A/N: This is a Lord of the Rings/Harry Potter Crossover.

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Rating: Mature

Title: The Princes of Fangorn

Summary: Harry, Draco, Hermione, and the Weasley twins are sent to Middle Earth after the war due to a deal they made to end the war. Placed into the form of an older race of Elves that used to reside in Middle Earth, the group set about building a base and training for the War they know is coming…and trying to come to terms with what happened to them all in their own world.

Set: The bulk of the story will take place in 'The Return of the King' for Lord of Rings, but there will be flashbacks of earlier times for the group. Set after Hogwarts for Harry Potter, but will be largely AU after

Pairings: Harry/Draco, past Ron/Hermione, and mentions of Fred/Hermione/George.

Warnings: Mention of Character Deaths (from before the story), mention of torture, general angst, violence, language, explicit sex scenes, and Mpreg.

Note from author: This story is in no way associated with Solo Por Ti, my other LOTR/HP story.

Chapter 1: Vespera

The thunder crashed in the sky and lightening raced across the dark clouds. The dark night was pressing in along with the elements. The wind howled and raced between everything fiercely and the trees in the ancient Fangorn Forest groaned at the force. Rain fell from the sky in thundering sheets all over the land. The area was still apart from the elements creating damage and ravaging the land- the animals had long since fled sensing the oncoming storm and the only thing left was the trees which had stood their ground for many centuries.

The trees of Fangorn were old. Everyone knew that. Elves, Men, Istari and Dwarfs knew that- they knew the History of Fangorn and many had walked under the trees and heard the groans and wails that the forest made. However, they did not know its History- not its real history. While the forest had decreased in size slowly over the Second and Third ages the forest- sentient as it was- protected that which was most secret.

The ruins could not be seen from any lookout post that man could reach but if one could get high enough they would see the skeleton of a great hall poking from some of the trees, the roof had long since torn off and apart from a few walls and some supports showing that it was once a roof. The walls and supports had long since being covered by the plants. A little further the top of a few tours could be seen peaking through the trees, damaged but still standing the towers were greyed with age but once were a brilliant white.

This was the city of Nihilum, the city of the Dark Ones.

The race which had resided there were what the current elves if Middle Earth had evolved from. However, unlike the more gentle elves which resided in the forests now- these older elves were much more powerful. Built for war and darker in nature these elves would defend the Earth itself and cut down anyone in their way.

But they had long since left the once peaceful lands to find other battle grounds but content with the knowledge the Valar would call them back if needed. And as the lightening streaked across the sky in terrifying forms and the thunder shook the Earth several forms as quick as the wind moved through the trees towards the centre of the forest. The trees seemingly moving out of the way for them as they headed towards the city and safe haven.

The figures stopped at the ruins and five forms looked over the ruins which were looming above them. The rain fell through the missing roofs and if you looked up you could almost see terrifying figures in the clouds. They moved underneath the trees towards the towers after a moments and heading towards a wall one of the smaller figures moved and placed their hand into the wet stone which proceeded to glow under their hand.

The stone wall seemed to part with a shudder and give way to a staircase, the five figures quickly made their way inside and once inside the wall shut behind them- protecting them and hiding them from their enemies.

The Dark Ones had returned.


Aragorn smiled as the Hobbits chattered to them from their positions on his and Eomer's horses. Looking over them he couldn't help but be greatly relieved that they had not being hurt and that the Ents had helped them in the end. They approached the Ent called Treebeard and looked towards the tower in which Saruman was locked inside.

"Let's just have his head and be done with it," Gimli exclaimed loudly wanting there to be one less enemy to deal with. Aragorn did agree with him a little. The wizard if left alone could become dangerous.

"No, he's no power anymore. He must remain here," Gandalf said looking towards Treebeard.

"I am sorry Gandalf but I have already received my orders- I am to hold him inside until the Lady Vespera arrives to deal with him," Treebeard said solemnly. The Ent did not want to undermine the Istari's authority but this land did not belong to them anymore- not since the Dark Ones returned.

"Lady Vespera?" Gandalf asked, his tone not showing any shock, though his companions were showing their openly.

"Yes, Lady Vespera received orders this morning. She should be arriving very soon," Treebeard said. He did not want to make them angry, he didn't know what he should reveal- while he would abide by their rule he understood the seriousness in which they took their roles. If he stood in their way they would remove him permanently. But to stand with them meant he would see them bring peace to all of Adar within time.

