You Eighteen Yet?
First Time: 17
» Chapter Rating: T
» Summary: Five times Bones asked the kid how old he was, and the one time he didn't have to. Cute and/or sexy times with the good doctor and his bit of Russian jailbait. Will contain mentions of other parings. Inspired by the "You 18 yet?" panel of Annime1231's Star Trek Reboot Meme on deviantART. Look it up, it is the lulz. :-D

First Time: 17

"Excuse me, Keptin! By my calculations-!"

Bones hardly listened to the plan. He was too focused on the bright, animated and above all young face of the ensign that outlined it. Something about Saturn and rings and electromagnetics. Holy Mary and Baby Jesus, they were all about to die, Earth would be disintegrated into cosmic ash and this kid was talking fucking hide and seek?

Eventually the ensign ran out of breath, and Bones asked the question.

"Wait a minute… how old are you?"

"I'm seventeen, sir!"

Bones's laugh rode the edge of hysteria. "Oh good. He's seventeen!"

Later, he would realize in horrified disbelief that as he treated the crew injured from the initial attack over Vulcan, and while Jim and the hobgoblin were fighting aboard the Romulan vessel, the conn of the Enterprise warping to Earth from Saturn's rings had been held by one Pavel Andreivitch Chekhov.

Author Note:

This chapter wasn't originally part of the series, but I was rewatching the movie and realized the question is canon! It had to be included, however brief the mention. The real first chapter is the next one.

And, since it was in the movie, the dialogue is not mine, etc etc.