A/N: Starting right where we left off, without wi-fi in a park in Rome, completely writing off the cuff. Let's do this.

And by that I mean 4 or so months later.

Chapter Ten

In Flore

"Hey Grimm!" Nnoitra's voice couldn't be any more annoying if he spoke with a lisp and like a chipmunk. Ichigo slid his eyes off the gum-covered pavement and locked eyes with Grimmjow under his hair. He looked damn pissed, but pretty good too.

"Hmm." He rumbled, having his keys twirling on his fingers. Nnoitra must have looked between Ichigo and Grimmjow judging by the pause, but once Ichigo looked up at him his eyes were back on Grimmjow.

"Berry's comin' and we're gonna make some bad decisions on a school night. I'll drive."

"I wouldn't trust you running a bath, let alone driving us out." Well, Ichigo had been expecting more-so along the lines of "why the fuck is the ginger here" and many more obscenities. Grimmjow put his key back into the pocket of his faded jeans. One of the knees had a tear in it. Ichigo wondered if it was put there when he bought the jeans or if he'd had an accident of some kind.

"Aw, so trustin'. C'mon, let's get. I could pick up Shin too?" Ichigo raised an eyebrow, and much to his surprise, Grimmjow did too.

"Didn't ya spend all weekend with him already? Ya said ya just wanted to…" his frigid blue eyes shot back to Ichigo's warm caramel ones, but back in an instant. "Chill at my place."

"Yeah I guess. He's cool Grimm; cooler than he used to be." Ichigo was feeling more uncomfortable now that the topic had shifted to the lean blonde. Grimmjow seemed to accept Jiruga's judgment for whatever reason.

"Fine, if ya want to that damn bad." Grimmjow grumbled under his breath. Ichigo glanced at Nnoitra, who headed back into the building like a skipping schoolgirl. Ichigo glanced back up at Grimmjow to find him already staring down at him. "…Sup?" The blue-haired man asked.

"…I'm just going home before Nnoitra abducts anyone else." Ichigo looked away from Grimmjow, adjusting the strap of his bag. He took two steps away from the bike and what must be Nnoitra's "beater" and Grimmjow stayed where he was.

"Thought you were comin' with."

"I said no, if that helps." Ichigo glared at him over his shoulder. Grimmjow frowned.


"Have fun sulking, happy hangover." Ichigo headed down the parking lot sidewalk with purpose. He was pissed and practically strutting to his bike and leaving rage in his size-twelve-shoe path. God damn Nnoitra Jiruga for pulling that crap on him! He just had to head out before Nnoitra returned with Shinji. That'd make even a bigger mess, if Shinji was as interrogative as he was at the party.

"Oi, Berry!" He heard Nnoitra exiting the school, but he didn't bother turning around. He made it further down the sidewalk and started undoing the combination lock of his bike. It was the last four digits of his phone number, 6143, because he made a random number in middle school and forgot it constantly. The only problem with this bike lock was that it usually took two tries and a tug to actually get it to release after damaging it. Middle school didn't treat his bike well. He entered the numbers, turned the lock a few times, and tugged on it against the metal bars of the bike rack. It released with a metallic grinding noise, and he wrapped the chain around the chassis. He was going home.

"Ooi, Berry!" Nnoitra stomped his foot, causing Grimmjow to roll his eyes. Nnoitra turned on him then, Shinji at his side. "Why do ya gotta scare them away, scary-face." Nnoitra pouting was a rare sight, but Grimmjow was too annoyed to revel in it.

"I didn't scare 'im. He didn't wanna come." Grimmjow muttered, crossing his arms over his chest. After everything that had happened already, the last thing he wanted to do was see the orange haired object of his…confusion. He was going to talk it out with Nnoitra, but the stupid twig went around inviting people to listen in! So much for the serious bro-talk he hoped for. Shinji was remaining eerily silent, just grinning like a knowing son of a bitch. This wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for him.

"Well he shoulda said so. Yer shitty mood is prob'ly what made him not wanna come!"

"I doubt that." He growled and Shinji's smile widened. Nnoitra raised an eyebrow and went to speak, but Shinji slapped him on the shoulder.

"Let's just leave Grimmy to pout; we can go make bad decisions, Spoon." Nnoitra made a face that didn't suit him: surprise. His visible eye widened for just a split moment, then went back to its normal, slanted appearance. He rubbed the back of his neck, and shifted his black hair over his shoulder.

