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Chapter 8

As luck would turn out, I have been forced to take a week off from work. My boss, Marcus, pulled me into his office Saturday afternoon and told me that even after the week I already took off for the cruise that I was still almost over my limit for vacation time.

"You can either take another week off, or lose the time," he says.

Duh. I took the extra week off!

He had already re-worked the following week's schedule so I was not needed to come in. It was a pleasant surprise.

The timing of this extra week off is what's best. Jacob is actually working two jobs now. He has a seasonal position at the "other" theme park here in Orlando. They've been calling him to cover shifts during the day. This week he works nine to five at the Mouse's park and then from seven or so until three in the morning at his normal job. But that's not what has me excited about the timing of the week off.

What makes this week even better? Edward has the entire week free as well!

He's a student right now. Believe it or not he's going to some specialty golf academy or something. I have no clue what they do there, besides play a weekly tournament at one of the many fine golf courses in the greater Orlando area. All I really know is that when he's graduated he'll have the option to get his PGA card, whatever the hell that means. For money, he works in the pro-shop at a local country club, and gives golf lessons to a few people on the side.

Yeah, he's kind of a dork that way. It doesn't bother me though. PGA tour golfers seem to make tons of money. I know Tiger Woods isn't hurting right now, in his multi-million dollar mansions. Yes, that's mansions, as in more than one.

So, it's Monday morning now. Jacob left for shift number one an hour ago, at eight o'clock. I'm sitting at the little breakfast bar eating my Frosted Flakes when my phone rings. Glancing down at the display I smile. It's Edward.

"Hello?" I answer, trying to sound like I don't know who's calling already.

"Bella? Hey, it's me," he replies.

I turn my head away from the phone for a second to let out a soft laugh. I feel like having some fun. "Me? Me who?"

"Um, you know, Edward."

"Do I know you, Edward?" it's taking every ounce of energy to not laugh out loud.

"I'd like to think you do, Bella. But I'd like for you to get to know me better," his voice is smooth as silk.

"I think I might like that, what did you have in mind?" He doesn't know I have all week off yet, I haven't spoken to him since Friday night, and then it was only a brief conversation.

"Well, I was hoping I could take you to the beach. Are you off work today? I have all week free, so we can go whenever you're off," he says hopefully.

I decide to be nice and let him know that I've been granted the week off as well.

"Today is no good for me," I don't want to seem terribly desperate to spend the week with him, plus I've made plans to shop with Alice. "I have plans with Alice today. But…" I leave it hanging.

"But… what?"

"I have the rest of the week off as well!" I can't contain my excitement any longer.

"Really? That's awesome, babe! Can I take you to the beach tomorrow?" he sounds just as excited about my time off as I do.

"Yes, of course you can take me to the beach." I'm smiling so much my mouth is beginning to hurt. "I've gotta get ready to head out with Alice now, but I'll call you later okay?"

I really don't want to get off the phone with him. In fact, if Alice wouldn't chase my ass down and kick it, I would be on my way to his place already.

"Okay, babe. I'll be looking forward to it." I can tell he's smiling too. "Bye."

I sigh my goodbye and hang up the phone.

"AAAALLLLLIIIIICCCCEEEEE!" I scream as I run towards her room, bouncing onto her bed as soon as I enter.

"Go away," she mumbles from her pillow.

"Alice! We have to shop! I need an outfit for tomorrow!"

She sits up straight as I mention the word shop. "Seriously? You want to shop? Let's go. Now. Before you change your mind!" She throws her covers back and gets up to grab clothes.

"Go! Get dressed! We're leaving in five! Wear comfortable clothes that are easy to get on and off, and slip on shoes!" she calls after me.

Alice keeps me out shopping all damn day.

We are now sitting in the living room, drinking wine and eating huge salads for dinner. It had been a good day. A long and expensive day, but good none the less.

I'm trying on the new outfits in Alice's room and we're discussing what I should wear for tomorrow's beach trip with Edward when there's a knock at the door.

Alice and I stare at each other for a second. We aren't expecting anyone. Briefly I wonder if it's Edward. I quickly dismiss that. He wouldn't come over unannounced.

Neither of us make a move to answer the door.