"We shall wait for her then, and make sure that she does not require our help," Gandalf said with a smile. While he was wary there might be another power within their world he also understood that he should not judge until they had seen it for themselves.

Instructing his companions to sit on the steps of the tower to rest as they all chatted calmly until Treebeard moved and looked towards the tree line. They followed his gaze and their eyes soon fell on the horse which had emerged from the trees, a rider on its back. They were covered by a cloak but the figure seemed somewhat small meaning that it was probably the Lady Vespera.

The horse moved quickly through the water towards the tower and Treebeard seemed to think for a moment before dropping on one knee as the figure stopped in front of him.

"Lady Vespera," Treebeard greeted in his deep booming voice and bowed his head.

The figure seemed to nod back and then climbed from the horse and onto a dry bit of stone which stood higher than the water. They could now seen the figure was no more than 5'6 and very slight. They were clothed fully in black but they could see a strange materiel covering her feet and legs though you could see the ends of a skirt from her cloak.

"Is the Wizard still inside?" the woman's voice was smooth but cold.

"Yes, my Lady," Treebeard nodded.

"I shall be back in a moment," Lady Vespera stated and strode down through the water towards the steps in a surprisingly smooth movement. She walked past the fellowship, who she had yet to acknowledge, and to the heavy doors. Grabbing a thin item from her pocket she placed it on the doors in the middle and stepped back a few steps. A small bang was heard and Lady Vespera moved and pushed them open with ease. She slipped inside and with a thud the door closed behind her.

There was silence for a moment before a scream was heard from inside- the scream was cut off part way through and the all rose from the steps looking to the door with apprehension. It opened and the women slipped back out- this time with a smaller sword in her hand, which also seemed to be covered in the strange material you could see on her legs between her shoe and skirt.

"It is done," she stated, "thank you for watching him Treebeard."

"It is no trouble, my Lady," Treebeard smiled.

"You may go about your duties of management here, I shall entertain our guests," Lady Vespera spoke and Treebeard nodded and began to move away.

Lady Vespera turned to them and sheathed her sword before raising her hands to the hood which covered her features from them. She pulled the hood from her head and placed it neatly on her shoulders.

"Greetings everyone, I am Lady Vespera," she nodded. They were all shocked by her appearance. The long locks which women in their own homes prided over where not present on this women. Her hair was shorter than a man- it was cut closely to her head. Her face was very pretty but no emotion showed on it.

However, most shocking were the ears which marked her as an elf, but she didn't look like any elf they had ever seen. Her skin while glowing was a ghostly white, her eyes were darkened underneath and Gandalf was almost sure her irises were slits instead of round. Overall, she made a very astonishing Lady.

"Greetings Lady Vespera, I am Gandalf the White and we have come to collect our friends Meriadoc Brandybuck and Peregrin Took," Gandalf said while smiling slightly.

"Ahh, hobbits. Amazing creatures are they not?" Lady Vespera said while a smirk crossed her face- revealing a hint of fangs where the canine teeth were. They were small but defiantly there.

"Indeed they are," Gandalf smiled. It was indeed true.

"Unfortunately, I am here with news that you can't be leaving just yet," Lady Vespera began, "I have been instructed to bring you to The Princes."

"Princes?" Gandalf asked as various voiced sounded around saying that they would be leaving and that she can't keep them here.

"Yes, the Princes of Fangorn Forest, and rulers of Nihilum," Lady Vespera answered while casting a dark stare on them all.

"Well, best not keep them waiting," Gandalf said making a hasty decision and hoping he would not regret it.

"I shall give you one hour to prepare yourself for the journey which will take about 6 hours. It would be wise to have some food before we depart. There is a stream running clean about 30 minutes from here. You can have your horses water themselves there," Lady Vespera said with a nod before she went to her horse which was waiting patiently and gave it some food from a bag she produced from her cloak.

Gandalf turned back to his companions and nodded for them to do as Lady Vespera had said. Gandalf could feel a great change in the air.


Vespera means "of the evening" in Esperanto.

Nihilum means Nothing in Latin.

Imagine Hermione's hair like Emma Watson's pixie hair-do.

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