"…Well, fine. But we ain't done here, Grimmy. I'll still stalk ya!" Nnoitra went around to his car and unlocked the doors. Shinji brushed past Grimmjow, smiling over at him.

"Now ya should go make up with Ichi, don't'cha think?"

"Fuck yourself, Hirako."

"Ooh, nasty. I'm getting Nnoi off your back for ya, take advantage of it." Shinji threw another lopsided grin over his shoulder at Grimmjow, rounding Nnoitra's car and climbing in shotgun. Grimmjow narrowed his eyes at him but waved to them both, going around to his bike and making damn sure Nnoitra didn't pull out of his spot too wide and make the biggest fucking mistake of his life. With one change in the gear shift and a few sputters, Nnoitra and Shinji were off to cause a ruckus, and leaving the ringleader with his bike.

Fuck, was he supposed to go talk to Ichigo or not? That son of a bitch was the cause of all this mess…well, other than Shinji, and Nnoitra, and Ulquiorra's damn party.

It wasn't his fault. Nope, not a damn bit.

He swung his leg over his precious bike, putting the key into the ignition. It rumbled to life and practically made Grimmjow's worries dwindle away and blow out the exhaust pipe. He purred, revving the engine and whipped out of the school bumpy-as-fuck parking lot without a care in the world aside from the speed limit.

Tap tap, tappity tap tap…

Navy eyes narrowed.

Clickclickclickclickclick! Ishida's thumb rapidly pressed the "go back" key on his phone. Damn it all, no response would properly put his confused point across properly! His homework was the past, and the five minutes had been spent rereading Szayel Aporro's last message.

The cursor blinked on and off a few times.

How could he make it seem like he wanted to visit Szayel? Did he want to visit him? He took a deep breath and looked back into the notebook in his lap. His eyes scanned his notes, and his fingers started to move on the keys as if he was a veteran texter.

TO: Szayel A. Grantz

Fine, I will bring you the notes from class today so your huge brain isn't left in the dark on this assignment.

He hit the center button and stuffed his books into his backpack and getting to his feet. No chance to back out, Uryuu. He checked the contact information, feeling his throat close up as if he had a severe allergy to something. That something being Szayel Aporro. He exited the back doors of Karakura-Hueco High, walking tall, taking a deep cleansing breath of the outdoor air. It was fresh and chill, the winter approaching quickly.

The address was simple to remember, thankfully. 1050 Lumina Road, apartment 8. He stepped off around the back of the school, walking alongside the baseball diamond towards the main intersection. He flipped through the phone again, checking for a response. It had been a whole minute after all! He didn't realize he stepped off the curb until he heard a loud rumble.

"God dammit!" he flinched and looked over. He recognized the vibrant-haired young man on an equally vibrant motorcycle a few feet ahead of him on the crosswalk. Ishida swallowed warily.

"Oh, sorry." He couldn't remember the other's name for the life of him.

"Fuckin' scared the shits outta me, soph." Oh, this guy must have recognized him from somewhere. He remembered the stairwell weeks ago, and the party that weekend. He swallowed hard, stuffing the phone into his pocket. Technology would be the death of him.

"I'm sorry, was just checking an address." He started to walk again and get out of the other man's way. The bike rumbled, the other student moving his foot forward to kick it back into motion, but stopped.

"You're that kid that Berry crashed inta. And you were at Ulquiorra's." Was that was the black-haired and short junior's name was? His memory was failing him with names. Ishida waited until he was at the side of the street before looking back. Another car approached on the street, and the blue-haired boy kicked his bike to the side of the street. Something made him want to talk, and it made Ishida uncomfortable.

"Yes. I recognized you as well." Ishida stated, keeping his voice level and uninterested. Cornflower blue eyes assessed him, and fingers drummed on the bike's handle.

"What's the address?" Ishida's navy eyes must have been assessing him because the other rolled his. "I can give you a lift, as long as you don't jump in fron'a me like that again!" Uryuu stared at the bike, aka a screaming metal deathtrap. The other seemed to finally get the grin he remembered seeing on his face during their past encounters. "If ya ain't chicken."

"…It's an apartment complex on Lumina Road. Know it?" The grin vanished on his face but he nodded, thumbing behind him.

"Get on."

