Chapter forty-six

Emily's POV

"But I don't want to go back. I have needs" I whine as Lewis helps me get my dress back on, against my will of course. I don't want to go back; I want to stay here and be with him and do things that will satisfy my cravings.

"Emily, it's your friend's reception. We've been gone for an hour, surely that can do until later? Then I'm all yours, I promise" he strokes my cheek as he kisses me lightly, blatantly trying to woo me.

"Fine" I pout, Lewis giving me another quick kiss before ushering me out of the empty room we found in the reception building, with that we head back to the reception where everyone is just generally mingling. Just as we get to our table they announce that dinner is almost ready, my rumbly belly sounding out telling me that I came back just in time. After all, I am going to need energy if Lewis keeps his promise.

"Emily, bout time you came back, bitch! I can't believe you sneaked out, it's my reception" Alex scolds me as her arms flail everywhere as she charges towards me. I quickly spot Katie sat down at a table and I head over there, figuring that if she kills me I'll at least have one witness. Lewis doesn't count because all Alex would have to do was threaten to rip his balls off and he would back down, Katie on the other hand has no balls and doesn't take any crap from anybody.

"Where's Adrian?" I probe Katie as I sit down next to her; she looks all upset and lonely.

"That is a point, where is your boy toy?" Alex seconds my question as she plonks herself down on the other side of Katie.

"Wanking off in the toilets for all I care" she grumbles, a frown forming on her face.

Almost as if he could sense us talking about him he appears at the table, his eyes taking in our little gathering, his gaze turning suspicious.

"Where have you been?" I jump in there, seeing as no one else was going to ask the question. We all watch as Adrian squirms a little bit, Lewis coming over to stand behind me where he rests his hands on my shoulders, his lips pressing a kiss to my cheek but all my attention is on Adrian. I have a feeling we have caught him out on his dirty little secret.

"I was in the men's room…"

"Doing what for the past half hour? Actually, for the past 33 minutes and 12 seconds" Katie demands, her eyes finally moving to look at him, a cheeky smirk on her face.

"I have needs and she won't give me any!" he shouts, his finger pointing at Katie accusingly.

"Who gives a toss about your needs? You aren't the one carrying around a God damn baby, you get knocked up and tell me who's needs need satisfying!" she retorts angrily, Adrian glaring at her.

"You are not the only one in this relationship! You are not the only one with needs, just because you got a stupid baby in your womb doesn't make you any more special than anyone else. You don't see Emily not given Lewis anything, in fact, they were just fucking! You could hear them in the corridor" I want to die.

Beth's POV

As I stumble into the room – the one Alex is holding her wedding reception in – I am laughing away to myself as Joe and I tumble all over each other. Both of us in hysterics as we grumble and mumble random words and things, everyone in the room staring at us as we dance our way through the room towards the table all our friends are gathered at. They seem to be in some sort of heated argument, but that is soon halted as I collapse onto the empty chair beside Emily.

"Vodka!" I cheer as I pick up the glass of clear fluid on the table before downing it.

"That was my water" Katie grumbles at me, only causing me to laugh as I fall off of my chair so that I am practically rolling on the floor laughing.

"Is she drunk?" Emily probes, tears building in my eyes from the hysterical laughter I am stuck in. Everything is just sounds so funny!

"No shit Sherlock" Katie and Alex mutter together, I can almost imagine them rolling their eyes.

"Hey, don't you bring Sherlock into this! He is one heck of a detective" Joe defends Sherlock's honour, only causing me to laugh even more. God, this is killing me!

"Oh!" I hear Emily gasp, my eyes shooting open as I look to her, the colour slowly draining out of her face. I sit up, suddenly feeling very sober. Something is wrong.

"Emily?" Lewis whispers as he looks at her worriedly.

"I'm fine, just the babies moving" she smiles at us, but I can tell otherwise, and so can everyone else as we all share a look. But we soon dismiss it, figuring if it was serious she would tell us.

"Where is the alcohol?" I slur, my blurry vision looking around the crowded room.

"Where have you been? You didn't come to my wedding, you stalked off this morning and you only just turn up now? I am not taking this crap, Beth, you tell me right now or God help me…" I love it when Alex threatens me; she knows I can destroy her within seconds, so why she even attempts to scare me is beyond me. I could burn her so fast…

"We went to Vegas, no harm done" Joe hiccups as he plops down onto a spare chair.

