Sonny sat down gingerly at the table for lunch. Her last week had been full of ribs from the Randoms about her spanking. Of course Zora had blabbed immediately. At least she hadn't told anyone else. Although, Sonny had been getting weird looks from people lately. No, it had to be a coincidence. Maybe it was the "Check it Out" girls sketch. It had gotten pretty popular.

"Hey Sonny", it was Chad Dylan Cooper, looking smug as usual.

"Hey, Chad", she said without enthusiasm.

"So, rumor has it that you still get spankings", Sonny blushed bright red.

"Where did you hear that?"

"The lunch lady told me"


"Yeah, everybody knows. You didn't think that you were getting all this attention because of your stupid sketch did you?"

"Go away, Chad", Sonny growled, fuming.

"Hey, you better be nicer to me. I might have to call your Mommy"

"Shut up, Chad"

"Or maybe, I'll just spank you myself"

"You wouldn't dare"

"Wouldn't I Sonny, wouldn't I?" He fixed her with a mischievous look and walked away. For some reason, Sonny found herself smiling.