Approximately eight minutes and forty-four seconds later—oh, not approximately: Ishida was counting the seconds while having his knuckles white on the side bars of the bike. He refused to hang onto this relative-stranger who's name had still failed to come back to him, but hanging onto the sides just resulted in more uncomfortable jolting back and forth. But anyways: that much time passed before the blue-haired boy pulled to the side of the street in front of the complex of 1050 Lumina Road. He set his foot down and glanced over his shoulder at Uryuu, who hastily pried his fingers off of the bike.

"Thank you…" He got his feet on solid ground. His legs felt like jell-o and his hair was in shambles. The other nodded, looking to the street before back to Uryuu.

"Can you tell him that he needs to text me?" Ishida stiffened.


"Pinks. He lives here, I ain't sayin' nothing. Just tell him to text me." Ishida raised an eyebrow. He obviously had to say something if he brought it up. But he knew Szayel and him were together at the party. He nodded his head, and the blue-haired man pushed himself back into the street, thundering off down the road. Uryuu's heart began its indescribable drumbeating. If he could describe it, it could be the instruments for Stomp falling down the stairs of an eighty story hotel.

He went up four flights of stairs instead: each floor having two apartments. Reaching the fourth floor could have sent him into cardiac arrest. A door on his right had a silver seven placed onto its wooden surface. Ishida turned down the other side of the hall. It was a short hall and yet it felt like it was never ending, at least until his feet stopped at the next door. The number 8 blazing gold on its surface, he held his breath, and knocked.

"I should have checked my phone." Ishida immediately scolded himself. What if he had company, or wasn't home? He counted, one, two, okay he's not home. He shifted on his foot, about to shuffled back down the hall when the doorknob turned and froze him in place. Szayel opened it up, leaning on it with his forearm. Ishida held his breath again, given the apartment owner was shirtless and wearing baggy white sweatpants that hung off his hips: but he wasn't looking, no sir. Ishida swore that Szayel was doing his best not to smile, and yet that unsettling grin was still on his face.

"Ah, Ishida-kun. Astounding that you kept your word." Ishida felt his ears start to heat up. Orihime made fun of him frequently in middle school about how he begins to blush in his ears, not his cheeks. Regardless, he straightened his shoulders and narrowed his eyes.

"I can't let my lab partner or fellow chemistry associate fail a simple assignment because of his carelessness." Szayel's grin stretched, however minutely.

"Well then, associate." He stepped aside, opening the door for him. Uryuu nodded and stepped in, awkwardly. He spotted a couple pairs of shoes on the mat, and that Szayel was barefoot, so he pulled his own off. "I hope my huge brain will be able to comprehend these chapters." Szayel said as he went to the kitchenette. His pans were not sizzling with bacon this time, but he set a teapot on the stove instead.

"So do I," Ishida grumbled, but stopped when Szayel turned back to him.

"Take a seat here," Szayel pointed to the stool on the opposite side of the counter from him, specifically. Seems he enjoys his particulars. Regardless, Ishida took his backpack off and sat, setting the bag in his lap and digging through it for his chemistry notes and book. "Well, if you'd like to get straight to it then," Szayel weaved around the counter and picked his notebook up off of the side table next to his arm chair. Ishida watched him out of the corner of his eye, though averted them when Szayel was on his way back again. He hoped it wasn't too creeper-like to watch the older student's movements.

"The sooner it's done the more things that can be done tonight," Ishida shrugged, thumbing through his notebook. Szayel had come around to the other side of the counter, a delicate rose-colored eyebrow arched up, his grin replaced by a jackass-level smirk.

"More things?" He mused, his tone waggling somewhere between dangerously low and mockingly perfect. Ishida looked up over the top of his silver rims and between stray dark hairs over his eyes. His ears were getting that warm feeling again. His life was being T9 right now: type now, think later. "What sort of things do you do when you finish your assignments early, Ishida-kun?"

"Like, hobbies?" Ishida figured it was a stupid question, and it was confirmed when Szayel's grin only widened, a clear answer. "…I, uh, sew actually."

"Sewing?" Szayel seemed taken aback, lifting his chin from his open palm. "How curious."

"Curious? It's a fine hobby. What do you do for hobbies, then?" Szayel smiled and rested his arms on the counter, leaning forward more.

"Oh, I find interest in many different subjects, Ishida-kun," He flipped open his notebook in front of him. "And activities." Ishida watched him page through the notebook to find his assignment. From what he could tell, Szayel had already done the first few questions in the time they'd been texting. He did expect Szayel to be knowledgeable in the subject already, but at least he let Ishida in the door. Uryuu turned his chemistry book over towards him, as well as his notebook opened to the proper section.

