Heroes Of Legend


There once was a boy named Bob. Bob was a good kid, he always had good grades in high school, a average car, and a nice girlfriend. Bob enjoyed his life. He was a tall, skinny kid, with black hair in a combover, and slightly pale skin. He also has dark tired eyes.

One day, Bob's life took a turn for the worse.

The country of Stirling had gone into a great depression. Bob sold his car, lost his girlfriend, and his grandparents, whom he had been living with, had passed away.

So Bob went to go live with his wealthy Godfather. But he also stayed in school, keeping his grades at an exceptional state.

Bob grew up into a fine young man and went to a good college. He studied politics, dreaming that one day he would run for president.

After graduating college, Bob fell in love with a fine young woman. The dated for some time, and Bob had grew the courage to propose to her.

So one day, Bob went to her apartment with a ring. He went up to her room, knocked on the door, and went inside, the door being unlocked. Bob took one step in, and was shocked at the sight he witnessed. He saw his girlfriend whom he had loved, on the floor with another man. He stood still for a moment, then ran out of the room dropping the ring behind him.

That day, something inside Bob snapped. Bob was no more the happy guy he used to be. Bob became mad, slightly insane.

A few years later, Bob ran for president. It was a good campagin, but he lost. The same week, his Godfather died. Leaving Bob a wealthy man. At his funeral, Bob cried by his grave. He cried a good 20 minutes. Bob then stood up, staring down by the grave, a gave a wicked smile towards the sky.

Bob started planning his future. He no longer wanted the power that came by becoming president he wanted more. He started giving speeches, gaining followers, promising them a better world, more freedom, more posibilities.

He created this group of followers, so he needed a name to call themselves. He named this group, the Renegade.

Bob then set up a funding for soldiers, cyborgs. The money went to researchers giving robot parts into humans.

Bob also sent spies into other countries and regions. Those spies stirred up trouble, and leaving evidence blaming other countries. Aliances were broken between each and every nation. This then started, a world war.

So one day, Bob went down to a city named Embark City, to make a speech in order to gain more followers. He promised them a solution to the end of the war. And many people beleived it.

And so after the speech, as they were putting up everything, Bob started talking to some of his closer associates. As they thought no one was around, they disscused their true paln of world domination. Then they laughed some at how they turned the nations against each other. As they boasted about this subject, they didn't notice the young boy eavesdropping on their conversation. The young boy, crouched behind a crate, had dark brown eyes, and had a serious look on his face. He was wearing a long-sleeved white shirt, and a black T-Shirt with a star on it. He also wore dark blue jeans, and had dark spiky hair. This young boy, was named Bash.

As Bash listened in, he made a small noise due to the shocking conversation. Bob and everyone turned to see Bash on the floor smiling to the awkwardness. Bob then got angry and yelled out "GET HIM!" at which Bash ran away with the associates right after him.

This is the start of how Bash's story, begins.

Chapter 1

"GET HIM!" Yelled Bob.

"Crap!" Bash gasped as he dashed away.

Bash ran all around Embark City dodging and losing the associates Bob had sent after him. Bash turned into an alley way and hid for a bit.

"Looks like...I lost them...Gah! This is trouble." Bash spoke.

He then headed for home. As he went inside, he saw his little sister sing out loud the songs from her I-pod.

"Do you have to do that? Can't you just enjoy the music peacfully?" Bash asked.

"Can't hear you, listening to awesomness. Besides, Jade's music is the best around, you can't just listen, you have to sing it!" His sister replied.

"Whatever, listen, where's mom and dad?" Bash asked her.

"Dad left for an expedition early this morning, if you where up this morning, you would know." She replied.

"Without me! Gah, nevermind. What about mom?" Bash asked.

"Out shopping, she'll be back in a bit. Why?" She asked.

"You know that Bob guy?" He asked.

"Yeah, the one who's getting everyones respect right? Wasn't he also in town today?" She spoke.

