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"The fluttering snowflakes are the stars' shards
Reaching your hands into the sky"

She outstretched her hand as if to touch the sky with her fingers. Feeling the snowflakes touching her skin, she smiled. It was close to midnight and Aqua was supposed to be sleeping, but she couldn't; not with the first snowfall of the season happening before her. There was something about the snowflakes that made the stars shine ever brighter.

She continued her song while dangling her legs off the cliff side.

"You can feel our coming-and-going wishes for each other, can't you?
Now everything has become shrouded in a shade of monochrome"


She gasped in surprise, looking over her shoulder and spotting Terra walking up to her curiously. Placing a hand over her heart, Aqua smiled a little, "Terra. You scared me."

"Sorry," he chuckled, looking at the spot beside her, "May I?"

Nodding, she scooted over so Terra could sit down. The brunette exhaled a breath that turned white in the cold air. Drawing up a knee to his chest and leaning back in his spot, Terra took a moment to gaze at the sky before meeting Aqua's eyes again, "I heard you singing."

"Oh!" Aqua giggled embarrassingly, pushing a lock of hair behind her ear. Looking down at her lap, she felt her cheeks turning warm. She hoped Terra would think it was because of the cold, "I'm not that good…"

Terra snorted out a laugh, causing Aqua to fluster even more, "Are you kidding? You're too modest, Aqua. I only heard you for ten seconds, but it doesn't take a genius to know that's real talent."

"Terra…" she started smiling slowly.

"Yup," he grinned and began teasing, "Talented with a keyblade, a prodigy in magic, and now, singer extraordinaire!"

She laughed, playfully hitting his shoulder. Aqua rolled her eyes before sighing, "Alright, I get it." The brunette laughed and Aqua couldn't help but join in. They quieted for a moment before Aqua hummed, "…I was expecting you to make some sort of comment… You know, about me being a girl…"

Thoughtful, Terra rubbed his chin and joked, "What? I'm supposed to say that all the time?"

"I was prepared for it," she replied in faux seriousness.

Terra laughed again and rubbed his eyes. He glanced at her with a half-smile, "Sometimes, you're such a girl."

Aqua didn't expect her heart to skip a beat, Okay. Maybe I'm not prepared…

Terra's tone of voice seemed…different. It wasn't teasing, but it wasn't overly mocking either. It was like he meant the comment to be flattering. She unconsciously drew a blush upon her face and Terra's smile grew wider with her reaction. Aqua turned away sheepishly, recalling how soft the blue color of Terra's eyes were. She smiled to herself and she noticed Terra shifted in his spot to gaze at the sky. Shaking her head, they let the conversation die down to simply marvel at the breathtaking mountainous surroundings.

Night covered everything in darker shades of color, but the snow that fell from the sky made the surroundings a little bit brighter. There was only a thin layer of snow for now, but later on it would cover everything in white. The green of summer would be covered in a veil of snow and the mountains that stood proud and rugged would sleep under the blanket of winter. Snow turned everything into a blank canvas just waiting to be painted. It left everything white with shadows filling in the gradient of greys.

Surprisingly, it wasn't all that cold outside even though the wintry season was touching down in the Land of Departure. Perhaps later on it would be necessary to wear a jacket, but for now, Aqua simply wanted to touch the snow with her bare skin. She leaned in her spot, feeling the snow melt against her palm contently.

"That song you were singing," Terra began, catching her attention, "I never heard it before… Did you make it?"

She giggled with a shake of her head, "I'm not that talented, Terra." Another giggle escaped her when the brunette suddenly felt awkward. Brushing off the accumulated snow on her lap, Aqua explained, "No. That was a song my mother used to sing for me. She liked to call it my lullaby."


Aqua smiled at the memory and closed her eyes, "I always asked her to sing it for me before I went to bed at night. I loved hearing it from her."

Terra blinked and scratched the side of his head. Muttering to himself, he thought, "A family thing…huh?"

"If that's what you want to believe," Aqua smiled, getting up from her sitting position. She smoothened out her clothes before looking down at Terra. He looked at her curiously and she explained, "I'm going to head back now. Coming?"

The brunette blinked up at her. Turning back around to face the horizon, he answered, "I'm going to stay."

"Huh?" Aqua was surprised. She was sure Terra was here to drag her back to the castle. He did before when they were kids once. Aqua was expecting the same situation, "…Why?"

"Can't sleep," he answered simply.

"Really?" Aqua furrowed her eyebrows. She kneeled down to Terra's level and tilted her head, "Did you have a nightmare?"

Terra smiled with a chuckle. Shaking his head, he explained, "Not this time. It's… I guess I just got nerves."

Looking at the ground, Aqua asked, "What are you nervous about?"

"The Mark of Mastery examination."

She lifted her gaze, this time puzzled, "But that won't be until spring."

"Exactly," Terra ran a hand through his hair. He appeared solemn, his eyes becoming a deeper blue. Aqua watched him carefully as he continued, "It's winter already, but in three months, we're going to be taking that test to determine if we become Masters or not. Just thinking about it makes me wonder if what we've been doing up 'til now has been enough."

