They say that everyone is good at something. I, apparently, am good at being evil. I really don't know exactly when that came about. I used to be as innocent as a child, because I was a child once. Maybe the change from innocent to evil had been gradual. I had just not seen it coming, and it had surprised me.

I looked myself over in the mirror. I was just as short as most Munchkins. The pointed hat I wore on my head was more than half my height. My skin was the color of the Winkies, a tannish yellow color. It was dry and wrinkled, and my straw-colored hair was frizzy and graying. It was braided into two ponytails on either side of my head. My nose was big and rounded. A black eyepatch covered the absent hole once filled by my left eye. I wore a yellow coat with big golden buttons and black pants decorated with gold thread. My shoes were meant to look like the feet of a goat, and they shined in the sunlight. The umbrella I held in my hands was long and purple, the only thing not yellowish about me.

The girl who once had been called Shathana Umbr was now known as the Wicked Witch of the West. Few people knew that my name was Shathana, but they prefered the Gillikinese pronounciation "Zathana" more than the Winkie pronounciation. I hated them all. They had left me alone years ago, and now I had nothing to do but order around the Winkie slaves I had collected.

A girl from the Outside World named Dorothy was my personal slave at the moment, but I knew that my time was drawing near. I knew that this was going to happen. I'd always known that a blushing little girl would end my life. In a few moments, I would go to see what she was hard at work with. I knew exactly how to frustrate her to the point of her killing me, as she had killed my dear friend before me. I didn't care about my life ending, for the past few years I had been completely misunderstood. Better a Good Witch live then a Wicked Witch.

So I tripped her using a trick of Magic, and I stole one of the powerful silver shoes she wore on her feet. She was so angry at this that she threw a bucket of water on me. I had known of my allergy to water since birth. I'd had to use oils and later Magic to keep myself clean and healthy. Now my skin was burning, and in only a few seconds, I would be completely disintegrated.

Supposedly, your life flashes before your eyes right before you die. This is a true statement, for that's exactly what happened to me.

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