"COME IN! DOOR'S OPEN!" I yell towards the front of the house.

We hear the door open and the clicking of heels on the tile floor of the entryway.

"Where you bitches at?"

It's our friend Rosalie.

"We're in Alice's room!" I call out to her. I'm a little surprised, and a lot happy that she's here. We haven't seen her in ages!

With Rosalie's help we pick the final outfit, consisting of a tiny black bikini, black board shorts and black tank top. Alice and Rosalie go on and on about how black really sets off my pale skin and dark hair. Whatever. They're the experts. I'm just the Barbie Doll in all of this.

Once the outfit has been decided on, we retreat to the living room where another bottle of wine is opened. It's not long before we're a giggling gossipy mess. I spill everything to Rose, who has not yet heard about Edward.

"Oh my GOD! BELLA!" she yells at me. "How could you not tell me this?"

She looks a little hurt, but after explaining that no one beside me, Edward and Alice knows, she feels better. She's "in the know" now. She's even happier because she never liked Jake to begin with.

Too bad I didn't know her before the wedding.

"Can we call him? I want to talk to him," she asks, grabbing my phone as she speaks.

"Sure, if you want to," I reply with a shrug of my shoulders. It doesn't bother me.

Not that my answer would have made a difference. She was already listening to the line ring before I finished. He answers on the third one.

I have no clue what he said, but it must have been sweet or dirty, because it causes Rose to gasp and mouth "Oh. My. GOD!" Before she speaks to him.

"Is this Edward? Edward Cullen?" she asks.

After she gets a response we hear, "This is Rosalie Hale, best friend number two to Isabella. You better not fuck this up."

I can't figure out what they're talking about now, because all I hear from Rosalie are "Uh huh" and "Yeah" or other such things that don't tell us anything.

She listens some more, and starts jotting something down on a piece of paper on the counter.

"Okay, I got it. Be there in half an hour!" she says and hangs up the phone.

"ROSALIE HALE! What did you do?" I yell at her.

She giggles and downs the rest of wine. "Go change, we're heading to Edward's apartment!"

I am shocked. My mouth hangs open.

I haven't been to Edward's place yet. Shit, I didn't even know where in town he lived. I hadn't bothered asking yet.

"GO! NOW!" she commands.

When I don't move she pulls me into my room, her and Alice digging through my closet for something to wear. They get me dressed in jeans and a tight t-shirt, fluff my hair a little and dab on a bit of make-up. The next thing I know, we're all in the car on the way to Edward's place.

I finally break out of my shock.

"What do we tell Jake? It's almost midnight now!" I panic. I may not love, or even like Jake, but I still feel slightly guilty for heading to my boyfriend's house when I know my husband will be home soon.

Yeah yeah, whatever. Don't judge. It's not like they make a guide book to adultery or anything. Though I still firmly swear I am NOT cheating on Jake. Yet. At least not as defined by a court of law. I think.

"Don't worry about him," Alice tells me. "I called his cell and left a message, telling him we were heading out, and not to wait up or anything. And that we'll be downtown with Rose at a club, so not to bother calling cause we won't hear. Oh, and that we may crash at Rose's place."

I reach my hand to the backseat. I squeeze her fingers tightly when they find mine. "Thank you, Alice! You are the bestest bestest friend EVER!"

"What am I? Chopped liver?" says a sarcastic Rosalie.

I lean over and place a big sloppy kiss on her cheek. "You are the motherfucking BITCH, Rose! I love you so fucking much!" I kiss her again.

"Ewwww, Bella! That's gross!" she says, wiping her face off.

I sit back and enjoy the rest of the ride. I can't wait to see my man!

I am a nervous wreck when we pull into the apartment complex that Edward lives in. I have no clue what to expect. I know it's silly to think that way. I mean fuck, I fantasize about this guy all the damn time, but still, this is somehow big. Like, really really big.

The girls drag me out of the car and lead me to the proper door. We don't even have to knock before it swings wide open. I have no idea who is at the door, but he's not bad to look at. He's skin is darkly tanned, and he has piercing black eyes and short black hair. Reaching a hand out he introduces himself as Sam.

"Hi, Sam. I'm Bella," I tell him, shaking his hand.