"Terra…" Aqua placed a comforting hand on top of his. She noticed his reaction to her touch, but she ignored it for the moment and smiled encouragingly, "It'll be fine. You've been training so hard for it. Don't be afraid to apply what we've been taught. It'll come out for you in the end."

After all this time, Aqua always believed Terra never felt the slightest tinge of apprehension. He always exuded confidence while training and the way he talked about one day becoming a Master… Terra was always so sure and so positive that he would become one without failure. She modeled that attitude to do her very best as well so that way…they could become Masters together.

Squeezing Terra's hand, Aqua reassured, "Be strong, Terra. Three months does seem short, but once we go through the exam, you'll see that it was worth it. You'll become a Master; I know you will."

He searched her eyes, finding no trace of false hope. Thankful, he squeezed her hand back, "Thanks, Aqua."

The blue haired girl giggled with a nod. She liked it when Terra was happy and confident; it gave her strength.

After letting go of Aqua's hand, Terra leaned against his palms to look at the sky. He joked, "The Mark of Mastery… I guess I still need more courage to face that."

She hummed before an idea struck her. Smiling, Aqua stood back up and locked her fingers together behind her back. Terra watched her curiously, but when Aqua only smiled at him, he shrugged and went back to looking at the distance before them. Aqua did too, the snow falling bit by everlasting bit from the sky.

Courage could come from anywhere. If Aqua could help give Terra courage, then she would give it to him the way her mother used to give her courage. Opening her mouth, words spilled out in melody and Aqua began to sing. She closed her eyes, imagining an orchestra playing the harmonies.

"The white breaths I softly let out are shaped like the words I wanted to convey
Without a doubt, with just their warmth, the sky has become slightly brighter"

Terra quickly looked up at her in surprise. He didn't expect her to start singing! Just hearing her voice made his heart race. It was soothing, gentle, but most of all, beautiful. Aqua opened her eyes slowly, tilting her head towards him and smiled, causing Terra to faintly blush. The snowflakes caught in her hair made Aqua look surreal; magnificent. She touched her heart before continuing.

"When we fold our wings, soaked in sorrow, over each other
They will turn pure white and become our gentle courage"

She turned her back to him and started walking to the center of the summit.

"As we wade towards each other's own future"

Singing her heart out, Aqua was unaware that Terra was completely entranced to watch her back. His eyes were glued to her figure as she glided down to the center, all the while holding her holding her heart with her hands. The snow was virtually at her command and danced around her. She raised a hand to the sky as her voice became as soft as velvet but as strong as the magic she wielded.

"As soon as I bring my light with me on a journey
A new 'tomorrow' will begin within me"

The voice that escaped her… Terra would have never known it belonged to her if he hadn't seen her sing for himself.

…But this wasn't the first time he's witnessed her singing.

On a night like this, except only years ago, Aqua snuck out of the castle at the first sign of snow just to sing. She was still the newest apprentice at the time, so the brunette made it his duty to keep her out of trouble. Terra chased after her to drag her back to the castle so the Master later wouldn't scold her later, but he didn't have the heart to do so once she let that song flow out of her tiny lips. It was the same exact song Terra was hearing now.

"The fluttering snowflakes are the stars' shards
Reaching my hands into the sky"

Ever since that night, Terra always wanted to hear her sing. He fell in love with her song…and the person who gave that song a voice.

Quietly, the brunette stood up and approached the blue haired girl. Aqua saw Terra coming, but she didn't falter in her song. She smiled at him with a tiny blush and he smiled back wholeheartedly with a serene gaze. It made Aqua a little nervous now that she was singing right in front of him, but it was courage that made her continue. Clasping his hand in hers and clutching it, Aqua decided to conclude her melody while looking up at the sky.

"I will always believe in our coming-and-going wishes for each other
Now everything has become shrouded in a shade of monochrome"

Her eyes lingered on the sky before she finally let out an accomplished sigh. Feeling her hand being squeezed at, Aqua brought her eyes back to Terra's. They gazed at each other, trapping themselves in the moment. She always did love the blue in his eyes; they held her with such care.

Smiling, Aqua tilted her head at him, "It's supposed to give you courage. That was the meaning behind the song from what my mother told me. It's uplifting—"

She suddenly felt Terra cupping the side of her face gently with his hand and Aqua blanked out. A deep blush crossed her cheeks as Terra bore deeply into her eyes.

"T…Terra?" she mumbled nervously.

What should she do? Should she move away or…?

Aqua continued to watch him as he pressed his forehead to hers gently. She flinched, but when he opened his eyes to look at her, all she saw was his soul. Terra's eyes were sincere and he was just as nervous as she was even though their lips were barely centimeters apart. She could feel his warm breath on her skin and she shivered, not from the cold, but from Terra's touch.

She continued to stare into his eyes before a small upturn of her lips gave him permission to continue. He returned the smile faintly and started to close the gap between them. Aqua's eyes fluttered close before a warm sensation captured her lips.

Such a gentle, caressing feeling. It set Aqua's skin on fire, making her feel overwhelming emotions she never dreamed to experience. And it only made her heart beat faster at the thought of sharing a kiss with Terra of all people! She only realized how much she loved him in that one moment… And he loved her too; Aqua was sure of that.

