Heroes Of Legend

Chapter 5

Today we look at a young boy who sits by himself in the woods, meditating. This slightly dark skin boy, has a troubled look on his face. He has short black hair in a combover. And wears a t-shirt with the imprint of a being known as "Half-face."

Inside his mind, we see the young boy, still meditating. In the background, a bigger version of the boy appears, although he is sad.

"It's no use...we'll never find that book. It's hopeless!" The sad version spoke.

"It'll be fine Orius. We just need to keep looking." The boy spoke.

"We should give up, there's no point." Orius spoke.

"Will you be quiet! It'll be easy!" A voice spoke.

In the background, another big version of this young boy appeared. But this version had a crazy happy expression on his face.

"All we need to do is ask around, our chances of finding it right now are slim. But if we ask complete strangers, we would have a better chance of getting it, if not, maybe we'll get a hint." The crazy happy version spoke.

"That's actually a good idea Sanctum." The boy spoke.

"And if they don't talk, we can BEAT the answers outta them! Hahaha!" Sanctum spoke.

"That's terrible! You're insane!" Orius spoke.

"You should know that by now! Ha!" Sanctum laughed.

The boy in the middle of his mind is sighing, while in the background Orius is complaining, and Sanctum is laughing maniacally. This boy is named Bobby.

Bobby is currently on a journey of mastering the powers of Dark and Light. But in order to do so, he must locate, and study a book titled "DnL." (Dark and Light.)

Bobby is a mysterious kid, and kind of hard to follow. His emotions throw off a ton of people. He is able to call upon two different mind sets known as Orius and Sanctum, making him a stragetic fighter. The two do have a mind for themselves, so Bobby must train their powers of Dark and Light, to make them his own.

Orius, the light side, is a sad personality, mainly worried about danger and health. Orius' powers allow him conjure white flames, and energize wepons with a light aura.

Sanctum, the dark side, is an insane, or crazy happy personality. He is determined for some fun, his kind of fun. Sanctum's powers allow him to heal wounds, and conjure a dark aura sheild.

Bobby is also the desendent of an ancient tribe of people who were known for their two mind sets. Each person had 2 unique mind sets, with their own unique powers, personalities, and names. These people trained the powers they were given from their mind sets in order to protect the land they lived on.

No records have ever shown two persons having alike mind sets. Bobby, however, has Orius and Sanctum, two mind sets that were known long ago to a man known as Half-Face.

Orius and Sanctum share the same powers, personalities, and names, as Half-Face's mind sets. They, however, are not the same mind sets used by Half-Face. Half-Face, used his mind sets to help protect the land, he and his tribe lived on. Unfortunately, a rival tribe shunned the powers of Half-Face's tribe, and fought them for difference.

The tribe fought back, but was brutally beaten. Few members of that tribe survived that battle, and lived on. Since then, there have been few who still carry the power to call upon the mind sets of darkness and light.

After his talk with Orius and Sanctum, Bobby got up, and exited the woods.


Bash and friends are walking along a straightforward path, leading them towards a small town.

"Ugh! We've been walking for hours!" Slash complained.

"It seems like we've gone a long way, and we still haven't found a town! I knew we should've stopped at that last city..." Bash spoke.

"I thought we could have made better time if we kept going!" Slash replied.

"Wait, look!" Jade pointed towards the town.

"Oh man! We made it!" Bash exclaimed.

"Come on! Lets run the rest of the way!" Slash suggested.

The trio ran towards the town, and quickly started looking for an inn. But since this town was small, and didn't get many travelers due to the fact that all that there was to see was farmland, there was no inn.

"Did you find one?" Bash asked Jade.

"No, all I could find, were fruit and veggie stands..." Jade answered.

"I...mouldn't...ind...one...eter..." Slash spoke with his mouth full.

"Whats that? What're you eating?" Bash asked.

"Un...yun..." Slash spoke, then held up an onion.

"Ugh,,,disgusting..." Jade spoke.

"Wut? Dey...ore...berry...tasty." Slash spoke.

"Stop talking with your mouth full. Theres gotta be somewhere we can stay." Bash spoke.

"How about we ask that guy?" Jade suggested, pointing to a fruit stand merchant.

"...uh..." Bash spoke.

"*Gulp* Ask someone? You do it..." Slash suggested.

"Fine...i'll ask..." Jade spoke.

Jade then walked up to the merchant across the street and asked the merchant about an inn. The merchant told something to her, then pointed in a direction. Jade then walked back to Bash and Slash.

"Well?" Slash asked.

"He said that if we were looking for somewhere to stay, that we should ask the mayor at town hall, which also happens to be his house. The mayor is very generous and would be more than happy to let us saty at his place." Jade explained.

"Great! We should probably head over there now since its getting late." Bash suggested.

"Alright then, which way is it?" Slash asked.

"That way." Jade pointed.

"Cool, lets go!" Bash exclaimed.

The trio walks to the far side of town, and stop at a road leading to an old mansion on top of a cliff.

"T-thats the town hall?" Slash asked

"The guy said we couldn't miss it..." Jade replied.

"Did he also say that it was a run down haunted mansion?" Bash asked.

"Its not haunted...right?" Slash asked.

"Of course it is!" A voice from behind answered.

The trio jumped and turned around to stare at a brown haired man, with a mustache.

"Who the hell are you?" Jade asked holding onto Bash.

"Why i'm the mayor of this town, and the owner of that run down haunted mansion!" The man spoke.

"I...uh...didn't mean run down and haunted in a bad way...heh..." Bash replied.

"I-is it really haunted?" Slash asked.

"Why yes indeed! By a restless spirit who romes the halls at night." The man replied.

The trio gulped in fear.

"But where are my manners, my name's Thomas, but you can call me mayor!" Mayor explained.

"Uh, okay, i'm Bash, and this is Jade and Slash." Bash replied.

"Hi..." Jade responded.

"Heya" Slash responded.

"Well, it is certantly a pleasure to meet you all! Oh my, it is getting late...but you all are more than welcome to stay at our place tonight! Come in! Come in!" Mayor Exclaimed as he pushed the trio towards the house.

"What?" Slash asked.

"Huh?" Jade replied.

"Wait!" Bash exclaimed

Mayor pushed the trio inside his mansion, while our heroes were thinking through their minds of it being haunted. Then lightning struck the cliff from the dark sky. This night, would certantly be a night to remember.