"Kurotsuchi talked a lot today, but I got most of it." Ishida nodded. He did fill a good three pages with his scribbles, considering he was focusing on ignoring his missing lab mate. Szayel nodded simply, starting to read through his thick white frames. Ishida watched him for a moment, biting at his lip slightly. Awkwardness set in.

"May I—"

"Mm, you know where it is." Szayel waggled his pencil, not lifting his mustard colored eyes from the page. Ishida nodded, setting his backpack down and sliding off the stool. He went down the hall to the bathroom. He went for the sake of going, of course, but wasn't sure if it was really in his top priorities. He washed his hands and checked himself in the mirror. His hair was still a mess from the motorcycle—

Oh, he had to mention the blue haired young man. He wouldn't be surprised if Szayel had the assignment finished by the time he left the bathroom and wanted to kick him out. He fixed his hair slightly and pulled his phone out of his pocket. The bike ride made it impossible to tell that he had received a message not that long ago.

FROM: Szayel A. Grantz

Will you now?

I hope my large brain will be able to handle your enchanting presence, Ishida-kun.


He shut the phone with a click and looked at himself in the mirror. Oh god, if enchanting included flustered and quivering he got it at his doorstep. He eyed the bathroom door, as if a murderer was in his midst. The text was indeed strange but—no, he was over thinking everything. He took a deep breath, something his grandfather always told him to do to prevent his panic attacks, and exited the room. He returned to the particular stool across from Szayel, and he was writing furiously. Ishida took his seat, watching him write like it was the declaration of independence. Shortly, a whistling came from the stove behind him, and Szayel lifted his eyes instantly. They were hooded by his bangs, but his eyes looked right into Ishida. He gulped, but Szayel simply turned and took the kettle off.

"What sort of tea do you prefer, Ishida-kun?" He pointed towards a small stand on the counter with assorted tea bags. Uryuu flicked through them but pulled out a package for Twinings Earl Grey.

"I'm usually not too picky, but I used to drink Earl Grey a lot." He decided to answer, and Szayel set a teacup in front of him. He put his teabag into the cup and Szayel ripped a package of his own open. From what Ishida could see it was Mango and Lychee green tea, also from Twinings. He shuddered at the thought, though he hadn't tried Lychee himself. They both remained quiet as their tea settled, and took a sip. Szayel seemed to relax a little, though Ishida ran his thumb along the handle.

"Uh, so I talked to this guy, before getting here." Szayel glanced up at him again, curious as to how he could break the silence. "He said that he wanted you to text him."

"He? He who?" Ishida looked back into his tea.

"Honestly I've only see him, don't know his name. He has blue—"

"Grimmjow," he nodded. "He was at Ulquiorra's." Szayel looked into his tea too, avoiding Ishida's eyes when he looked up. Oh, the subject still seems touchy, because he avoids eye contact. "Did he perhaps tell you what for?"

"N-no, he just said to tell you to text him."

"How did he know you were coming here, then?"

"He almost ran me over so he gave me a ride." Ishida shrugged, relaxing as Szayel's peculiar mood seems to improve.

"I see," He sipped at his tea again, seeming to think. "Well I'll consider it," He set his teacup down and started his writing again, already far into the assignment. Ishida frowned, unsure if he should ask about this "considering" but decided against it. Instead he just sipped at his tea while he watched Szayel scrawl away at the questions. He realized he hadn't finished the last few, but that could be done later. Shortly afterwards, and a few sips of his tea later, Szayel set his pencil down. "Well then, it seems my brain was able to handle that assignment with no amount of trouble." He smirked deviously at Ishida, making him gulp the last swallow of his tea down.

"Thank goodness, then." Ishida mumbled a little. Something about that smile just turned him into a puddle.

"Tomorrow is Wednesday, am I correct to assume that we have a lab planned?" Szayel took their empty cups and set them by his sink. Uryuu nodded and was doing his best to ignore the fact he was in a half-naked man's kitchen, but it was hard with proof displayed before him. He averted his eyes and reclaimed his book and notebook and stuffed them both into his backpack.

"Yeah, he didn't say what it was on though." He slid off the stool and pulled his backpack on. Szayel's eyebrows raised a bit, of course taking that as Ishida's sign of departure.

"Ah, I doubt that lunatic would want to keep his pupils in the loop with his nefarious plans for us." Nefarious? The two must really not get along, even if this is his first year teaching to the Hueco students.

