So I know that i said that this was complete but people kept bringing up why Draco was crying so I came up with this poem. I didnt really want to make this a new story so I just kinda randomaly threw it in here. Enjoy~

He was an angel with his white-blonde hair,
shrouded in darkness.

No he wasnt a fallen angel,
for never was he full of light.

But he wasnt a dark devil either,
for all that he played the bad guy
with his evil remarks said to maim a persons very soul

He hid a heart that was pure and tender.
He ached with ideas of the people he would torture to save the people he held dear.

You would think this dark angel was cold and indiffrent
go so far as to say he enjoyed the pain he caused.
But look I ask,
look into those gray eyes and you would see a storm in not just color
but in the mirror of his soul.
Emotions swirl around one another clashing with each other
but all ending with pain.

And lonliness.
The lonliness of being manioulated.
The lonliness of being forced into a role that others have casted him into.

That is why he fought.
To break the mold destiny had tried to give him
to be free and fly with his own wings in a direction completly his own.
But alas this was never ment to be
for even as all those who had chained him to earth were vanquished
he can never be something other than what he has been.

That is why he cries.
The pain in his eyes overwhelming the barriers he set
it flows free from his soul.

That boy who cried was me,
but then I met Him.
The angel of light with his messy black hair.
My polar opposite in everything.
Where I bring pain he brings hope.
Where I hide my pain he shouts it to the world, making it cry with him.
Where I hide in my mold alone and scared, he molds those around him into what he would.

Maybe he can end my pain.
Maybe he can set me free.