The following characters don't belong to me, I'm just borrowing them with thanks to Sony Pictures and Mr. Parriott et al. I wrote this years ago, under my name and think you might enjoy it. Comments are welcome and appreciated.


Chapter 1

The Drive

She left behind her acquaintances and entered her vehicle. The engine started with a roar.

Why? Why is she doing this to herself? You know where he is.

The insistent beep from her dash drew her attention.

Feed me!

The gas indicator was announcing its level.

I Need To Feed!

She pulled into the service centre. The attendant enclosed in glass. Offering no services with the exception of relieving her of her hard earned money.

She pulled the pump from its retainer, flipped the lever, and delivered the meal to the ever-consuming vehicle before her.

An endless cycle. In exchange for a service, a price was to be paid.

How true.

The clerk took the offering with dull lifeless eyes.

Returning to the car, she mulled her possibilities.

I can go home, take a bath, relax. But that wouldn't settle the thoughts traveling within her brain.

I could go and have a drink. That would settle my nerves.

Yes, It might. But you would end up thinking about him. Then where would you be?

It's not like that!

So you say. You can't deny how you feel.

I'm not denying anything. I'm not admitting anything either.


Leave me alone!

She kept the key turned a little longer then necessary. The shocking screech of the starter's continuous grind broke her from the momentary stasis.

The shift moved easily into gear.

Keep that up and the price you end up paying could break you.

Oh shut up!

The movement of the vehicle created a soothing balm. Relaxing the muscles that were made taut and painful from the rigors of work.

The bath may be a place to think, but a ride definitely had its advantages.

The conscious part of her brain took the backseat as she made her way through town. The stop signs and traffic lights were of no major concern. The path she followed had no discernable destination.

The hand moved, the arm responded, the vehicle did as commanded.


Why did she continue to let herself be treated in this manner?

There was so much that she could do otherwise. Her life was an open book that had yet to be completed. The possibilities were endless. The future has yet to be written.

She had thought about leaving. Instead she took a short vacation. When she left, with no destination in mind, the only thought she had was to see what else there was available.


In the first twenty-four hours, the thought kept coming back.

What am I doing! Over and over.

She lost count after twenty times.

Why am I doing this?

I should just turn back. Go home and curl up with a good book. I shouldn't be here.

She didn't.

She called into work and made up a lame excuse to delay her return.

After several days, the self-doubt ended. In it's place, a peaceful acceptance.

She drove on.

The light before her was red.


Stop this right now!

I can't.

Suit yourself.

The light changed color. It was time to go.

Thought eluded her.

Her hand moved, the arm swung. The vehicle responded.

She pulled up to the overhead door and stopped.

A glance through the windshield confirmed her deepest wish.

He's there.

What are you doing?

What I should have done a long time ago.

Are you prepared to accept the consequences?


Are you sure?

I found out what he is.

I accepted his being and offered to help.

I fell in love with him.

She entered the security code.

You love him, but does he love you?


Why are you so sure? He never said so.

Because I have faith.

Faith. That's for the uncertain. Those who doubt themselves.


Can you truly believe that this will work out for the best?



Because I love him. And faith is more tangible than anything else in the world is. I have faith in him.

The door opened and she left the self-doubts behind in the lift.

"Nick? There's some thing I have to tell you."

End Chapter 1