Pulling away, they looked at each other again. They both went red in embarrassment before laughing together in the white winter. Terra then embraced Aqua, burying his face in her shoulder. His action caught her off-guard, but Aqua heard him mumble, "Sorry… I got carried away."

"…Don't be," Aqua sighed contently with a shake of her head. She slowly wrapped her arms around his larger figure and returned the hug, "I'm… I'm glad you did it…"

She could feel the heat radiating off his face, an indication that he was blushing. It made her laugh a little, but she said nothing and only held him affectionately. He was so warm…

They were quiet a moment longer before the brunette whispered, "Hey, um…"

"Yes?" she giggled, stroking his hair with one hand.

Closing his eyes, Terra breathed her scent and smiled, "Can you sing it again?"


"Sing for me."

Aqua hummed in response before opening her mouth and gave life to the song once more. She wouldn't deny him his request. If it was for him, Aqua would sing forever. After all, this song was no longer hers alone.


It belonged to Terra now too. It was their song now.

:: :: :: :: :: :: :: ::

"Defrosting our frozen memories
Now together with the love we have found and without looking back"

Aqua quietly sang as she walked along the shoreline in careful strides. Looking at the far corners of the water, she remembered that tiny island where those two little boys played. This dark beach paled in radiance to that island. There was sunlight on that island along with palm trees, the clearest ocean, and sand that cushioned your every step. But this place…

This deserted wasteland was lifeless. The sands were dull and grey, the water cold and uninspiring, and there really was no sun; only a faint light out of anyone's reach. The Realm of Darkness was exactly that: lifeless, depressing, and very much void of anything. Just an empty place where creatures of darkness existed…

When Aqua thought about the sand beneath her feet, it reminded her of snow. The sand was almost a dull white and her feet crunched against the ground, but the feel of it wasn't the same. It wasn't as pleasant as taking a step in real snow.

Sighing, Aqua continued her song by looking out the bleak ocean.

"Let's sense each other from the sky's two opposite shores…"

"That song…" Aqua snapped out of her trance, remembering she was still in the company of that stranger on the beach. She quickly composed herself and disabled the blush on her face before turning to the man in the black cloak. His head was bowed, "That melody… In the depths of my mind, I can faintly recalling hear it before…"

"My…mother was the original singer," she spoke up. Aqua smiled, "She sang it to me as a lullaby."

"…Someone I once knew…" the stranger slowly began. Aqua listened to him quietly, not wanting to break the man from trying to remember his past, "Whenever that melody was played, he would stop and listen. He would admit nothing, but I assumed he developed a rather deep attachment to that song."

Aqua couldn't help but let out a small chuckle as closed her eyes, "Mother's voice was mesmerizing. I don't blame him."

"And that was what I could not understand."

"Huh?" Aqua opened her eyes in confusion.

The stranger carried on evenly, "I cannot recall another rendition to this melody and yet he listened to it in hopes of hearing another voice."


"I cannot be sure," the stranger gazed at her, "Even with his closed off heart, I could still read on his face just how special this tune was to him."

Aqua remained silent after that. Whoever that person was, at least he found the song special too. However the man in black was right… No one ever reproduced her mother's song from her knowledge, so how could this stranger's acquaintance know anyone else who could sing it…?

Suddenly, looking across the ocean again, Aqua's eyes widened.

He heard her sing that night… He was the only one who knew she could sing at all. Aqua started to smile again.


Just thinking about what happened to him and Ventus made her heart ache. She desperately wanted to go back to the Realm of Light to find her friends. Aqua had almost given up hope, but the man in black strengthened her need to believe once more. After what he told her, about Sora and the worlds being saved from the darkness twice, Aqua renewed her faith that everything would be alright. She would find a way back home, wake up Ventus…and hold Terra dearly.

"Sing for me."

Terra was waiting for her to sing to him again.

The song she had neglected, because it brought back painful memories, was once again becoming another pillar of hope for her. A song of courage that was foreign to her when she arrived in the Realm of Darkness… Aqua was willing to let it become a glimpse of light; a source of courage to stay strong.

Pulling out her blue Wayfinder, Aqua gently brushed her fingers against the glassy surface and smiled a true smile. Her connection to her friends… Aqua would see them again no matter what!

"Each following our own trajectories
Even if we would never be able to meet again"

Terra still held the song deep within his heart. He had never forgotten that it connected him to her. If it would bring them back together, she would sing the song as loud as she could in hopes that it would reach him.

Her courage to believe had come back.

"We will surely be connected somewhere in this light-brimming galaxy
The dissipating stars, like fine sands, tenderly caress my bosom again"

The feeling of just singing again… It was overwhelming. Tears started falling down her cheeks, however, she was not unhappy.

No. It was the opposite.

Reaching for the dark sky, she imagined the orchestra again. She remembered how her mother sang her lullaby with raw emotion. But most of all, she replayed Terra's serene expression as he watched her sing. Memories filled within the song… Aqua wanted to treasure them.

"As I quietly fall into a slumber, the afterimages of my dream
Will still be shrouded in a shade of monochrome"