Yup. He was mad. Furry lit up his never changing face. His fangs slowly shrunk into human size teeth. He was mumbling, "Stupid, careless... Arrogant... Neanderthals... Retards, making a mockery of me... how dare they to think I... and they do this... they will pay... I. Will. Make. Sure." That is all I got out of his conversation with himself. Sure If I wanted more information I could just read his mere thoughts, but what fun would cheating be.

I got up and walked to him. Circling my arms around his body, which was stiff and then slowly he let go of the air it seemed he was holding. He pressed his lips to my forehead as I leaned into his body. "I can't stay mad at those idiotic people while you are at home waiting for me to return. Have you missed me?" I looked up at him, a smile in my eyes. "Did not even realise you had left my love." He smiled as I turned and walked slowly away. Yet I felt his lips still lingering on my forehead. How could I lie so well? Years of practice.

He laughed and jumped on to the couch, the spot I was heading. He licked his lips and ushered me towards him. I looked straight into his eyes, and didn't move closer to him. I realised his eyes didn't meet mine, but in fact they only seemed to see my neck. He didn't move, and neither did I. The only thing that could break his look of hunger, was the knock at the door. He looked up. The thirst still clouding his eyes. He got up slowly. As if all energy had been sucked out of him. He took a deep breath before he got to the door. Then placed his hand on the knob and turned. Not knowing that the person on the on the other side was indeed...