"Ah, the elusive Bella. I was beginning to think Edward was making you up. He keeps telling us we're not allowed to meet you," he laughs out.

"Speaking of Edward…" I say, pushing myself past him. I know it was rude, but I don't really care. I want to see my man.

"Oh, he's in the shower, he'll be right out!" Sam tells us. "You ladies want a beer?"

We accept, and follow Sam into the small living room. It's packed. There's the three of us, plus Sam. There's also three other guys that I don't recognize, as well as Jasper in the tiny room. They're all crammed around the small television watching "Fight Club" and no one noticed us enter.

Alice practically sneers at Jasper. She really doesn't like him. She said he was too much of a pretty boy for her. Though I'm sure the fact that she's called him a sloppy kisser and a lousy lay have something to do with it too.

Rosalie looks around the room before turning back to me. "I swear, Bella, can't you date a guy with good looking friends?" she said a little too loudly.

Sam laughed from his seat on the floor, the other four look in her direction. You can tell they want to be pissed, but they're not. In fact, they're more or less staring at her rack with their tongues hanging out.

I can't say I blame them. Rosalie's gorgeous. She's tall, blond and has natural boobs so perfect that Victoria's Secret models would drool over them.

Rose continues throwing insults out to the idiots around the TV, she has them eating out of the palm of her hand. Jasper is the only one not looking at Rose. He's staring at Alice instead. There's a wicked glint in his eye, as if he's expecting something.

Oh Jasper, she's just not that into you.

Suddenly I feel two arms wrap around my waist, and a mouth at my neck.

"Mmm, Isabella…" Edward sighs out. "I've missed you."

Turning in his embrace, I put my arms around his neck, hands playing in his still damp hair.

"I missed you too, Edward," I whisper.

He leans forward and crashes his lips to mine. His kiss is furious, possessive and needy. He takes my bottom lip in his teeth and nibbles it lightly, then licks it with his tongue, begging me to open for him. The instant I comply, his tongue is in my mouth.

We kiss until we are forced to break apart to search for air. Panting against his chest I hear the sounds of applause and cheering. I blushing I turn to face the small crowd, presenting them with my middle finger.

Edward laughs and pulls me further into the room. I introduce him to Rosalie. He introduces us to Dimitri, Garrett and Randy. They all go to school together, and Garrett is his roommate.

We all sit around, bullshitting and drinking beer. I pull Edward's arm up to glance at his watch, spitting beer all over him when I realize it's four in the morning.


Rose looks over to me from her spot on Garrett's lap. "What?"

"Shit, Rose! It's four fucking A.M!" I shriek at her.

"Chill the hell out, Bella," Alice soothes. "You're covered. It's already been taken care of."

"Wha…" I try to get out.

"Bells- I said not to worry about it. So don't," she says.

"Fine," I huff at her, crossing my arms over my chest.

Rolling her eyes, Alice stands up. She grabs my hand and forces me away from Edward. "Rose, come with us for a second."

I'm confused, she's pulling me to the door and I have no clue why. "Uh, I guess we'll be back in a sec," I say to no one in particular.

Alice doesn't stop dragging me until we're at the car. She opens the door to the back seat and pulls out a backpack. "Here, everything you need for tomorrow is in here."

My eyes widen. "What? What do you mean?"

"I mean, Best Friend, that I have taken care of everything with Jacob. He thinks we're clubbing with Rose. He knows how we are when we club with Rose. He thinks we'll be spending the night with her, too drunk to drive home. We'll cover for you," she tells me, as if I should have already known all this. "I packed your stuff for the beach tomorrow in here, as well as a toothbrush, deodorant and all that stuff, you're all set to spend the night with Edward now!"

I grab my friend and pull her into a bear hug. The grin I'm wearing threatens to split my face in two. "You're the best, Alice!"

I hug Rose, "Thank you so much for getting us here!"

We go back up to the apartment, where the girls announce they have to go. Rosalie not so subtly suggests that the other guys leave as well. Including Garrett, even though he lives there. I'm not sure how she does it, but they all listened.

Within fifteen minutes, the apartment is cleared and it's only me and Edward.

"Hi," I whisper shyly to him.

"Hi," he says back, before he takes my hand and leads me to his room…

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