A Fairy Tale Come True.

A/N: Hey, sorry about not updating, but things have been crazy. I want to thank you all for reading my stories. This one is kinda different to Sleeping Beauty, and because you all seem to it so much I thought that I would mix it up.


Summary: The Cullen men are about to find out the meaning of true loves kiss when they have to free their soul mates from a spell that was placed upon them.



Deep in the woods in a rainy place of Forks, Hides an old house, Where a secret slumbers, Waiting to be awakened.

Somewhere else in the woods of Forks, running after the deer near the lake, is the key to the spell that hides the secret of the slummering house.

Something in the Air

Having fed of the deer they found Carlisle and his sons were walking throw the forest on there way to their new home.

Carlisle had turned both Edward, His eldest, and Emmett, his youngest. Jasper, the middle child if you will was not turned by Carlisle, but was found by him.

Carlisle had found Edward dieing from a particularly deadly strain of Spanish Influenza, Carlisle had been his family's Doctor and have to watch Edward's mother Elizabeth die from the illness, but before her passing she made Carlisle promise to everything in his power to save her son, and thats what he did. He turned Edward into a Vampire.

When Edward had woken up to his new life they found out that he could read peoples minds. Edward hated knowing what people were think, and a few years after being turned Edward gave up the diet of animal blood for something more.

But a year and a half later Edward had come back but this time he was not alone.

As it tuned out Edward and started to re-think the idea of living off human blood about a month after leaving Carlisle, but he was to ashamed of himself to turn back, instead he lived off animal blood and stayed in the shadows hoping to one day be able to face his understanding father figure.

But just a couple of months ago Edward was coming home from a hunt when he hear the thoughts of a human being attacked by a vampire. Edward thought about what Carlisle would do as he ran in the direction of the nosies. Edward fought off the Vampire named James but he ran away before Edward could kill him.

There was nothing Edward could do for the human exect help him when he entered his new life. After 3 days Edward found out the boys name was Jasper Whitlock.

Having found out just how hard it was to look after a newborn vampire on your own, Edward felt a new found pride in Carlisle and set out to help jasper control his thirst with the help of Carlisle.

40 years later Emmett was found by Jasper, when they had gone hunting in the forest in England, Carlisle turned him as it was the only means of saving his life.

Now its the year 2010 and Carlisle could not be more happier or more prude that all his sons had found a way to take control over there thirst.

In a small clearing in the forest Edward came to a stop.

"Carlisle, do you feel that?" Edward asked

Carlisle stopped right next to his son and nodded.

There was something in the air, something calling to him, pulling him towards the west of the woods.

Carlisle could feel the pull magic in the air, and could feel how strong it was.

"What could it be?" Jasper asked looking towards the west.

Carlisle looked at all his sons before saying one word.