Chapter Two: "You try to break me. You want to break me bit by bit that's just part of it. If you were dead or alive, I don't care. I don't care."


When the nails had been ripped out of my skin, I had passed out cold. I know it was from the amount of pain I had been in. I've plenty of shit happen to me, broken bones, bruises and other things but nothing had been like this. Nothing had ever been like this. I stared up on the ceiling, my body hadn't moved from the spot it was in, I was still drenched in the dead girl's body as well as my blood and I almost gagged out of reflex thinking about it. Sick fuck. Sick son of a bitch. I moved lightly and pain shot though my spine making me whimper. Fuck, I have more injuries than I expected…

I don't think I would be able to get up anytime soon. At least I felt like I wouldn't be able to stand without my knees giving out from underneath me, that itself had me worried because I knew I had to get up or questions about where I was were going to be going around which wouldn't be good at all. My eyes caught on the floor, he had left the nails on the floor as a grim reminder and I felt like I was going to be sick at even thinking about what happened.

I pushed my fingers against the blood stained floor pushing myself off the floor. I could feel the blood from the floor ooze though my fingertips, I shuddered pulling myself to my feet and nearly fell back on the floor from the blood lose and the weakness of my knees. I tried not to stare at the dead body on the ground; I didn't even want to look at the ground. I moved slowly, my body protesting with every move because of my injuries. I had a nasty feeling that he had torn something, and my theory was correct when I felt blood fall down my legs, I was going to get sick, I was sure of it.

I moved as quickly as possible, what my body allowed me to anyway and went into the bathroom of the bedroom. There was a set of clothes left on the counter, a small not beside it. I figured you would need these Lawli.There was no name but the blood red writing gave away who it was and I didn't want to think about the sick fact that he planned this whole thing out. The clothing he gave me was the usual attire I wore on a daily bases. I didn't dare look in the mirror; I would have probably bolted towards the toilet if I looked at a mirror right now.

I turned on the shower, and stepped into it. The warm water hit my skin, and I let out a breath as the dried blood started dripping off my frame, dying the water red, but cleaning my skin from some of the filth. Chunks of dried blood fell off my skin and the scent of iron was heavy in the air, enough to make a normal person sick. I grabbed the nearest bottle in the shower, putting the shampoo into my hair, and then ranking my fingers though my hair, clearing out any blood that had dried and hardened in my hair. My hands looked somewhat a red color by the time I finished with my hair. Just how much blood had I lost? I had washed my hair twice with the shampoo to clean out the scent of blood, then focused on cleaning my body. The amount of blood that came out in the shower, I'm surprised I didn't get sick from it. My fingers drifted over the small holes in my hips, they almost looked like gage holes, they were small in size but it made me shudder. I had cleaned my wounds then turned off the water, and didn't whimper at the pain as I walked and started redressing myself.

I had finished dressing, and I pulled on a pair of latex gloves throwing the nails in a small bag and closing it shut before throwing the gloves out. My phone was on the counter, battery still well, and a second later it rang. I stared at the caller ID only a few people knew I even had this phone, very few people ever knew at all. I looked at it. Michael Keeehl (also known as Mello) . "Hello?" I said into the phone quietly, thank god my voice didn't sound hoarse on the phone.

"L where are you? You've been gone for hours." Mello's voice is slightly concerned.

"I didn't realize I had been gone for awhile." I lied smoothly, it was an easy lie to tell, I often hung around crime scenes more than I should of.

"It's nearly nine at night L." Mello said to me.

My eyes had widened, fuck. How long had I been here? Since this morning… I had slept way to long, shit. I had dug myself into a whole by being here so long. "Mello. I'll be heading back soon.."

"L… Did something happen?" Mello had caught the tone of my voice.

"I'm fine Mello, I swear." I told him.

"I don't believe you. I'm waiting for you outside the hotel. Get here soon." Then it was a click.

Fuck, I really didn't want to deal with his pestering today, I was exhausted enough.

It was about an hour later when Mello started pestering me. I had tried not to cringe, and I wanted to just go into my bedroom, and hide right now. I kept telling myself what happened today never happened, that I wasn't raped. I had moved to my bedroom sitting on the bed, Mello had come with me, shutting the door behind him. "L what is it?" Mello was concerned, but I didn't say anything, I didn't want to.

"L?" His fingers touched my arm and I jerked back on a reflex, I didn't want to be touched by anyone right now.

"Get out." I told him. I didn't want him here. I needed to put gauze on my hip wounds before they started bleeding.

"L, you're bleeding." Mello's eyes were downcast at my hipbones, fucking hell I knew I should of gauzed them.

Mello was the type of person that was stubborn, he was stubborn to the point of where he wouldn't change his mind once he was set on it, not to mention impulsive. Very impulsive when it came to things. The blonde was giving me a look of concern and I ignored it, I didn't want to talk about what happened with Beyond Birthday in that house, some things I would never mention, maybe to Watori one day but not to anyone else.

Mello's fingers pressed down on my hip bone and I let out something that sounded like a whimper/whine at the brushing of my wounds. "L take off your jeans. I know damn well you're hurt." Mello said to me moving his fingers away from the abused skin. "What happened in there?" He asked me. I didn't answer, I removed my jeans, I was left in my boxers, and I trusted Mello over anyone here. A small gasp came off his lips at the holes in my hips, the small holes. "L, those look like six inch nails holes… Who?.." Mello's thoughts trailed off.

I moved on the bed, burying my head in a pillow, hiding my face from view shaking. I couldn't say it. I couldn't find the words to say it. I could feel tears slipping past my vision, but I didn't make a sound. "I'm sorry. L. I am." Mello tapped me on the shoulder, I could see gauze in his hands, and I turned so he could wrap my hip area in a small amount of gauze so the holes would heal, hopefully. "I'll leave you be for now. You seem to need it." Mello didn't want to rush the answer; I think he knew what ever had happened had broken me to a point.

He left the door and shut it behind him. This time, I did cry as my fingers clutched the pillow, small sobs breaking from my lips, my body shaking. I was a complete mess, just hours ago I had been raped next to a dead body and covered in blood. I buried my face harder into the pillow sobbing. I don't know how long I stayed like that crying. I just don't know.

When my phone rang, however, my hand pulled it out of my pocket and I answered without looking at the ID, big mistake.

"Hello Lawli are you having fun yet?"

I promptly screamed, and my eyes rolled into the back of my head as I passed out cold in a dead faint on the bed.

Crimson eyes plaguing my vision and dreams.