Last time on A Fairy Tale Come True

"My teddy bear found me" Rose said before kissing him again.

"and His not letting you go." Emmett said.

The other left the room fast, because Emmett and Rose were planning on doing more than kissing.


Happy Ever After

50 years later

Since the night the Cullen boys had broke the spell on their true loves, life could not be more perfect.

Both Carlisle and Esme had three more children, it seem that Esme, Bella, Alice and Rose were only part Vampire, which allowed them to give brith.

They could not be happier.

Bella found it hard to life outside the pool, after spending 107 years as a mermaid it was understandable that she would have some trouble, Edward was nothing but understanding and Helped his wife passed it. They ended up have four children, one a set of twin boys. Their girls found their own mates, one a wolf the other a half breed like herself.

Their boys found love as well, one found love in a form of a ghost, but with just a kiss she took loves form, the other boy fell for a human and when Alice saw her getting ill he begged his father for help, in which Edward agreed and turned her.

Alice and Jasper have only had two children so far bat Alice has told Jasper that that she has seen at less three more. They could not be happier.

And as for Emmett and Rose, they could not be happier with there three children and one more on the way.

Life was perfect for the Cullen, and they would not change a thing.

For as they are living a fairy tale come true.

The End