His neck was killing him. That was the first thing that he was aware of as he woke up. Second was a hand on his hair. He growled trying to move his head from uncomfortable position.

'You should take a bath. You know?'

A warm, hoarse voice caused his heart to start racing when his body froze half sitting on his chair half sprawling on Harry's bed.

He was sure that he pulled a muscle when turning so quickly but really he didn't care. Seeing his lover's eyes after so long and knowing that he was awake already was all that he needed.

'Don't be rude.' He choked out of his strangely tight throat leaning forward and kissing his dry lips.

'Hmm' Hummed Harry after they parted. ' That was nice. Think you could make the bed bigger. I am so for an one big black bat to cuddle and hug.'

Poppy smilled closing curtains to block the sight of a big bed and two sleeping together wizards. The happy smile on both of their faces was something she greedily wanted to keep for herself.