"Right…well don't blow anything up tomorrow and he shouldn't keep us in his test tube all day." It had been a while since the pair of them had gotten detention, thank heavens.

"You don't need to worry about me blowing anything up; I'd say the explosions were your fault, Ishida." Ishida swallowed and adjusted the strap on his shoulder. Ishida. Not Ishida-kun. It was a bit weird, especially since he'd gotten accustomed to how he would say the suffix to his name in that…sultry voice.

"W-well, that first time you knew about it and let it blow up, Szayel." He tested saying his name without it as well. Szayel's grin seemed to stretch over his features, but he crossed the room and held the door open for Ishida.

"I recall. I look forward to tomorrow, Ishida-kun." Uryuu nodded and exited the apartment, gumming at his bottom lip. The scientist confused him to no end, but perhaps he was just trying to vex him. It seemed within reason.

Either way, he began the trek home, mind flooded with scenarios of the party that weekend he neglected to get light shined on.

FROM: Pinks

Now, what was so important that you needed me to contact you?


Grimmjow was gripping his phone a bit too tightly. It was almost 11 at night and the bastard had only just now texted him! He probably did it on purpose just to piss Grimmjow off too, the smarmy bastard. He typed out his message on his qwerty keys angrily.

TO: Pinks

I didn't want 2 distract u from ur fuck toy!

I need some advice.


He pressed send, holding his breath. Truth be told all his pacing and angrily awaiting this message bothered the crap out of him. It was a weird feeling, nervousness. He determined he couldn't talk to Nnoitra about this, at least, not yet. Shinji would be of no use, same with Shiro. And he'd be damned if he ever talked to Emo boy. Szayel was the only guy he knew that was smart enough not to tattle. He would definitely berate him, humiliate him, but he wouldn't let this conversation leave the room. He could respect that about Szayel Aporro, even if he was a scary mother fucker. His fingers danced along the sides of the phone as he eagerly waited for the screen to light up. Thankfully, he seemed to have the attention of the senior now.

FROM: Pinks

As flattering as that is it will be difficult to offer my services over texting.

Maybe some other time. ;)


"Motherfucker," Grimmjow frowned. He didn't wait all this time for that.

TO: Pinks

Winky face my dick.

I'll be at your place in ten.


He grabbed his hoodie and slipped it on, as well as his shoes. He tied them haphazardly and the phone on the table went off one more time.

FROM: Pinks

How determined!

I suppose that will be alright, you did ask with proper grammar- except for that first line.



Grimmjow just slid the phone into his pocket and left his pad, going down to his bike. Crickets were chirping and it was brisk outside, nights getting colder with the season. Grimmjow, while he enjoyed some aspects of the winter, hated how slick it got with snow and slush and that made his bike difficult to drive. He just had to take advantage of the good driving weather.

He flew down the empty streets and arrived once more on Lumina road. He got off his bike and walked inside, knowing Szayel's place. He'd only been there once or twice in the past: once when they had a presentation to prepare for last year in Biology about frogs or some shit and for a small get-together when Shinji was back in town. That night didn't go very well in his opinion, but they didn't speak of it much. Not because it was monumentally bad, but it was not the posse's shining moment.

He got to door eight on the fourth floor and walked right in, shutting it behind him. As anticipated, Szayel was relaxing on his couch in front of the coffee table and TV with two cups of tea prepared. He was wearing yellow plaid pajama pants and no shirt, looking about ready for bed. He adjusted his glasses on the bridge of his nose.

"Most simpletons have the decency to knock." While everything in Grimmjow wanted to insult the pink-haired bastard back, he knew that it'd do him no good. Szayel was the one that would help him, and the guy demanded some respect in the form of ass-kissing as payment.

"Yeah well, sorry." So ass-kissing wasn't high on Grimmjow's list of talents. He kicked his shoes off at the door and dropped down into the armchair diagonal from the couch. Szayel's usual grin split over his face: he knew Grimmjow needed him.

"Now what was so important to bring you over here in such a huff?" Szayel picked up his cup of tea. Grimmjow stared at his but decided against it, for the moment.


"My, Grimmjow Jeagerjaquez, short of words!" Grimmjow's eyebrow twitched. And thus it began.

"Right." Truth be told he was right. He wasn't sure how to go about this. "I need the kind of advice I don't think I can get from Nnoitra." Szayel's expression soured to that scary one that normally crossed him on his bad days.

