Wesley grabbed me in his arms and ran out the door so far I didn't see anything, but blur. My eyes stung so much that tears poured out of them to stop them from drying out. I closed them, and thanked my lucky stars that my eyes didn't dry out. What good would a blind girl be in this kind of situation.

I felt the air stop, so I opened my eyes to a part of the woods I have never seen before. It was beautiful. I looked around and spotted Annabeth. She was tied to a tree. She was red faced, and angry. I ran to her and she looked so relieved to see me and Wasim that she cried out my name.

"Vellvy! Vellvy, thank God you guys came. He tied me up and ran. Said that when the sun can out in the woods at the right time I would be burned to my death and that you two would seek vengeance, and kill father. That man, he isn't father. He is someone else. I don't know how, but-"

"Annabeth, he is a shape shifter.", I said. Making her realise what we had come to know as well. She shook her head and said, "Father can't be a shape shifter that would make us... Oh. You mean a shape shifter took the form of our dad!" I laughed at her misguided brain. She was so confused by the simplest things.

I looked towards Wasim, he had been quiet for a long time now. I noticed he was sitting down on a large rock. I went over to him and put my hand on his shoulder. I squatted in front of him. Kissed his cheek softly and spoke light, "Everything will be fine. We will start locking the doors. Annabeth must stay within our reach at all times. Oh my, Wasim, she scared me to death." Tears poured down my face as I spoke, "Just thinking what could have happened to her if we didn't come for her..." My body shook slightly. Wasim gripped my shoulders.

"She is fine now. No need to cry, my love. Everything is well. What good are you to Annabeth if your the one crying?" I laughed, "True. I need to be strong for her." Wasim cocked his head to the side and studied me.

"She really loves you like a sister, you know? She looks up to you." I shook my head, "Me of all people... I guess you're right. I'm happy you pointed that out. I love her like a sister too." I got up from the ground and went to Annabeth. Laughing at her struggle to get out of the ropes.

"Well are you going to help me out of these damned things or just make fun of me?" I laughed again and took the knife out of my boot. Sliced the ropes off her wrists. Noticing how tight they were. Must have been very, very uncomfortable.

Juse then, I heard a rustle in the back of the bushes. That when I turned to see Wasim wrestling a struggling Wesley... Well whoever it was, was going to loose against Wasim.