"You have a tattoo" Katie notes thoughtfully, Joe staring at her in disbelief before he stares at his hand, his eyes widening as he suddenly becomes very sober. His gaze soon lands on my hand, the colour draining out of his face.

"What the heck is wrong?" I demand as I look at my hand, my own eyes shooting wide open when I spot the small tattoo around my ring finger. It says Joe along it, but instead of using an 'o' it has been done with a love heart. I certainly don't remember that. Joe must have one with my name.

"What the hell?" I mumble as Uncle Lewis comes round to help me up, me giving him a very confused look, but he soon frowns at me as he cups the charm on my necklace. When did I get a necklace? I don't remember this…

"You're married" he growls, his body tensing.

"Married?" everyone hisses out, my heart sinking. Got married drunk in Vegas, got a tattoo to represent that fact and I can't remember a single second of it. I knew I shouldn't have sneaked out during the early hours of the morning; I should have stayed and just come for the free food like I originally planned.

I undo the necklace from around my neck where I hold it in my hand for everyone to see, it is just a simple silver chain with a ring on it. A plain silver wedding ring with the words 'I love you' engraved on the inside rim of the ring, and when I look at Joe I can see he has one as well. Oh shit.

"I'll go on YouTube" Katie announces as she quickly pulls out her phone, everyone throwing her a strange look.

"Why?" Adrian probes her with a curious look. I have a huge headache, I know I am still drunk, but I have never felt so sober in my life. I just got married.

"Let's face it, if she was drunk, someone was bound to film it and put it on YouTube. They probably paid someone to do it"

"That would explain where my fifty went out of my wallet" Joe grumbles, making everyone throw him an exasperated look.

"So where did the money for the tattoos and the wedding rings come from?" Uncle Lewis asks, everyone else remaining eerily quiet. They know I am in deep trouble. The both of us are.

"I don't actually know. I don't bloody remember!" I yell at him, my arms flying everywhere.

"Yeah, they got married. And had a pretty good time during the wedding as well if this is anything to go by on" Katie moves her phone around for us all to see. On the video playing is of Joe and me giggling and laughing, the priest going through the motions as we share some alcohol and sweet kisses.

"How did they even allow this? You two are under age" Adrian notes thoughtfully.

"I'm sixteen next week and Joe turned eighteen last month. You were at his party getting drunk off of your ass!" I shout at him, Adrian holding his hands up in surrender.

"So one of you is of age, but still. It's bloody illegal, did they not ask for your ages?" finally, the actual bride of today speaks.

"I…I don't remember. I don't think so" I shake my head, a small noise of pain coming from the side. We all look in that direction where we see Emily sat there, looking very pale with her hands resting on her baby bump.

"She's bleeding!" Katie shouts as she jumps up and snatches her phone back, while she is phoning for an ambulance Lewis runs to Emily's side. What is happening?

"By the looks of it she is most likely in labour, that would explain the water surrounding her, but if that is true, she must also be having a placenta abruption otherwise there shouldn't have been any blood. This is serious" how the heck does Katie know so much about this?

"Hey, what's happening?" James probes as he joins us, Alex throwing him a worried look.

"Beth and Joe are drunk and got married drunk in Vegas and have tattoos. Emily is now in labour and from what Katie is saying Emily's babies are at risk. Go stand outside and wait for the ambulance!" Alex orders him before she pushes passed me and goes to Emily's side just as she screams out in pain, tears welling in her eyes.

"Can't you all use your stupid earth powers or something?" Alex demands, everyone shaking their heads, Uncle Lewis tries to soothe Emily as Katie goes in to explain.

"The earth powers can only heal, they cannot prevent premature labour like this, nor can they stop this placenta problem. The best we can do for her is getting her to a hospital. Once the babies are born, you might be able to use the earth powers. Adrian and I could use our Djinn powers to help, but they won't fully heal her, she will still have to have lots of recovery and our powers won't do anything for the babies. They will have to develop on their own"

"Everyone give her room to breathe. Are you okay, baby? How badly does it hurt? Can I do anything?" Lewis soothes her as he rubs her belly gently, his eyes wondering to the growing blood stain forming on her dress.

"It hurts" Emily cries as she squeezes his hand. There must be something I can do…