka decided to take her newest check and spend it all on dinner at the nicest place in town and then take the rest to times square. She adjusted her coat and made for the door. She turned off the lights and opened the door… to see a young man about her age reaching for the handle. They stared at each other for a split second, before Moka spoke up. "Can I help you?" The boy seemed startled, so Moka patiently waited for him to answer.

"A-are you Moka Akashiya?" He finally managed to get out. Moka raised her eyebrow.

"Depends on who's asking."

"I'm a, here for um… a uh…"

"Transformation?" The boy blushed, looked away, and nodded. Moka snorted. It was always amusing when humans wanted to change species but were too afraid to say it. "Do you have the money?" She asked. The boy looked at her and nodded. She sighed. "Fine. One more for today. Come on in." She moved aside and allowed the boy to enter. He looked around, and Moka went to her filing cabinet and pulled out an empty disclaimer. She withdrew a pen from her pocket and handed it to the boy. "Sign here. It says that you came to me of your own free will." The boy took the paper, signed it, and handed it back. Moka glanced at the name the boy had written. "Alright Tsukune Aono." Moka said, embellishing the boy's name. "Lie down on the table. This will only take a second."


Moka flipped through the menu at her favorite restaurant, the Fermon Deharo. With the last minute addition of that Tsukune kids money, she would be able to splurge even more than she originally planned. The waiter came over to take her order. She gave him an answer, but was surprised when he put a slip on her table before he left. Moka picked it up and read it.

R U a changer?

Moka glared at the hastily scribbled note. One of the problems of being a vampire was that everyone automatically assumed that she was a changer. Well, she was, but it was still annoying to have everyone always looking for a quick transformation. Not in the mood to be bothered, Moka wrote down a no and handed it to the waiter when he came around again. She pretended not to notice his deep frown when he read the note.



Moka stretched her arms as she made her way towards her office for another day of helping people reach their superficial dream of becoming a vampire. But, when she got there, she saw someone curled up into a ball leaning against her door. Not in the mood for distractions, she stopped in front of the person with her hands on her hips. "Are you a client or homeless?" No answer. She prodded the person with her foot. "Yo! Are you a client or homeless?" No answer. She prodded the person with more force until she heard a groan from the middle of the ball. "I asked you a question moron." The person lifted their head, and Moka recognized them as the boy who had come last night. "I'm neither." said Tsukune. Moka scoffed and then reached for the door. "They kicked me out." Tsukune said, still in the ball.

"Who did?" Moka asked, not really caring.

"My family." He replied. "They couldn't stand the new me."

"Not my problem Tsukune." Moka said. "The transformation is permanent. You should have thought of that possibility before coming here."

"I did."

"Well then, I guess you had too much faith in your family then."

"They did exactly what I wanted them to do." Tsukune said. This made Moka stop in her tracks halfway through the door. She stepped back outside and stared down at Tsukune.

"Excuse me?" She asked. This was an interesting development.

"I hated it there, they hated vampires, I knew that there was a changer in the area. I did what I had to do. But now I don't have anywhere else to go."

"Then I wish you luck in your new life." Moka said, heading indoors again. It was an interesting start to the morning, but she had to get ready. However, what Tsukune asked next made her stop short.

"Can I work with you?" Moka froze in place. Then, she did the same thing that she did earlier: she walked back outside and faced Tsukune again, who at this point had raised his head so that they were eye-to-eye.


"I was wondering if you could teach me to be a changer." Moka went from a bent over position to a full standing one.

"This is the same kid who was afraid to say he wanted a transformation last night?" She asked with a hint of amusement.

"I've been out here all night; I've had a lot of time to practice." Tsukune replied with a lightheartedness that hadn't been there earlier. He smiled a little, too. Moka was unimpressed.

"Sorry, Tsukune. I have enough to worry about without some punk newbie bothering me." She said in a clear attempt to brush him off. But, Tsukune wouldn't take no for an answer. He stood up, and Moka realized that he was taller than her.

"If our places were switched, I would say yes."

Moka examined Tsukune closely. He didn't seem to be very strong, but looks could be deceiving, especially when it came to vampires. His clothes, although plain and rather dirty, were a nice combination of a once-white shirt and brown slacks in addition to a pair of broken-in sneakers. Finally, she looked at his eyes. They were nicely muddled; although enough colour remained that she could see his eyes were chocolate-brown, the red mark of a vampire had started to seep in. She examined him intently for a few minutes, then stepped back.

"You have to listen to everything that I say." Tsukune's eyes widened. Was she saying yes?

"If I ask you to jump, you say how high."

"If I tell you to attack, you attack."

"Basically, you'll be my bitch. Understood?" Tsukune nodded, barely holding back the grin that wanted to blossom on his face.

"Alright then. Come, Tsukune; the rush is about to begin."

As he followed her inside, the smile finally won over Tsukune's attempts to keep it contained.