"Yeah, and I went to his speech. I stayed after to ask him some questions, and I heard them talking, and laughing about something, so I listened in. and-" Bash spoke.

"You eavesdropped? Oooohhhh." She interupted.

"Listen! He's not the man everyone thinks he is. He's not trying to bring this world peace! He's-" Bash spoke.

"I'M HOME!" Bash's mom yelled out.

"Hi mom!" Bash's sister replied.

"MOM!" Bash yelled as he ran towards her.

"Yes?" She replied.

"Mom, Bash was eavesdropping." Bash's sister snitched.

"Bash! Thats not polite." His mom spoke.

"Thats not important, listen mom, that man named Bob he-" Bash explained.

"Oh! That reminds me, he was speaking today, so I dropped by and got you a T-Shirt!" His mom said as she pulled out a Renegade T-Shirt from her bag.

"No!" Bash yelled out as he grabbed the T-Shirt and chuncked it into the trash.

"Oh my." His mom reacted.

"Listen! Bob is EVIL!" Bash tried explaining.

"But I thought you liked Bob and how he's trying to change this world war." His mom questioned.

"Thats just it! He's not trying to stop the world war! He's using it to make the world his own! In fact, he started the world war in order to do this!" Bash explained.

"How do yo know?" His mom asked.

Bash then explained the situation he had gotten in to his mom and sister. They both had puzzled looks on their faces.

"We need to do something!" Bash yelled out.

"What can we do?" His sister asked.

"Thats a good question." His mom responded.

"...The president! Lets tell the president!" Bash exclaimed.

"The president? Are you serious? First of all, we can't get there unless we hitched rides or walked since dad took the only car. Second, how would we even tell him? Its not like we can walk in there and ask, Hi! Can we speak to the president? We're just a couple of paranoid people trying to tell the president that a man is planning on world domination!" His sister explained.

"...you don't have to be so mean about it..." Bash spoke.

"You know, your father left for the captital to go on an expedition with the president. Actually the president is there for just show, but your father is gonna meet him." His mom explained.

"WHAT! Why wasn't I told!" Bash exclaimed.

"Well you were asleep..." His sister spoke.

"Plus it was a last minute invitation. The capital called last night asking your dad if he would go to the capital to help with an expedition, and he got ready right away. Also he didn't want to wake you." His mom explained.

"...i'm gonna kill him when he gets home..." Bash spoke as his sweat dropped.

"Hey, if he had tooken you, then you wouldn't have learned the truth about Bob." His sister explained.

"Well...I guess...but, what now?" Bash asked.

"Only one thing you can do." His mom explained. "You're gonna have to go up there and get to the president and your father."

"What!" Bash and his sister exclaimed.

"Your father went on plenty of adventures at your age, and he did travel the country on foot as well." His mom exclaimed.

"Yeah, but thats dad...I'm not him." Bash spoke.

"But you are his son, and you should be able to do what he did, if not more." His mom explained.

"You're right! I'm gonna go on an adventure like dad!" Bash exc;aimed.

"You see, you even has his confidence." His mom told him smiling.

"And his stupidity..." His sister spoke to herself.

"Well, guess i'm leaving in the morning." Bash said.

"Why so soon?" His sister asked.

"Because, I gotta catch up with dad as soon as possible!" Bash exclaimed.

"We'll wish you luck." His mom promised.

So Bash prepared that afternoon, and got some sleep early. Then the next morning, he left, leaving his mom and sister waving him goodbye.

"Your son is on his way, to be just like you...Mr. Jones." His mom spoke to herself.

"Hey mom, don't you think we should help out somehow?" Bash's sister asked.

"I suppose we could try and spread the word." Bash's mom replied.

The two then went inside the house to plan things out.


"Awesome, i'm already on an adventure!" Bash spoke.

He then stood in one spot for a moment.

"...which way do I go from here..." Bash thought to himself.

Bash then started walking again with a puzzled look on his face.