"I don't understand what anyone could get from that, that fool." Grimmjow rolled his eyes. Seems Szayel wasn't over that fiasco yet.

"I need advice about…" He interrupted Szayel's unpleasant thoughts. He paused, his eyes moving from different squares on the carpet, trying to choose his phrasing carefully. Szayel leaned over, of course, no pressure. "…guys." Szayel nearly guffawed.

"Guys! Surely, okay, well, they, unlike women, have a-"

"Shut up," Grimmjow growled. His face started getting that funny feeling that he hated. The feeling like he was unsure whether or not to smile or scowl. "Guys like, like…liking guys."

"Like liking, liking, liking guys?"

"Liking!" Grimmjow roared, only causing the grin to widen on the senior's face. Szayel ran his fingers over his chin, studying Grimmjow up and down for a moment, as if he was in a test tube that had a chemical reaction occurring. For all he knew he was chemically imbalanced.

"Oh, I just tease…I assume you're asking me what to do because you think you might be attracted to men? How kind that you find that I would be the best source of information."

"…Well no offense but you were blowing my best friend for several months and wouldn't let us forget it." Szayel stiffened where he sat, figners tightening around the handle of his teacup. Grimmjow prided himself in seeing the senior's face turn the slightest color of his hair.

"Ahem, well, What makes you question yourself like this? Someone in particular?" Grimmjow nodded a little, but by Szayel's examining look that meant he was supposed to spill the beans.

"Well, that party at Ulquiorra's…" He knew Szayel was there, but at the same time he refused to name names. "I got shoved into this pantry with another dude. I have classes with him and whatever and we joke around but uh…"

"Seven minutes of heaven syndrome seems to have hit you, then. I will deduce that something transpired between the two of you. Question is: who was the instigator?" Grimmjow rubbed the back of his neck but nodded: he was the instigator. It was his doing. It was his fault his head was such a mess, and why he'd been in a shitty mood. Szayel's golden eyes widened and he nodded too, still pondering.

"Well, it should be obvious! If you are that interested in this person, that would mean you're interested in men, and women, I assume, which is perfectly normal."

"What do I do then? I uh, sort of ignored talking to him about it because…"

"Because you're a sad confused kitten, yes, I got that." Szayel waved his hand and took a drink of his tea. "Do you have his number?" Grimmjow shook his head. "Well, if you say you have classes with him, you must talk to him. Not about the events that transpired, save that for when the two of you are alone or at least out of school. It will catch like wildfire if overheard."

"What do I say if I do talk to him away from school, then?" Grimmjow muttered. Szayel smiled.

"Why, you tell him that you like liking him, you fool."

"But what if he-"

"Ha! If you've been the one avoiding him and yet he reciprocated your advance, he must be interested in you." Grimmjow swallowed hard. He hadn't thought of that. Maybe that's why he kept this asshole around.

"Oh." He didn't think of much else to say. Szayel chuckled.

"Why don't you start with getting his number." Grimmjow nodded, his head reeling, but he rose to his feet.


"No trouble."

"If you-"

"Bless me, I wouldn't dream of ruining your illustrious image in the mind of millions myself. I'd take much more pride in seeing you do that on your own." Like I said, asshole.

"Oh yeah? What about that sophomore? Would that wreck your il…ust, image in the eyes of others?" Szayel's frown returned to his face and he set his tea cup down.

"Very well, truce."

Grimmjow pulled his shoes back on, Szayel putting his dishes away while he did so. Grimmjow stuffed his hands in his pockets and looked over at him.

"So, if you know so much about this, does that mean you can smell sexual tension er some shit?" Szayel really did laugh this time.

"Yes, Grimmjow, and you absolutely reek of it, and microwave pizzas. Tell Spoon I don't want to see his nasty fingers over Hirako in the manner I saw him do so in the hallway."

"Wait, so they really are…"

"Oh Grimmjow, poor, blind Grimmjow." Szayel sing-songed in the most eerie manner his tone could manage. Grimmjow scowled. He didn't need his advice anymore anyways.

"Ah, fuck yerself, since you're still mad at Nnoi about doin' it wrong." He spun on a heel and left Szayel sputtering in his kitchenette, returning to his blue motorbike. He revved up the engine, took in a deep breath as the exhaust puffed out like the burden he was leaving behind. At least he'd be able to sleep with a bit of a clear conscience.